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Monday, 05 November


Time for an Australian Power Users Association? "IndyWatch Feed"

Why would we want to have another organisation involved in the power game, there are already four well staffed agencies and one of them, Energy Consumers Australia is committed to promoting the long-term interests of Australian residential and small business energy consumers. It says so on the website so it must be true.

Has anyone seen or heard anything from this organization in recent times while power prices doubled? That is just for ordinary people, what about the plight of the baker who Judith Sloan met in Queensland.

He was looking at his latest financial statement. His annual power bill last financial year was $114,000. It had been a tad over $30,000 two years before.

He employs 30 people, some on a part-time basis. Business seemed to be brisk but its hard to put up the price of pies and buns too much without demand dropping.

Its easy to concentrate on the impact of rising electricity prices on households. In real terms, the average retail price of electricity over the 10 years ending in 2017-18 rose by 51 per cent and the average retail bill rose by 35 per cent (people have used less electricity, in part because of the higher prices).

But for many small and medium-sized businesses, the increase in their electricity bills has been higher again. Many are exposed to the full variations in wholesale prices, which have risen from less than $40 a megawatt hour to more than $100/MWh before settling around the $70 to $80/MWh mark. This threatens the viability of a number of businesses.

You dont need a Harvard MBA to see that increasing an essential input to a bakery by a factor of four is not a sustainable trend but what is going to stop it? What does Energy Consumers Australia think about this?

The CEO was on ABC Q&A on sustainable energy a year or so ago and it was an RE love-in. I dont recall any concerns about the root cause of the price problem but there was a suggestion to improve the energy efficiency of public housing.

Under the circumstances there seems to be a gap in the market for an organisation that is concerned about the root cause and makes a case for something more than bandaids for consumers who are metaphorically bleeding to death.

I was about to declare myself the founding member of this association but prudently did a search to be sure that someone else has not got there first. And they have, the rotters! They are not only well established, they have been very effective. It says so on their...


The Winner Of Miss Sportsman Hotel 2018 Has Been Crowned QNews Magazine

Brisbane drag performer Sellma Soul has been crowned this years Miss Sportsman Hotel at the venues popular annual drag pageant on Saturday night. This years competition had a distinctly European flavour with its Eurovision Song Contest theme. After wowing the panel of judges across three rounds, Sellma (pictured above, with 2017 winner Chocolate Boxx) was ...

The post The Winner Of Miss Sportsman Hotel 2018 Has Been Crowned appeared first on QNews Magazine.


REVIEW: Rami Malek Embodies Freddie Mercury In Bohemian Rhapsody QNews Magazine

Star Rami Malek describes highly-anticipated Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody as a celebration of Freddie Mercury but Peter Gray wonders if, despite Maleks tour de force performance, the movie avoids the authentic Mercury in pursuit of commercial success. Long overdue but not the deeply exposed, warts-and-all- tale that we deserve, Bohemian Rhapsody plays it relatively safe when ...

The post REVIEW: Rami Malek Embodies Freddie Mercury In Bohemian Rhapsody appeared first on QNews Magazine.


WESTERN AUSTRALIA PART 3 Cheynes Beach, Honey Possum & three mega-skulkers sunshinecoastbirds

After checking out Corakerup Reserve we headed west to Cheynes Beach for a 3-night stay in a chalet in the caravan park. The site is the best known hotspot for three notoriously skulky south-west WA endemics Western Whipbird, Western Bristlebird and Noisy Scrubbird. We were fortunate to see the whipbird at Corakerup because we failed to see or hear it at all at Cheynes Beach, unlike my last visit there. The coastal scenery was outstanding as usual and the wildflowers put on probably the best display of the trip.

Cheynes Beach wildflowers



Traditional Owners mount Korea tour to block Adani finance "IndyWatch Feed"

Media Release 5 November 2018

BREAKING: Korea Development Bank, Export-Import Bank of Korea and KDB Infrastructure Asset Management rule out finance ahead of visit

Brisbane, Australia: With Adani claiming to be close to securing finance, and media reporting the miner is holding talks with Korean finance companies interested in buying a stake in their port, leading Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners are today travelling to Korea to urge investment banks there to shun the Adani coal project, pointing to the final violation of their rights that will occur if the mine proceeds. Three investment banks have ruled out finance in response to W&Js tour (ABC today). 

The heavyweight Korean lender Korea Development Bank (KDB) ruled out involvement last Wednesday, writing they have no intent to provide finance, as has the Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM) and KDB Infrastructure Asset Management, following meeting requests from the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Family Council. Documentation here. Meetings with the The National Pension Service, Mirae Asset Daewoo and NH-Amundi have been requested and W&J will visit their offices to conduct media events. In 2015 a visit by W&J to Europe, the UK and United States saw major institutions, including UKs largest investment bank Standard Chartered, publicly back away from financing the mine. Further background below.

W&J Traditional Owner and lead spokesperson Adrian Burragubba said, Whoever assists Adani financially at this crucial time will become complicit in a grave breach of our rights, and the destruction of our lands and waters and sacred places. They are also exposing themselves to financial risk because success....


The PLMAM slam "IndyWatch Feed"

The second Pacific Labour Mobility Annual Meeting (PLMAM), hosted by the Government of Solomon Islands, was held in Honiara on 9-11 October. (The first was in Brisbane in November 2017.)

The PLMAM might have an ugly acronym, but it is a great opportunity for researchers such as ourselves to meet policy makers of sending and receiving countries, employers, interested activists and journalists, and of course other researchers. The meeting was full of interesting people and presentations, and a terrific learning experience.

That said, it is clearly an event that is still finding its feet. The foundation for the PLMAM is the Arrangement on Labour Mobility, which itself is a side agreement to the Pacer Plus regional trade pact. The PLMAM is basically a commitment by Australia and New Zealand to fund an annual meeting for reviewing progress against the Arrangements objectives, the most important of which is to enhance labour mobility schemes in Australia and New Zealand for the Pacific. Beyond that, the Arrangement gives little guidance as to how the PLMAM should operate, apart from the requirement that it should produce a consensus report on the discussions and any recommendations.

The PLMAM currently straddles two approaches: a formal and an informal one. Most of the two-day conference was taken up with a variety of interesting presentations by sending countries, receiving countries, and a few employers and employees. There were numerous interesting insights provided, of which we single out the following five.

One was the number of countries in the process of developing labour mobility strategies, including the two biggest senders, Vanuatu and Tonga. This makes sense. Labour mobility is becoming a serious business in the Pacific.

A second was the presentation from the Government of Tonga. Tonga is already the best represented of the Pacific island countries in the two seasonal work schemes. Every year this tiny nation of 110,000 people sends about 13% of its population aged 20-45 to Australia and New Zealand to work on farms. There has been some speculation that such a high level of participation might be socially detrimental. But the Tongan representative told us that the government wants to double the number of seasonal workers it is sending, and is keen to address the problems that have slowed Tongas growth in recent years most notably, that some of their workers have absconded, damaging the brand.

A third highlight was the presentations by smaller participants such as Solomon Islands and Fiji who are trying to make up for lost time, and boost their seasona...

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Sunday, 04 November


Former Judge Michael Kirby To Marry His Partner Next Year QNews Magazine

Former high court judge Michael Kirby is planning to marry his longtime partner Johan van Vloten next year, on the 50th anniversary of their first meeting. The esteemed human rights campaigner, who served as a judge the High Court from 1996 to 2009, famously savaged last years same-sex marriage postal survey as unacceptable and disrespectful ...

The post Former Judge Michael Kirby To Marry His Partner Next Year appeared first on QNews Magazine.


WESTERN AUSTRALIA PART 2 Dryandra to Corakerup Reserve: Numbat, Western Shrike-tit sunshinecoastbirds

After leaving the Dalwallinu area we continued south through Northam to Dryandra Woodland, one of my favourite birding sites, for 3 nights in a delightful Dryandra Village Lions Club chalet. We were quickly out and about in the wildflower-festooned wandoo woodland with the south-west endemics coming thick and fast including Rufous Treecreeper, Red-capped Parrot and Western Thornbill.

Rufous Treecreeper



Pastor Murray Averill of Nexus Church, Everton Park, Brisbane formerly Northside Christian Church has been sacked by his church and replaced by corrupt pedophile protector Pastor John Lewis "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The article below was written by me and published on this site on 8 December last year.

Pastor John Lewis, a senior Assemblies of God (AOG) pastor is now the pastor of Nexus Church in Brisbane, Australia. The AOG is called ACC or Australian Christian Churches in Australia.

John Lewis is a corrupt ACC pastor who colluded with Pastor Brian Houston, Hillsong head pastor, to protect Brians pedophile father Frank Houston from the police and authorities from 1999 to 2004 Pastor John Lewis a pedophile protector of note.


Will Dr Pridgeon End Up With Compo? "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB  (Satire)

It sometimes pays to fight City Hall. In 2007, during the reign of John Howard, the lowly visa-holder Dr Muhhamed Haneef had some big names arrayed against him Attorney General Philip Ruddock and Commonwealth DPP Damian Bugg, not to mention the heavily-armed AFP.

Muhamed Haneef had entered Australia on a special program for foreign doctors. He worked at Gold Coast Hospital and ventured home to India when his wife gave birth.

I wonder if his arrest was meant for show. EVERY COUNTRYS GOT TO HAVE A MUSLIM TERRORIST. They picked him up at Brisbane airport in 2007 for terror-related activities Australias first quarry after the passage of the 2005 anti-terrorism laws.

The evidence of Haneefs terrorism later boiled down to his having given his SIM card to his cousin. Oh my.

Our friend Dr Russell Pr...


Optus Newstead Is Proudly Flying The Rainbow Flag QNews Magazine

Its great to see the Rainbow Flag proudly adorning the uniforms of the staff at Optus Newstead down at Gasworks. Chris Hamze at Optus Newstead has long supported the local LGBTIQ community, notably with the stores long presence at Pride Fair Day in New Farm Park. This year the store provided mobile phone charging stations ...

The post Optus Newstead Is Proudly Flying The Rainbow Flag appeared first on QNews Magazine.


AskDocQ: The Highs And Lows Of Bipolar Disorder QNews Magazine

Once known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is actually quite common. If you are bipolar, you may experience depression alternating with periods of mania or hypomania. During periods of mania, you may feel elevated or high, be quite creative, spend a lot of money, and have trouble sleeping. Sometimes this can lead to bouts of ...

The post AskDocQ: The Highs And Lows Of Bipolar Disorder appeared first on QNews Magazine.

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Saturday, 03 November


LifeFlight Challenger 604 Bizjet VH-URR "Ambulance 604" Pops into Rockhampton Airport as Citation Mustang VH-KXM Departs "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

As the sun was setting on Thursday 1 November, LifeFlight (Aeromed) Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 bizjet VH-URR "Ambulance 604" was noted arriving into Rockhampton Airport.  It looked to arrive from Brisbane.

VH-URR at Rockhampton Airport during a previous visit  (File photo)

After a couple of hours on the ground, VH-URR returned to Brisbane presumably completing a medical evacuation flight.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday 31 October, Gulf Coast Aviation Cessna 510 Citation Mustang bizjet VH-KXM was noted departing Rockhampton Airport for Vanrook Station near Normanton.  It then departed and called into Longreach Airport for fuel before continuing to Bankstown.  VH-KXM had arrived into Rocky direct from Vanrook Station on Sunday 28 October.

Photo taken by 'IAD' 

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Wednesday, 11 July


The Path of resistance Public Event "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The Path of resistance

First Nations solidarity and the Wangan & Jagalingou
Traditional Owners fight for their future



6:30 Pm to 8:00 PM, 16th JULY 2018

State Library of Queensland, Auditorium 1, Level 2,

Stanley Place, South Brisbane 


This public event is hosted by the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council and the UQ Human Rights Consortium, as part of an international symposium.

The four-day symposium bringing together national and international Indigenous rights thinkers and activists is being held at the University of Queenslands Global Change Institute.

This important evening event at the State Library will be hosted by Tony McAvoy SC, a Wangan & Jagalingou Traditional Owner and Australias first Indigenous Senior Counsel, and will feature

~ Adrian Burragubba, senior Wangan and Jagalingou leader and Traditional Owners Council spokesperson

~ Murrawah Johnson, Wangan and Jagalingou youth leader and Council spokesperson

with special guests

~ Dr. Anne Poelina, Nyikina Traditional Custodian of the Mardoowarra, West Kimberley and Director of Madjulla Inc.

~ Dave Archambault, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe leader during the protest to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

~ Lisa Wade, Council Member, Naydiniaa Na Kayax (Chickaloon Village Traditional Council)

~ Walter Echo-Hawk, Pawnee Native American attorney, tribal judge, author, activist, and law professor

Hear from these extraordinary leaders who are on the frontline of Indigenous Peoples resistance to mining and resource projects that would destroy ancestral lands and damage the global climate.

Guests will speak of their own movements defending their human rights, their lands and waters, and the solidarity they share with the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners who are trying to halt Adanis Carmichael Coal mega-mine on their country, alongside other mines of mass destruction that could be built in the Galilee Basin of Central Queensland.

Wangan and Jagalingou leaders will affirm the rights of First Nations people to assert their claim to their ancestral lands in tangible and meaningful ways, including the right...

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Saturday, 07 July


So Much News July 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Our NEW WEBSITE is currently under construction and will be here any day now. It will initially look the same as this old one but we will be able to, once again, upload forms such as membership renewal and new membership application forms. We will also be able to upload minutes of general meetings and many other new documents. We will also be able to provide links to our sponsors' and associate members' websites or facebook pages.

<p>Our next General Meeting will be Thursday, 19th July, 7:00pm in the Lakes Room at Hervey Bay RSL.</p>
<p>We're having a big <span style="text-decoration: underline;">RadioFest</span> for our 25th Birthday/Anniversary:  August 4th at City Park, Pialba and August 5th at the radio station at 30 Halcro St, Pialba. More info soon on our new website ( or now on our facebook page: )</p>

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Tuesday, 12 June


Former police officer found not guilty of misconduct after leaking footage "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The vindictive prosecution of a whistleblower who should in fact have been praised casts a dark shadow over the reputation of the QPS.  It shows the police as having no morality at all.  They were furious that Flori revealed the ugly truth about them and desperately wanted to get back at him.

Now that their prosecution has failed, it is surely time to ask some very challenging questions of Ian Stewart, the Queensland police chief.

The prosecution was undoubtedly stressful for Flori -- as would have been intended -- but there was a silver lining to his dark cloud. After her own victory over a crooked cop and his QPS defenders, Renee Eaves has done a lot to help other innocent victims of the police. So she flew to Fiori's side when his prosecution was announced and has given him support ever since. And as well as a her strength of character and iron will, Renee is absolutely gorgeous. A former bikini beauty, she is a dream walking. Having her nearby would soothe most troubled male souls.

You see her walking beside Fiori below.  I had the great privilege to help her once when she badly needed it

A FORMER Queensland police sergeant who leaked footage of officers bashing a handcuffed man in a Gold Coast station basement has been found not guilty of misconduct.

Rick Flori, 47, was acquitted of the charge by a majority 11-1 verdict by a jury on Wednesday following a six-day trial at the Southport District Court.

Flori, who has since resigned from the Queensland Police Service, says he released the footage of the January 2012 arrest to cast a spotlight on illegal practices within the force.

Flori released footage of police at the Surfers Paradise station bashing a handcuffed man, Noa Begic, in a basement car park in January 2012.

Once the footage was run by The Courier-Mail, an internal investigation lead to a search of Floris home where the footage was located on an SD card.

Flori told investigators hed acquired the footage for training purposes and denied knowing anything about the email address used to arrange the leak with a journalist.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller said Flori was upset at being overlooked for a promotion to senior sergeant in 2011.

Once he realised the footage included the man who had been given the promotion at his expense, Senior Sergeant David Joachim, hed set about leaking it to discredit his rival, Mr Fuller argued.

Mr Fuller said in the email sent to the journalist, Flori failed to mention any of the other officers involved except for Sen Sgt Joachim, despite Senior Constable Ben Lamb being the man who kneed and punched Mr Beg...


Former ASIO officer sues police for $750,000 claiming he was wrongfully arrested, put in a deadly chokehold and told by an officer 'they could shoot him and get a medal' "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Gold Coast police again.  They are deep-dyed thugs. No part of this is appropriate police behaviour

A former federal security and police officer is suing Queensland Police for $750,000 claiming he was put in a deadly chokehold in a wrongful arrest.

Paul Gibbons alleges officers were excessively violent, abused him and threatened him on his honeymoon at a hotel in the Gold Coast.

He claimed he was confronted by police because they were allegedly annoyed at him taking 10 seconds to open the locked door to the hotel lobby.

One reportedly told him they could shoot him and receive a medal according to papers lodged to Brisbane District Court show, the ABC reports.

Mr Gibbons, who previously served in the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), has taken the State of Queensland to court.

He is claiming damages for assault, battery, wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.

Footage from a security camera inside the hotel lobby shows the moment he is wrestled to the ground after police surrounded him when he started filming them on his phone, Mr Gibbons alleges.

The ABC reports Mr Gibbons claims the officers threatened to arrest him for obstructing police, who were at the hotel for another matter.

The former ASIO agent, who also served in the Australian Federal Police, says when he questioned why they required entry, a police officer pointed to his gun saying the weapon was his authority.

The court heard the officer allegedly said: 'When we tell you to do something, you don't ask questions. You f***ing do it. 'Hell, we can put a bullet in your f***in' head and get a medal.'

One of the officers said the recording on Mr Gibbons phone would be 'easily remedied' flashing a torch directly into the camera.

The CCTV footage shows Mr Gibbons handcuffed on the floor while an officer scrolls through the device.

Mr Gibbons said he felt as though his throat would be crushed by one of the officers when they squeezed him during the incident in 2016.

The same officer is alleged to have later said: 'I'm going to kill you c***. When we get you out to the truck, I'm going to smash your f***ing face in c***.'

Part of the claim also includes $50,000 for potentially missing out on selling the footage from his phone to the media after it was deleted.

The state government, who is representing police in the case, has not replied to the lawsuit. A spokesman for the Queensland Police Service said the force could not comment while the matter was being dealt with in court.


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Saturday, 07 April


Queensland construction industry outlook "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The construction industry is very important to the Queensland economy, and it employs nearly 10 percent of all workers (see Queensland Treasurys Employment by Industry brief). One part of the broader industry, residential construction, has grown strongly in recent years, owing in part to the huge amount of apartment construction activity in Brisbane. But activity in residential construction has always been expected to fall back as projects were completed, and indeed it has been doing so. Private dwelling construction in Queensland in December quarter 2017 was 5.8% lower than in December quarter 2016. In contrast, non-residential construction activity is recovering nicely from its post-mining-investment-boom slump, with private non-residential construction increasing 11.6% over the same period. Growth in non-residential construction has therefore offset the adverse impact of the recent slowdown in dwelling construction on the state economy.

But what does the future hold? To gain some insight, we can examine building approvals data, the latest batch of which (updated with February data) were released last Wednesday by the ABS. Broadly speaking, as discussed below, the outlook is positive, based on recent approvals data and expected public sector capital works (e.g. Cross River Rail) and resources sector developments, possibly including the Adani mega mine (see this recent AFR article), although many observers remain doubtful it will ever proceed.

Non-residential construction

Non-residential building approvals have been at higher levels over the last couple of years after recovering from the trough in 2014-15 (chart below). This gives us reason to be confident about non-residential construction activity, although Queensland has not experienced the massive surge in non-residential approvals seen in NSW and Victoria.



Video Friday: Robot Barber, Untethered iCub, and Aibo's Best Friend "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos Image: Robotstart via YouTube

Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your Automaton bloggers. Well also be posting a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics events for the next few months; heres what we have so far (send us your events!):

U.S. National Robotics Week  April 7-17, 2018  United States
Xconomy Robo Madness  April 12, 2018  Bedford, Mass., USA
NASA Swarmathon  April 17-19, 2018  Kennedy Space Center, Fla., USA
RoboSoft 2018  April 24-28, 2018  Livorno, Italy
ICARSC 2018  April 25-27, 2018  Torres Vedras, Portugal
NASA Robotic Mining Competition  May 14-18, 2018  Kennedy Space Center, Fla., USA
ICRA 2018  May 21-25, 2018  Brisbane, Australia
RSS 2018  June 26-30, 2018  Pittsburgh, Pa., USA
Ubiquitous Robots 2018  June 27-30, 2018  Honolulu, Hawaii
MARSS 2018  July 4-8, 2018  Nagoya, Japan

Let us know if you have suggestions for next week, and enjoy todays videos.

Only try this at home on April 1.

You might remember the Flowbee hair cutting vacuum device from commercials back in the late 1980s. Weve come up with a new concept to disrupt the hair styling market once again, this time through collaborative robots. With Snips by Sawyer barbershops will never be the same.

[ Rethink Robotics ]

Since April 1 wa...

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Friday, 06 April


RAAF Challenger 604 Bizjet A37-003 Calls into Rockhampton Airport Wednesday with PM Turnbull on board "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

On Wednesday 4 April, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 bizjet A37-003 of the VIP 34 Squadron in Canberra was spotted resting quietly on the Rockhampton Airport apron.

It had earlier arrived from Brisbane as "Regent 83" and brought Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to town for a series of engagements.

Once complete, A37-003 "Regent 83" was noted departing Rockhampton Airport for the Gold Coast.

Sincere thanks to local plane spotter 'IAD' for taking the time to capture and send through these great photos!

All photos taken by 'IAD' 

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Tuesday, 11 October


Queenslands over-promise on privatisation "IndyWatch Feed"

At the higher figure it would take the sale of land capable of supporting 83,077 units to fund the entire cost of the Cross River tunnel. At the lower figure that blows out to 180,000.

Wednesday, 05 October


Updated Australian National Dictionary Is Here to Teach You Dinkum Aussie English "IndyWatch Feed"

From my latest post for Global Voices: The Updated Australian National Dictionary Is Here to Teach You Dinkum Aussie English

Australian National Dictionary 2nd Edition Australian National Dictionary 2nd Edition.

When I was a teacher, an unfamiliar student approached me in the schoolyard during play lunch, or the mid-morning break. "Is it true you read the dictionary for fun?" he enquired. His response to my positive answer was, "You're a sick man!" You've been warned.

Over the years, Global Voices editors and translators have wondered about some of the words in my posts. For those struggling with or just interested in 'Australianisms', the updated Australian National Dictionary may be a timely addition to your library.

To most English-speaking people, Australian English, otherwise known as Strine, must seem like a foreign language. Take the sentence below:
Any true blue, dinkum Aussie battler from Astraya's Deep North knows that Canberrans are really Mexicans.
Any genuine Australian from Northern Queensland knows that residents of Canberra, the national capital, are from south of the border (and hence inferior).
Interstate or regional rivalry down under is present in a lot of Australian English terms (both geographical references in the sentence above carry derogatory connotations). For example, Taswegians, who are from the southern island state of Tasmania, are proud of their contributions to the Australian National Dictionary, and as such their bragging might qualify them as a 'yaffler', or a loudmouth.

Taswegians view the rest of Australia as 'mainlanders':

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