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Wednesday, 25 October


Dinosaurs & Cats Photo review The Water-Rat Gazette

Photo Review: Dinosaurs & Cats Sunday Sept 24th It is a rare Kurilpa Poets event that occurs without some sort of Chaos in the Mix, and our September show proved to be no exception. With a savage outbreak of swine Continue reading


Back to the Cruel Stars Cheeseburger Gothic

I spent most of today reading the draft chapters of The Cruel Stars on Dropbox Paper. It had been so long since I'd been able to do any concentrated work on it that I thought I'd better familiarise myself with the story and characters again. I'm glad I did. I really like this story and hope it gets a chance to stretch its legs.

Before I went into shutdown earlier this year I did spend a couple of days just tweaking Lucinda's chapters, rewriting the scenes with a view to emphasizing the character flaws I'd built into her bio. It was just a few lines here and there, but it made a real difference. I'll have to do the same with the others.

I have so much work to catch up on.


THE ZOO 25 "GroovUs Feed Aartists"


Brisbanes most iconic venue The Zoo is turning 25. To mark this silver anniversary, over 25 of Brisbanes most celebrated musicians are coming together to perform including:

Adele Pickvance & Ian Haug / Ben Ely / ISIS

Marcello Milani & Tenzin Choegyal / Sabrina Lawrie

Sissybones / Tim Steward & Kellie Lloyd

(With more to be announced)


Original owners Joc Curran and C Smith opened the the doors in December 1992 and the venue quickly became one of the focal points for the explosion of music, art and creativity in Brisbane in the 90s. Since then, bands too numerous to mention from all over the world have performed there, and literally hundreds of people have worked at The Zoo, many young artists, managers and musicians, all doing time on the bar, at the door, as a glassy or duty manager. Creating this breeding ground of creativity and strength of community has been the great achievement of The Zoo and is continuing into a new generation, helmed by new owner Pixie Weyand.

All of the artists performing at this event have long histories with The Zoo and have become stalwarts of the Brisbane music scene.

This event is also supporting two very worthwhile charities:


Support Act

Support Act is a charity which helps Australian artists and music workers who are facing hardship due to illness, mental health problems, injury or some other crisis. Since 1997, they have helped to pay rent, keep the power on, repair instruments, provide petrol, buy school uniforms and rehouse a prized vinyl collection.

Feed Music

Feed Music is a not for profit website that enables touring artists and bands to use their location while on the road to pinpoint cafes and restaurants situated in their passing town, in which they can eat and drink at for free, promoting a better mental wellbeing.

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Tuesday, 24 October


Dark clouds lifting Cheeseburger Gothic

About three weeks ago the depression which had overtaken me while my dad was dying finally lifted. It felt as though grey and leaden clouds parted to let through a few shafts of light, then broke up and drifted away.
It's been a year, I tell you.
For most of it I'd drag myself to my desk every day and try to grind though whatever work was in front of me. As I failed and failed again at that, day after day, the work piled up. I just kept grinding.
I did a lot of short writing this year. The private column was a left handed gift in that way. It forced me to keep writing, twice a week, every week, whether I felt like it or not. And mostly I did not.
Not at all.
I put on a lot of weight. Maybe ten kilos or more. That started in the hospital, eating shitty food for the want of something better to do. It got worse later, as I was eating for comfort and a sense of control.
I had some back problems too, which restricted my ability to exercise. But I kept exercising. Like the writing, it was a grind, but I did recall from my psych degree that regular exercise was as effective for treating mild depression as any medication or therapy.
So this has been a year.
However, as I said, a couple of weeks ago, my mood lifted and I suddenly found I had the energy to write again, and a renewed interest in doing so. My publishers were very understanding, so my first priority is finishing The Cruel Stars for them. I've given myself a deadline of November 24. For those of you who were beta reading, I'll be adding new chapters as they're written, rather than in longer sections. Thanks for your indulgence as well.
The ladies of the family will be travelling for a few weeks from late November, giving me a clear run to do some concentrated work and get in a bit of extra jujitsu training. (Jujitsu was one of the few things I didn't lose enthusiasm for this year. In fact, it kept me sane).
November/December then I'll be writing The Golden Minute, the next of the Smith and Cady time travel books.
I have a couple of other irons in the fire I'll discuss a bit later this week, but I'm pondering what to do here at the Burger too. I let it lie fallow because most days I had enough of a struggle to get any paid writing done. But I'd like to reboot.
I'll probably start modestly. I might even revisit the early journalspace days and just keep things very personal. I have a new puppy, after all. She's good for some posts.



This is an American rock n roll album by big American pop star Perfume Genius.

Known early as a poster-wraith for notorious, joyous, tortured and free boys, girls and their fellow travelers, the first two albums by Perfume Genius consisted largely of exquisite and cruelly abbreviated songs seemingly sung in the dark at a piano with all the silences left in. The previously most recent album, 2014s Too Bright, stepped out saucily onto a bigger stage, expressing, with the production help of Adrian Utley, emotions arranged all along the slippery continuum from rage to irony to love. Now here we have seized the vocabulary of the full expression of all music.

Here in 13 ferocious and sophisticated tracks, Mike Hadreas and his collaborators blow through church music, makeout music, an array of the gothier radio popular formats, rhythm and blues, art pop, krautrock, queer soul, the RCA Studio B sound, and then also collect some of the sounds that only exist inside Freddy Krueger. Tremolo on the electric keys. Nightclubbing. Daywalking. Peter Greenawaying, Springsteening, Syreetaing.

Luridness was a quality of music in the 1960s that is mostly since shunned. The big male crooners were all fiercely lurid as an expression of passion or lustiness or general dickability. Thats something perfect to take back. You took us to church and told us to believe in ghosts. You took us to school and told us to believe in the great American project of inclusion. Instead we started fucking to the great American project of rock and roll. Theres more than one sexy soul song here. Seduction is also spellcraft. Rock and roll was an incantation, a beg to give it up baby. Its not that different from begging Some Thing to not let you die when you are alone and afraid.

Blake Mills the one who produced the Alabama Shakes record and who performs with John Legend produced the record with precision and expansion. Some things are pretty and some are blasted beyond recognition. In the studio with Shawn the engineer, Mike and Blake would hear quite different voices as they worked and they built this together.

God is all around actually and some of these songs are about being equal and some are about the witchcraft of b...


Whats On At Brisbanes British Film Festival "GroovUs Feed Afestivals"

Running until November 15th, the Cunard British Film Festival will bring the finest films from the British Isles to Brisbanes Palace Cinemas for what promises to be its strongest line-up to date. From the opening night drama of Breathe, a stirring true story courtesy of director Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, War for the ...

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Cloud Nothings "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

DRW Entertainment welcomes kings of cathartic and anthemic alt-punk, Cloud Nothings, back to Australia this coming February.

Fresh from a huge European and US tour with heavyweight rock-revival favourites, Japandroids, in-demand Cloud Nothings are returning for the first time since 2014, bringing their heavily-praised fourth studio album, Life Without Sound to Australian shores.

Indie-rock tunes and a punk as fuck performance, Cloud Nothings tore the Oxford Art Factory apart (2014) Blunt Mag

From its beginnings in Dylan Baldis basement in 2009 to include the trio of drummer Jayson Gerycz and bassist TJ Duke, Cloud Nothings are a band that continue to challenge the genre, while remaining nostalgic and loyal to their loud and brash basement roots.

Cloud Nothings pair fuzzy power-chord riffs with pop hooks on Rollingstone

In the bands most bold and unprecedented phase, a second guitarist, Chris Brown, has bulked up the bands lo-fi sound resulting in a remarkable expansion in the Cloud Nothings story and production.

The band seems to be hitting their stride ever more intently (each record could perhaps be assessed as the band hitting their stride, which speaks to the groups impressive consistency) Pitchfork 

If their new album recorded with producer John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Blonde Redhead) has delved into a more cohesive chapter in the bands journey, their live shows still inspire some of the most fanatic praise of the bands raw and driving energy.

Recent international shows have undoubtedly confirmed Cloud Nothings as one of the most invigorating, magnetic, and yet enigmatic live bands, as fans get the sense that the bands metamorphosis is coming to its most important and career-defining stage.

Cloud Nothings have mastered the art of thrashing catharsis, pummeling out the anxieties of nostalgia and expectation with bloody verve. Pitchfork

Cloud Nothings February 2018

Thursday 22nd Sydney, Oxford Arts Factory

Friday 23rd Melbourne, Max Watts

Saturday 24th Adelaide, Fowlers Live

Sunday 25th Perth, Badlands Bar

Tuesday 27th Brisbane, The Zoo


Monday, 23 October


EP 225: FOAM; Morning Harvey "GroovUs Feed Afestivals"

Ep 225 Instagram.png

Photo: Stuart Sevastos (F) Linda Dunjey (MH)


Recorded by Eileen Tierney
Mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at Woolly Mammoth Alehouse, Brisbane, 15th September 2017

FOAM are a three-piece garage rock band from Perth, WA. Their heavy live performances deliver a filthy wall of sound reminiscent of the alternative rock boom of the late 80s/early 90s. Since the release of their first EP Sarpa Salpa in July of 2012, FOAM have released a total of four EPs, including a split with fellow Perth locals Puck.

During this time they have toured the country on numerous occasions playing festivals such as MATES Sydney,Big Day Out and Groovin The Moo, as well as headlining their own shows and supporting acts such as DZ Deathrays, Wax Witches and Sleepy Sun. In February of 2017, FOAM released their long awaited debut album Coping Mechanisms. The album was written in the basement beneath a toasted sandwich shop in Perth. Its about coming to terms with yourself, the world aroun...

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