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Sunday, 11 November


Jo Nova on the impending power price tsunami. "IndyWatch Feed"

Tsunamis can start small, a barely perceptible ripple offshore, then they break on land and all hell breaks out. One of the ripples of the power price tsunami came a few months ago when a small recycling firm in Adelaide closed with 40 jobs. There were other signs of course and bigger ones but this one got a bit of news cover and it had human scale.

The silence of the business community is surprising, or have I missed it? I dont mean the firms that are making money out of the scam, but the myriad of places with ovens and freezers like the baker who Judith met in Queensland. The one whose power bill went from 30K to 120K.

At last it seems that a leader in small business has roused from his torpor and said something.

This is the biggest business crisis Ive seen in my lifetime, said Peter Strong, chief executive of the Council of Small Business Australia. The GFC was managed and it affected everybody, but this is only Australia and we cannot see a solution.

What were hearing is terrible. Were seeing closures have already started, I fully expect there will be more closures and staff put off. When youre running a small supermarket, where do you find an extra $70,000?
Well said Peter Strong. But be careful what you wish for. He seems to admire the Finkel proposals. And he blames Tony Abbott and the pesky backbenchers for the painful and protracted paralysis of power policy. Better to blame the RET Peter!

Reflexively abusing Tony Abbott is a bit like blaming Trump or GW Bush or John Howard every time something goes wrong.

But wait, who launched the RET?

PS. Some other things that I cant allow to pass without comment. He seems to think that the GFC was managed, is he referring to the needless plunge into serious debt that Kevin and Ken engineered? Does he really think it is only Australia with power price problems. Has he never heard of Germany and all the other places with RETs?

Be strong Peter, be prepared to mobilise your membership and their employees to generate serious concern and political clout and above all be prepared to find out what is the real root of the problem.

PPS. Tell them that Daniel Andrews deliberately closed Hazelwood and tell them before they vote in the Victorian election!

UPDATE. Calling out Clive Palmer, a nice comment by a Jo Nova threadster.

Ted OBrien November 11, 2018 at 2:19 pm

John, from this site we saw the AGW world wide propaganda machine double its effort after Abbotts landslide election win in 2013. But a protest vote had...


And The Wheels Of The Bus Go Round And Round, But Scottie Morrison Doesnt Notice "IndyWatch Feed"

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town. Scott Morrison has been doing his best to help Victorian Liberal Leader in the election campaign by spending his time travelling round Queensland on a bus and avoiding

The post And The Wheels Of The Bus Go Round And Round, But Scottie Morrison Doesnt Notice appeared first on The AIM Network.


Fusion Whisky and Adelphi Distillery Launch Whisky on the Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Fusion Whisky and the Adelphi Distillery have announced the launch of The Winter Queen their latest product to use blockchain technology to track its provenance.

The Winter Queen Marries 17th Century Royalty with 21st Century Tech

It is not only finance that blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt. Other industries are rapidly making moves to explore the innovations implications. One of these is the whisky distillation and distribution sector.

Fusion Whisky have joined forces with the Adelphi Distillery to launch a special blend called The Winter Queen. Each bottle of the special edition whisky will be registered on the blockchain. This will allow buyers to be sure that the product they receive is exactly what the makers claim it to be.

The Winter Queen is the second whisky from either firm to use such a distribution method. The previous one was an Australian blend by Fusion Whisky called The Brisbane. It was released in March of this year. Adelphi has also launched two editions of its own AD spirit on the blockchain.

The blend launched today is also the second time The Winter Queen has been released. The previous occasion was in February of this year. This edition is to celebrate the coronation of Elizabeth Stuart, a Scottish princess crowned Queen of Bohemia in the seventeenth century. The whisky itself is said to have echoes of Parma Violets (a popular U.K. candy) and highland toffee, whilst retaining a smokey finish.

Master blender and managing director of Adelphi Distillery, Alex Bruce, spoke to BQ Live about the decision to use blockchain technology to distribute the second release of the spirit:

Such was the success of and acclaim for The Winter Queen, we were very keen to bring out another edition. This is our most complex fusion to date, with more than six different malt whiskies going into the blend.

The idea behind releasing whisky using blockchain technology is to allow its drinker to check the provenance of their liquor for themselves. It is supposed to let them see the whiskys journey from field to bottle. Further details about the history of Elizabeth Stuart are also provided on the entry to the distributed ledger....


Philoria Trip 2018 (2/4): Sphags, Subs and Pseuds Frogging Around

Our second day of the trip took us to New England National Park. An extraordinary place with so many vegetation types and amazing areas to explore. On arrival to the campground, we again set up camp, changed into frogging attire and began our search for the sphagnum bogs, home to the Sphagnum Frog (Philoria sphagnicola). []

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Saturday, 10 November


Reputation pocitsoq

I got a brand new map in my letter box the other day

Taylor Swift Concert Parking Restrictions at the Gabba.


Its called Reputation.

There are so many reputations on this little map.

  • Theres the Iron Duke in the accessibility drop off area,
  • Street corner Jimmy in the Limo and Taxi zone,
  • the Die Hards, the white shoe brigade and the British Navy are in the kiss and ride zones.

The slowest road in town, (thats Stanley St), and Vulture St, rejuvenated by rock and roll, will bring people to the gates of the reputation gig and then carry them away again.

Obviously, Im drawn in by the reputations.

But in the end, I want to get away from reputations and into some actual stories.

Lets have a look at the kiss and ride zones Toohey St and Logan Rd

James Toohey got a reputation as the largest landholder in the area.

Patrick Logan got a reputation as the cruelest tyrant in the land.

Logan joined a regiment with...


Mining industry and union get together to prevent mining clean-up legislation "IndyWatch Feed"


Have you noticed how quickly Liberal members of parliament jump into the polluting industries ?

The mining industry and powerful CFMMEU join forces on mining reforms, Brisbane Times, By Felicity Caldwell, 9 November 2018  The Queensland mining industry and a powerful u...


Australias renewable energy opportunity- export industry and jobs creation "IndyWatch Feed"

In energy, Australians are already world beaters who have voted with their roofs.

Renewable projects that are planned and under construction in Queensland alone have created more than 35,000 jobs.

visit, read the manifesto and sign the pledge

Why Australia needs to be a renewable energy superpower  Mike Cannon-Brookes , Australia has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redefine its place in the world through the production of renewable energy. I share a vision with thousands of Aussies who believe we can get Australia to 100 per cent renewable energy. This transition not only benefits the planet it presents one of the greatest economic opportunities for our country in terms of job creation and economic growth over the next 10 to 20 years.

This isnt a pipe dream. Australia is blessed with abundant renewable resources. We have huge open spaces drenched in s...


Riders urged to check motorcycle spokes "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Riders have been urged to check the spokes on their motorcycle wheels more frequently in the wake of one rider finding his badly handling bike had 10 loose spokes.

The result of loose spokes can be poor handling and can cause rapid tyre deflation on tubeless tyres.

Brisbane rider Mark Taylor says he had loose spokes on his four-month-old BMW R 1200 GS tightened during a tyre change at 3000km.

He had only ridden another couple of thousands kilometres before 10 spokes came loose again, causing the rear end to slide around.

Loose spokesMark and his GS

The bike nearly bucked me off coming down a mountain road and started to oversteer in the corners, he says.

It scared the life out of me. I thought I was going to buy the farm.

The dealer confirmed its a faulty wheel with 10 loose spokes.

BMW Motorrad Australia have no replacements, so my bike will be off the road for up to five weeks until a new wheel comes from Germany.

Other riders on BMW internet forums have also complained of the same issue.

BMW R 1200 GS spokesBMW R 1200 GS spoked wheel

We contacted BMW Motorrad Australia who advised there is no safety recall on this issue.

However, there is a service campaign and owners are encouraged to contact their dealer if there are concerns, a spokesman says.

Mark is not happy and has contacted the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission seeking a safety recall on the model.


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Wednesday, 11 July


The Path of resistance Public Event "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The Path of resistance

First Nations solidarity and the Wangan & Jagalingou
Traditional Owners fight for their future



6:30 Pm to 8:00 PM, 16th JULY 2018

State Library of Queensland, Auditorium 1, Level 2,

Stanley Place, South Brisbane 


This public event is hosted by the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council and the UQ Human Rights Consortium, as part of an international symposium.

The four-day symposium bringing together national and international Indigenous rights thinkers and activists is being held at the University of Queenslands Global Change Institute.

This important evening event at the State Library will be hosted by Tony McAvoy SC, a Wangan & Jagalingou Traditional Owner and Australias first Indigenous Senior Counsel, and will feature

~ Adrian Burragubba, senior Wangan and Jagalingou leader and Traditional Owners Council spokesperson

~ Murrawah Johnson, Wangan and Jagalingou youth leader and Council spokesperson

with special guests

~ Dr. Anne Poelina, Nyikina Traditional Custodian of the Mardoowarra, West Kimberley and Director of Madjulla Inc.

~ Dave Archambault, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe leader during the protest to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

~ Lisa Wade, Council Member, Naydiniaa Na Kayax (Chickaloon Village Traditional Council)

~ Walter Echo-Hawk, Pawnee Native American attorney, tribal judge, author, activist, and law professor

Hear from these extraordinary leaders who are on the frontline of Indigenous Peoples resistance to mining and resource projects that would destroy ancestral lands and damage the global climate.

Guests will speak of their own movements defending their human rights, their lands and waters, and the solidarity they share with the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners who are trying to halt Adanis Carmichael Coal mega-mine on their country, alongside other mines of mass destruction that could be built in the Galilee Basin of Central Queensland.

Wangan and Jagalingou leaders will affirm the rights of First Nations people to assert their claim to their ancestral lands in tangible and meaningful ways, including the right...

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Saturday, 07 July


So Much News July 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Our NEW WEBSITE is currently under construction and will be here any day now. It will initially look the same as this old one but we will be able to, once again, upload forms such as membership renewal and new membership application forms. We will also be able to upload minutes of general meetings and many other new documents. We will also be able to provide links to our sponsors' and associate members' websites or facebook pages.

<p>Our next General Meeting will be Thursday, 19th July, 7:00pm in the Lakes Room at Hervey Bay RSL.</p>
<p>We're having a big <span style="text-decoration: underline;">RadioFest</span> for our 25th Birthday/Anniversary:  August 4th at City Park, Pialba and August 5th at the radio station at 30 Halcro St, Pialba. More info soon on our new website ( or now on our facebook page: )</p>

Tuesday, 12 June


Former police officer found not guilty of misconduct after leaking footage "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The vindictive prosecution of a whistleblower who should in fact have been praised casts a dark shadow over the reputation of the QPS.  It shows the police as having no morality at all.  They were furious that Flori revealed the ugly truth about them and desperately wanted to get back at him.

Now that their prosecution has failed, it is surely time to ask some very challenging questions of Ian Stewart, the Queensland police chief.

The prosecution was undoubtedly stressful for Flori -- as would have been intended -- but there was a silver lining to his dark cloud. After her own victory over a crooked cop and his QPS defenders, Renee Eaves has done a lot to help other innocent victims of the police. So she flew to Fiori's side when his prosecution was announced and has given him support ever since. And as well as a her strength of character and iron will, Renee is absolutely gorgeous. A former bikini beauty, she is a dream walking. Having her nearby would soothe most troubled male souls.

You see her walking beside Fiori below.  I had the great privilege to help her once when she badly needed it

A FORMER Queensland police sergeant who leaked footage of officers bashing a handcuffed man in a Gold Coast station basement has been found not guilty of misconduct.

Rick Flori, 47, was acquitted of the charge by a majority 11-1 verdict by a jury on Wednesday following a six-day trial at the Southport District Court.

Flori, who has since resigned from the Queensland Police Service, says he released the footage of the January 2012 arrest to cast a spotlight on illegal practices within the force.

Flori released footage of police at the Surfers Paradise station bashing a handcuffed man, Noa Begic, in a basement car park in January 2012.

Once the footage was run by The Courier-Mail, an internal investigation lead to a search of Floris home where the footage was located on an SD card.

Flori told investigators hed acquired the footage for training purposes and denied knowing anything about the email address used to arrange the leak with a journalist.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller said Flori was upset at being overlooked for a promotion to senior sergeant in 2011.

Once he realised the footage included the man who had been given the promotion at his expense, Senior Sergeant David Joachim, hed set about leaking it to discredit his rival, Mr Fuller argued.

Mr Fuller said in the email sent to the journalist, Flori failed to mention any of the other officers involved except for Sen Sgt Joachim, despite Senior Constable Ben Lamb being the man who kneed and punched Mr Beg...


Former ASIO officer sues police for $750,000 claiming he was wrongfully arrested, put in a deadly chokehold and told by an officer 'they could shoot him and get a medal' "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Gold Coast police again.  They are deep-dyed thugs. No part of this is appropriate police behaviour

A former federal security and police officer is suing Queensland Police for $750,000 claiming he was put in a deadly chokehold in a wrongful arrest.

Paul Gibbons alleges officers were excessively violent, abused him and threatened him on his honeymoon at a hotel in the Gold Coast.

He claimed he was confronted by police because they were allegedly annoyed at him taking 10 seconds to open the locked door to the hotel lobby.

One reportedly told him they could shoot him and receive a medal according to papers lodged to Brisbane District Court show, the ABC reports.

Mr Gibbons, who previously served in the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), has taken the State of Queensland to court.

He is claiming damages for assault, battery, wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.

Footage from a security camera inside the hotel lobby shows the moment he is wrestled to the ground after police surrounded him when he started filming them on his phone, Mr Gibbons alleges.

The ABC reports Mr Gibbons claims the officers threatened to arrest him for obstructing police, who were at the hotel for another matter.

The former ASIO agent, who also served in the Australian Federal Police, says when he questioned why they required entry, a police officer pointed to his gun saying the weapon was his authority.

The court heard the officer allegedly said: 'When we tell you to do something, you don't ask questions. You f***ing do it. 'Hell, we can put a bullet in your f***in' head and get a medal.'

One of the officers said the recording on Mr Gibbons phone would be 'easily remedied' flashing a torch directly into the camera.

The CCTV footage shows Mr Gibbons handcuffed on the floor while an officer scrolls through the device.

Mr Gibbons said he felt as though his throat would be crushed by one of the officers when they squeezed him during the incident in 2016.

The same officer is alleged to have later said: 'I'm going to kill you c***. When we get you out to the truck, I'm going to smash your f***ing face in c***.'

Part of the claim also includes $50,000 for potentially missing out on selling the footage from his phone to the media after it was deleted.

The state government, who is representing police in the case, has not replied to the lawsuit. A spokesman for the Queensland Police Service said the force could not comment while the matter was being dealt with in court.


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