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Wednesday, 23 August


The Italian Bowl, Newtown, Sydney my name is Food.

Newtown, a place I rarely go when in Sydney but since we were in the area walking around and having a wander, we thought we'd find a place to have dinner. Walking past a very crowded Italian restaurant and M did say that she has heard that it was a treat here, we thought, well, we don't have anything to lose other than the queue, why not? A casual spot for a big pasta bowl filled with goodness, warmth and where you can even sit at the counter watching your dish being cooked right in front of you. Having a concept similar to a fast food restaurant, customers place their orders at the counter and pay first before being served on the table.

'Garlic Bread' (AUD$3)  , a thick slice of bread smeared with garlic butter.


Sushi Show, QVB, Sydney my name is Food.

A cute corner nook to satisfy your quick sushi needs with only a few tables and seats available out the front. May not be a convenient spot for some with all the traffic rush of people walking past, but the various options of sushi may just allow you to quickly grab a bite before heading back to work or even fill in the grumbling tummy.

'California' (AUD$3.5) and Salmon and Avocado' (AUD$3.5), both individually wrapped in a thin plastic paper to help seal the freshness and avoid from sticking to each other. Not bad overall, nothing special but would have been better if it had more fillings.

Sushi Show Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


End of Financial Year Coffee Tour in June 2017 Brisbane Coffee Tours

The Brisbane End of Financial Year Coffee Tour in June 2017 showcased Woolloongabba as a hub for specialty coffee. We watched green bean transform to brown at Coffee Supreme, appreciated espresso at Blue Sky and learnt the art of cupping coffee at Black Sheep.


10 ways to make great use of Canna Our Permaculture Life

Perennial Canna (Canna edulis) is an abundant permaculture plant in the subtropics, also known as Queensland Arrowroot. I can't imagine how I would have got my garden to this stage without it's help. 

Fabulously quick growing plant that has large leaves which hold a lot of water. They provide so much organic matter and look really luscious in the garden. Their height and form adds so much structure to a new permaculture garden.

It is an amazingly useful plant that I have used it extensively in the establishment phase of my garden to:

  1. create a super fast growing in-garden windbreak;
  2. create a super fast growing in-garden sun shade for sensitive plants in summer;
  3. develop a vegetative terrace to stop soil, water and mulch slipping down the slope;
  4. establish a weed barrier along with comfrey and lemongrass around new garden areas;
  5. make a living fence. I plant Canna beside a little chickenwire fence . I find the wild animals and chooks are less likely to jump/fly over the fence if they cannot see what is on the other side;
  6. produce abundant organic matter for the garden;



Spring Equinox Members Only Dinner Northey Street City Farm

Northey Street City Farm Spring Equinox Members Only Dinner This event is for Northey Street City Farm Members Only and for those wanting to become members. It will be a great opportunity to: Meet members of The Farm See what The Farm has acheived in the last year Give Feedback about The Farms future Cost: []

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Earth Kids Programs Northey Street City Farm

Monthly Program for homeschoolers: One-off sessions. Second Friday of the month: September November Spring School Holiday Program:  September 25th to 29th NSCF Earth Kids programs are about supporting kids to become nature smart to have the knowledge, understandings and skills to engage in creating a more sustainable world in a fun and interactive way. []

The post Earth Kids Programs appeared first on Northey Street City Farm.

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Tuesday, 22 August


GUEST SPEAKER FOR SEPTEMBER 2017 MEETING Brisbane Organic Growers Inc.

At the September meeting (Thursday 7 September) come along for a very special evening where BOGI will host Dr Don Huber, professor emeritus of plant pathology at Purdue University. He received B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Idaho, Ph. D. from Michigan State University and is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and Industrial College of the armed Forces. He was cereal pathologist at the University of Idaho for eight years before joining the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at Purdue University in 1971.

read more


Eating Out: Greenhouse Canteen and Bar Kittens Gone Lentil

At the end of last year, my friend Elizabeth was up for the Animal Activist Forum. After it was over, we spent some time eating some food! At the end of the final day, we went for dinner at the Greenhouse Canteen & Bar. I had eaten at their previous location before, but they had since moved (a little closer to Brisbane, handily) and I had heard good things. So off we went!

We started with a shared plate of Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, which had almond feta, basil and hummus in them. I haven't had many stuffed zucchini flowers before, and these were very nice and delicate, though at one per person they were a very light start to the meal!

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers from Greenhouse

I couldn't go past the Adzuki Bean Gourmet Hotdawg - a homemade adzuki bean sausage in a bun topped with caramelised onions, sauerkraut, slaw and mustard. The sausage on its own was kind of mushy, but all together it worked really well and was very tasty. Just kind of small for a main meal (if only it came with a side!).

Adzuka Bean Gourmet Hotdawg from Greenhouse

Elizabeth had the Savoury Socca, a chickpea pancake topped with lots of vegetables and sauces (sorry, I can't quite remember and the menu has changed since then). It was very large, though she remarked that the pancake was a bit sludgy and the flavour wasn't all there.

Savoury Socca from Greenhouse

Still kind of peckish after our food, we decided to order the Antipasto Platter, which was an excellent decision! Nut cheeses, dips, crackers, pickles, antipasto and fruit, it was an amazing end to the meal and so much fun to work out way through all the different options!

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Tuesday, 23 December


Future Brisbane skyline revealed "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A supplied image of Crown Resorts competing design for the Queen's Wharf development proposal.

A supplied image of Crown Resorts competing design for the Queens Wharf development proposal.

Rival proponents vying for the right to develop a casino on prime riverfront land in Brisbane have laid their cards on the table.

The Queensland governments decision to move public service offices to a new site at 1 William Street will free up the existing government precinct between George Street and the Riverside Expressway after 2016.

Enter two giants incumbent Brisbane casino owner Echo Entertainment and James Packers Crown Resorts who are battling it out for the once in a lifetime development opportunity.

The pairs rival consortiums on Monday revealed artist impressions of their proposals and both had exceeded the governments expectations, Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney said.

Both projects would include a casino, hotels, residential accommodation, a pedestrian bridge to South Bank and luxurious bars and restaurants.Crowns proposal boasts a rooftop the size of The Gabba, public gardens, infinity pools and a suspended waterfall from its pedestrian bridge.

The Echo plan would feature a signature addition to the Brisbane skyline an arc-shaped sky deck perched above a high-end hotel and ballroom.

Echo had the advantage of not needing an additional casino licence because it would relocate its existing Treasury Casino, chairman John ONeill said.

The old site would be turned into a department store.

Both proponents on Monday responded to union accusations linking Hong Kong businessman Stanley Ho who has been banned from a similar development in Sydney to the Echo consortium.

Lets be very clear we are not in business with Stanley Ho, Echos chief executive Matt Bekier said.

The company was providing 50 per cent of the capital, while a 25 per cent partner, Hong Kongs Chow Tai Fook, had a business relationship with Dr Ho.

The government will finalise the assessment process by mid-2015.

The post Future Brisbane skyline revealed appeared first on Echonetdaily.

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Monday, 20 October


GARDEN GROUP "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

NFNC Community Garden Group 2015

Are you interested in coming along to join the Gardening Group (every Monday from 10am onto 12 noon). Ross would welcome some new faces to help her with maintaining our community garden.

The post GARDEN GROUP appeared first on New Farm Neighbourhood Centre.

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Sunday, 10 August


At Least Were Not The Gillard Government, Says Abbott As The Liberals Admit That He Lies "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Ok, if you hit this web address (at least I think its a web address, it could be a web site or possibly an envelope) then it takes you straight to the Liberal Party website. (Cut and paste it if you think Im playing with the link!)

So which smart lefty thought of doing that? Well, actually it was the Liberal Party themselves. Apparently someone thought they could beat Labor to the punch by registering the name, then redirecting traffic to well, one could say the actual lies.

Now if thats not a spectacular admission, I dont know what is!

Tony Abbotts lies are up in lights for everyone to see at, Mr Shorten said.

I guess this means Senator Brandis, Eric Abetz and Kevin Andrews dont qualify for the most spectacular stuff up of the week.

Kevin Andrews for those of you who missed it had to clear up a memorandum issued with his authority, which said that the following would not be considered gainful work when considering reduced waiting periods for unemployment benefits: domestic or gardening tasks at the applicants house of that of a family member, work for the purpose of achieving election of the person to public office and work that involves nudity or is in the sex industry.

Mr Andrews has since clarified that people doing live modelling for artists would be considered to be working even though they were sitting perfectly still.

Similarly, those working in the sex industry will be considered to be in gainfully work. Of course, one wonders why it would have been excluded in the first place. Was it that Kevin Andrews thought that sex was too much fun to be considered work? (Highly improbable). Or was it that he felt that people doing work of which he disapproves should be punished. (Possible, but then the list would have been much longer!)

Whatever the reason, people can rest easy. Those forced into sex work because of the Abbott Governments six month waiting period can breath a sigh of relief knowing that theyll be treated just like everyone else.

Yep, you cant say that this government isnt fair.

Particularly on social media if youre a public servant. Theyve forbidden it!

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Monday, 07 July


23 June 2014 Sam "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Sam @voidboi

Sam Collins is a self-confessed IT nerd, likes coffee and whisky! He even has a Twitter account for his own cat (@SirAlfredBeans)!



Was not short of coffee recommendations!

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Monday, 09 June


2 June 2014 Rory "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Rory @foreverdudes

Rory is the head chef from Picnic Cafe and is also a comic book and sport enthusiast! Hes also famous for starting up the extremely popular Red Robin Supper Club (Twitter and Facebook), a Brisbane-based pop-up restaurant and supper club that has a very strong and loyal following!


Rory introduced us to his love of Brisbane and our glorious weather through #passportshredder.

He als...

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Friday, 02 May


Families invited to get up-close and personal with local plants and water bugs "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

DSC05439 copyMEDIA RELEASE Families are invited to get up close and personal with native plants and water bugs of the local area at the Redcliffe Botanic Gardens as part of an art, culture and environment week-long festival. Friends of the Redcliffe Botanic Garden will be hosting tours and Moreton Bay Regional Council will be hosting a []

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Wednesday, 30 April


Pizza Volante "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Pizza-Volante-sandroSandro and Mel Falzolgher are the owners and creators of Pizza Volante Boutique Mobile Woodfired Pizzeria.

Mel grew up in Byron Bay, and met Sandro when he was visiting his extended family in Mullumbimby. Sandros uncle Zio Luciano came to the northern rivers in the 1950s to cut cane and settled in Mullumbimby, even owning the Empire Cafe where he made pizzas. Sandro and Mel have recently moved back to Byron Bay from Brisbane where, although they enjoyed building up their business, they missed a sense of community for themselves and their children, so they have moved back to be close to their families.

Sandro was born in Fermo on the east coast of Italy. Learning the art of pizza-making from the top pizza chefs in the business is a serious undertaking in Italy, and Sandro spent most of his 20s working in and running small pizzerias in his region of Le Marche. After a trip home he was missing Italy and true pizza so he built a wood-fired pizza oven in the yard of his Brisbane home.

How did the business get started?

Mel We had lots of backyard parties; friends would invite friends. Our invitations of 30 guests always ended up being up to 100. We realised that if we could cater for such fun parties in our yards so could everyone. Sandro spent three years designing and constructing our amazing pizza trailer. He imported a commercial Di Fiore pizza oven from his region in Italy; we have the largest traditional mobile pizza oven in Australia. We cater to functions from 40 to 250+ pizzas and at festivals we make and cook 1,000s.

Pizza-Volante-resizedimage610337-Sizzing-Pizza-150--1What are your greatest influences?

Mel Sandro is passionate about traditional Italian cuisine. He follows the true Italian way of fresh tasty ingredients on his thin crispy sourdough bases using real mozzarella and proper tomato sugo. Theres not a piece of pineapple to be seen anywhere near his pizza!

We describe ourselves as boutique because of the time and attention to detail that we dedicate to our ingredients and the handmade sourdough bases.

What area...

Tuesday, 10 February


Terrra Nullius and Ecology "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

by John Tracey

Yet the form of bush that is protected in the national parks of today, places without the human species, are a phenomenon of the last hundred years, younger than many Australian urban centres. The removal of human beings from the bush in the last two hundred years has turned our wilderness areas into overgrown untended gardens.

The Green movement has built a concept of wilderness, without consultation with Aboriginal people, we have generalised that concept, politicised it and it is now a significant issue on the Australian political landscape. Yet the way we have described the natural environment bears no resemblance to its ancient reality.Modern Australia began with the legal principle of Terra Nullius, meaning a land with no law or government, no sovereign population. The British declared this continent to be Terra Nullius after Captain Cook discovered it, which allowed the British Crown to claim possession of the land in accordance with international law. Terra Nullius of course is a lie and was found to be such by the Australian High Court when Eddie Mabo proved that his family had owned their block of land since before Captain Cook.. Anthropologists and Aboriginal people assert that there was, prior to Cook and up until today, a complex and sophisticated system of law, government, economy and language, all the defining points of a sovereign nation.

Despite the high courts findings, Terra Nullius remains as the legal foundation for the sovereignty of the crown in Australia which in turn is the foundation authority for the parliament, courts, police, military and every other migrant legal institution.

Modern Australian conservationism dovetails with the legal fiction of Terra Nullius. Both deny the reality that this country was and still is occupied by a large complex Aboriginal society.

The conservation values of the Australian Bush are usually articulated in terms of species of plants and animals, geological considerations and often last and least, cultural heritage; usually a description of the history of the European colony and, occasionally, a reference to native title holders or Aboriginal place names (with little understanding of the meaning of either).

The principles of ecology and biodiversity have made us aware of the devastating consequences to an eco system if a particular species of plant or animal is removed. For example if a particular bird becomes extinct, the seeds it used to carry do not propagate and the insects it used to eat swell in numbers. Insect plague and reduced propagation in turn affects an infinite number of other organisms, radically degrading the systems of the ecosystem. The balance of bio-diversity has become an accepted principle in green ideology, yet how much have we cons...

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