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Monday, 04 December


Stones Corner Twilight Christmas Market Markets and Fairs in Brisbane

Sunday 3rd Dec, 2.00pm 8.00pm, Logan Road

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Saturday, 25 November


QAGOMA Store Christmas Design Market Markets and Fairs in Brisbane

Saturday 25th Nov, 9.00am 4.00pm, Gallery of Modern Art

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Wednesday, 25 October


3 easy steps to make natural calendula salve - just 4 ingredients Our Permaculture Life

In just 3 simple steps, with only 4 ingredients learn here how to make your own calendula salve simply, quickly and cheaply.  

In this film, I'll show you how to make this fabulous natural first aid and skin healing salve - step by step. It is such a wonderfully useful homemade product using homegrown flowers and the highest quality ingredients.

Use calendula salve to:
- soothe insect bites
- heal cuts and bruises
- smooth rough elbows and knees
- soften chapped lips
- soothe rashes, including nappy rash
- heal minor burns, including sunburn
- ease eczema and psoriasis



THE ZOO 25 "IndyWatch Feed Seq"


Brisbanes most iconic venue The Zoo is turning 25. To mark this silver anniversary, over 25 of Brisbanes most celebrated musicians are coming together to perform including:

Adele Pickvance & Ian Haug / Ben Ely / ISIS

Marcello Milani & Tenzin Choegyal / Sabrina Lawrie

Sissybones / Tim Steward & Kellie Lloyd

(With more to be announced)


Original owners Joc Curran and C Smith opened the the doors in December 1992 and the venue quickly became one of the focal points for the explosion of music, art and creativity in Brisbane in the 90s. Since then, bands too numerous to mention from all over the world have performed there, and literally hundreds of people have worked at The Zoo, many young artists, managers and musicians, all doing time on the bar, at the door, as a glassy or duty manager. Creating this breeding ground of creativity and strength of community has been the great achievement of The Zoo and is continuing into a new generation, helmed by new owner Pixie Weyand.

All of the artists performing at this event have long histories with The Zoo and have become stalwarts of the Brisbane music scene.

This event is also supporting two very worthwhile charities:


Support Act

Support Act is a charity which helps Australian artists and music workers who are facing hardship due to illness, mental health problems, injury or some other crisis. Since 1997, they have helped to pay rent, keep the power on, repair instruments, provide petrol, buy school uniforms and rehouse a prized vinyl collection.

Feed Music

Feed Music is a not for profit website that enables touring artists and bands to use their location while on the road to pinpoint cafes and restaurants situated in their passing town, in which they can eat and drink at for free, promoting a better mental wellbeing.

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VeganMoFo 2017 #25: My Friend Ashleigh (Recipe Round-Up: Great Gluten Free Vegan Eats) Kittens Gone Lentil

Ashleigh is my beloved friend and life wife, so she was the natural choice for this post. We have had a lot of adventures, including traveling to Melbourne and the US together. And a lot of fun times at home as well! Every year for her birthday, I give her a new season of Lost Girl and we watch it over several weekends, and I make food. Sometimes it is a set menu from a cook book, other times I pick and choose. If it is her birthday specific lunch, it always includes cake as the dessert!

Lasagna is her favourite food, so I was super excited about making the Handcrafted Lasagne from Veganize It, making the sauce, ricotta, parmesan, melty cheese and even pasta from scratch for her. However, life got in the way. She had to have all four of her wisdom teeth out just over a week ago, and while we were initially optimistic, her recovery did not care for our food plans. Of course I could not make the lasagna without her being able to eat it, so our plans have been postponed.

Instead, here is are a few things that I have made for her at other times. She had to be gluten free for awhile, so I used cooking for her as a good chance to try out some recipes from Great Gluten Free Vegan Eats for her. The first dish, the pasta, I made one night before Ashleigh drove me down to the Gold Coast very early to get my veins zapped. She has been my support person twice for me during my long saga of vein zapping! The others are what I made for her birthday lunch in 2016. Enjoy!

Stroganoff: This is creamy and mushroomy and good. There is an error in the book, which calls for 20 oz or 174 g of sliced mushrooms, which obviously doesn't match up! I used 400g of sliced mushrooms, which is a little less than required, and I used 250 g of pasta rather than 240g, but I also added cannelini beans and peas. The recipe calls for 420 mL of full fat coconut milk, but I used a...

Tuesday, 24 October


October E-News Northey Street City Farm

  Find out all about whats happening on the farm by subscribing to our monthly e-news HERE. To read whats happening in October CLICK HERE.

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5 Ways to Eat Your Lavender Our Permaculture Life

I always have lavender growing in my permaculture garden. I love its colour & scent, its hardiness and the way it attracts bees. Lavender essential oil is one of the most widely used oils around the world for its calming properties. But, did you know that there are plenty of ways to eat the lavender you grow in your garden too?

Here are 5 ways to consume lavender as an edible herb. While you can use any lavender, I think the best type of lavender for cooking is any variety of L. angustifolia (English Lavender). This is the one with the smooth narrow (not indented) leaves.

English lavender leaves look like this.



VeganMoFo 2017 #24: Recipe Round-Up: Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar Kittens Gone Lentil

24th: Party! Canaps, finger foods, something to share.

I don't go to a lot of parties, I am not one for large groups. But I do like to bake things to share. And I like to bake things for bake sales. And really, what is a bake sale if not a large sharing party that people pay for? While I am taking a break from organising bake sales, I have still been doing a bit of baking here and there from other bake sales. Fun bars and slices are always well received! Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar is a great place to start if you are looking for something fun to make and to share. As well as a zillion cookie recipes, they also have some awesome slices. Here are four I have made recently.

Blueberry Spice Crumb Bars: These are a lovely not too sweet snack, with spelt flour in the base and crumble. I used frozen blueberries for the filling, and added an extra teaspoon of cornstarch to make sure it thickened up enough. I just made a half batch of these bars, which fit perfectly into my 8 inch/20 cm square pan.
Rating: :)

Blueberry Spice Crumb Bars

Call Me Blondies: I needed to bake these for an extra 15 minutes, and they ended up perfect. They rise high in the oven, but then flatted down when they cool. What this leaves is amazing crunchy edges and a wonderfully gooey inside.
Rating: :)

Call Me Blondies

Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Brownies: These are a combination of the Deluxe Cocoa Brownies for the base and then a yummy cream cheese topping, which is all baked together. I had to cook this an extra 10 minutes for it to set. These are wondefully fudgy and gooey, and have a great cheese cake flavour. They get sticky fast, so good to keep these in the fridge until they are ready to go.


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