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Wednesday, 21 February


Come to my Introduction to Permaculture weekend workshop at Northey Street City Farm Our Permaculture Life

Do you want to come to a wonderfully practical weekend permaculture workshop with me at Northey Street City Farm in Brisbane on March 17-18?

Theres less than 4 weeks to go and only 10 spots left.

My Introduction to Permaculture is a wonderful weekend immersion in permaculture.We are going to cover so much all the basics you need to learn to get your thriving permaculture garden started. Gather great ideas for designing your permaculture oasis. Learn simple and useful skills that will really help you to create an abundant permaculture garden at home, in your street, at school or in your community, and get your hands in the earth and learn by doing.

The topics Ill cover are:

  • What is Permaculture
  • Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles
  • Permaculture for Urban and Suburban areas
  • Garden planning with Permaculture Zones and Sectors
  • Designing your permaculture system
  • Permaculture in the home
  • Building the soil fertility naturally
  • Creating a no-dig garden
  • Establishing a low-maintenance permaculture garden
  • How to create abundance in your edible garden
  • Propagating herbs, perennials and subtropical plants
  • Introduction to seed saving
  • Creating an urban food forest
  • Permaculture in the community

This Intro to Permaculture course is a great too for learning hands-on skills to share in community workshops. If youre keen to learn how to become a teacher of permaculture and create a livelihood from doing something you love, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to hear when my permaculture teacher course is launched.

So I hope you can come along, Northey Street City Farm is such a great place to hang out for the weekend, Youll be surrounded by living permaculture. Plus you can go to the organic farmers market on Sunday morning before class and meet some great people.

My goal is to help you get started in creating your abundant edible garden with simplicity and ease.

I hope you can join me!

Check out this link to a blogpost I made a previous workshop.


Tuesday, 20 February


8 Chicken and Beer - Sunnybank Espresso & Matcha

Being quite a fan of Korean Fried Chicken (despite suffering so many breakouts after) I was keen to hit up most of the popular joints in Brisbane to find a favourite. Having read some limited reviews on 8 Chicken and Beer, I was curious to try it out. However given my recent diet, it required considerable reason for me to break my vow and indulge, so when a friend went through a slight life crisis, I decided that there is nothing more comforting and loving than a dish of fried chicken (any excuse to break the vow), so off we went. 

Arriving at 12 on Saturday, I was surprised to be the only table in the store. Only after sitting down did I notice the constant stream of customers coming in and out getting their chicken take away. 


Do you want to be a permaculture educator too? Our Permaculture Life

I love running permaculture workshops.

The permaculture education session in this clip was designed especially for kids. I love working with kids. They just get it! But you dont need to be a child to enjoy this video and perhaps you may even see your garden differently.

Last Saturday morning, I led 2 booked-out sessions for over 40 children, aged between 5-12. We were learning and gardening inside a Brisbane City library as part of the BrisAsia Festival program. The Council supports a great sustainable living community education program which Ive been part of for almost a decade.

I also regularly run permaculture workshops, classes, seminars for children, youth and adults in many other places, and have done this in about 20 countries over the past two decades. Ive decided that very soon to share not just about permaculture but how to teach it too.

Do you want to be a permaculture educator and learn from me how to offer great permaculture courses, workshops, talks and classes?

Please register your initial interest  below in the comments, or send me an email on

Enjoy this clip as I explore kitchen gardening with children, the permaculture way, with the focus being on foods that come from the vast Asian region. My aim is always to explore so many things in an interconnected and accessible way. In this session, I have included:

  • systems thinking
  • centres of seed diversity
  • the concept of food forests
  • polycultures and perennials
  • gardens as healthy habitat got humans and wildlife
  • healthy food
  • local food systems, the health and environmental impact of industrial food
  • reducing plastics
  • growing seeds
  • propagating plants
  • and more

Enjoy and share! Show it to your kids.


You can learn more fabulously practical ideas and skills in the Our Permaculture Life Membership Community for less than $1 a day.


I offer a 6 module online course: The Incredible...


Dim Sim's 18th birthday (and Sahara) Kittens Gone Lentil

Hi friends, I hope you will indulge me in a cat-full and food-free post! Dim Sim's 18th birthday was on the 16th of February, so I thought I might do a little day in the life post of my sweetheart from her special day.

Dim Sim sleeps either under the covers with me, or on her blankie next to my pillow, so we woke up together. In the mornings, I have to sneak into the bathroom for my shower before she can get in there. She likes to drink water out of the bottom of the bath, and the fact that someone is in there with the shower running doesn't stop her. Once I'm done, I run some fresh water for her, and she jumps in for a drink.

Dim Sim's 18th Birthday

Then she went to have a little drink from her actual water bowl in my room.

Dim Sim's 18th Birthday

Then it was downstairs to have a look out the window at the back yard, then settle onto her special chair for a nap.

Dim Sim's 18th Birthday

I had to work all day, out of the house for 12 hours, but I was sure to get a little photo of us before I left. She had moved from her chair onto her cushion in front of the sunroom window. Now that she is an only cat, all places are her places.

Dim Sim's 18th Birthday

While I was at work, Mum sent me regular photos of her throughout the day. Mostly eating, napping, having cuddles, or occasionally just skulking about in deep contemplation. Enjoy.

Dim Sim's 18th Birthday

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