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Wednesday, 23 August


Wordless Wednesday 23082017 Fluidicthought

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Blindman Death Stare The Zoo

Sat Sept 9 THE ZOO
ENTRY: $12

Fresh off the back of their shows with Night Birds, Melbourne punks Blind Man Death Stare will be tearing Sonnys a new fire exit alongside supports Kill Dirty Youth, Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up & Hound.

By September, theyll be in the midst of an extensive national tour to promote the release of their first full-length album titled ITLL GROW ON YA, released July 26th on Arrest Records.

The tour starts at the Dead of Winter Festival in Brisbane, on July 29th alongside The Meanies, The Bennies, The Porkers and many more.
They will then be joined by Melbourne ratbags Kill Dirty Youth for the remainder of the tour, playing over 20 dates spanning most of Australia and New Zealand.

Check out the video for the first single off the record, Spike My Drink But Dont Take My Kidneys.

Tickets on sale now via oztix. For more info head to

The post Blindman Death Stare appeared first on The Zoo.


Yes, I know I should be ashamed of myself. But I'm not Cheeseburger Gothic

Because nobody else was brave enough to tell the truth about cannibal sea lice. In less than one week. With no editing. Or cover artist.

Available where all good books are sold, even though, you know, it really shouldn't be.


The National have just announced an Aussie tour for 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

For the first time since 2014, The National are heading back to Australia for a series of what are bound to be amazing headline performances.

The US indie-rockers have announced a series of Aussie dates for February and March next year, with the group set to bring their live shows to Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne audiences.

The Nationals 2018 Aussie tour will follow the release of their long-awaited seventh recordSleep Well Beast, which is due for release on September 8th. So of course, this means that this will be the first time Aussie audiences get to sample the groups new record in a live setting.

The National were last in the country back in 2016 for a one-off performance at Byron Bays Bluesfest, but Aussie fans have had to wait since 2014 for a headline tour. Now, with tour dates announced, and a new record only weeks away, things are looking pretty good.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, September 1st. For more information in regards to dates, ticketing, and pre-sales, check the details below.

While we wait for The National to touch down on Aussie shores, check out their newest single The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness.

The National Australian Tour 2018

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018
Sydney Opera House Forecourt, Sydney, NSW

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018
Riverstage, Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, March 1st, 2018
Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, VIC

Tickets on sale 9am, Friday, September 1st.

For tickets and pre-sale info, visit Handsome Tours website.


Is a leather seat better than vinyl? "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Is leather better than vinyl when it comes to choosing the best seat for your motorcycle?

We asked longtime motorcycle seat upholsterer John Moorhouse of Ergo Seats in Brisbane for his advice when we dropped off our Ducati GT1000 seat for a new cover and comfortable foam.

Is a leather seat better than vinyl? John Moorhouse Ergo SeatsJohn with our Ducati GT1000

The seat will be ready in five days and it will apparently take about 1000km to bed in, so we will give you a full review of the performance level in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, theres that issue of whether to go for leather or vinyl.

John talked us into leather, although he says customers are split about 50/50 on the choice.

Leather looks great and, if you look after it, I wont see you back, he says.

Thats not good business but they last 30 years or more if looked after.

He suggests dressing the leather with lanolin or a special crocodile oil mixture.

That makes sense as Ive never seen a croc with old-age wrinkles!

Crocodile seat Is a leather seat better than vinyl? John Moorhouse Ergo SeatsCroc skin seat

John says he mainly works with cow leather, but he gets requests for croc skin, kangaroo, emu, snake and even stingray which has an unusual finish.

I havent used stingray yet as you need special...

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Tuesday, 22 August


Interview With Jo Penn Cheeseburger Gothic

I've been doing a few podcast interviews recently. This one, with Joanna Penn, was a good un.


A Brisbane venue refuses entry to Denmarks Prince Frederik over his I.D. Tone Deaf

Many Brisbane venues havent exactly been stoked about the mandatory introduction of the I.D. scanners that are apparently intended to keep the city safe, and one venue has just had a particularly embarrassing issue as a result of the new tech, causing them to turn away Denmarks Crown Prince (and husband of former Aussie Princess Mary) because of his I.D.

As Fairfax reports, the 49 year old royal was declined entry to the Eagle St Piers Jade Buddha bar just before midnight on Friday, as he didnt have any sort of identification compatible with the scanners an issue that is causing problems for many tourists as well.

The understandably shocked prince and his group left the area, but came back 15 minutes later with the 7 Queensland police officers assigned to his dignitary protection unit, who explained to the venue manager that the I.D. requirements didnt apply to foreign royals, as theyd been granted the authority of the Office of Liquor and Gaming to let the poor bloke in.

Brisbane I.D. laws a nightmare

Venue co-owner Phil Hogan eventually made his way to the front of the venue to try to save everyone from further embarrassment summed up how a lot of locals feel about the scanners, which cost $8000 each to install, and became mandatory for anyone operating within the citys Safe Night precincts after 10pm, with the only alternative an option to shift closing time from 2am or 3am to midnight.

Its a stupid law. We always thought it was going to be a nightmare, Mr Hogan said. Its happening all the time and the whole thing has been a nightmare from a tourist point of view. Its just a nonsense. Its a real over-reaction.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with the Prince, he continued. Its happening all the time with normal people.

The introduction of I.D. scanners has been on the table for years, with many arguing that their introduction would create a nightmare in terms of logistics and privacy, and as Fairfax notes, Brisbane venues have reported having to turn away everyone from respected foreign business people to backpackers and tourists often in large numbers and causing significant losses to the venue owners.

While anyone with a less conventional form of I.D. is at risk of being turned away, Fairfax reports that Attorney-General Yvette DAth has described the issues following the July 1 introduction as teething problems, and will be consulting with venues as the rollout continues.

Perhaps theyd best ask the Crown Prince of Denmark for his thoughts on the matter.


My fave eclipse shot Cheeseburger Gothic

The 82nd Airborne scheduled a jump for today. You'd almost imagine they did so on purpose.

It'd make a great book cover.


GoT S7E6 Raven On Recap: Beyond the Wall Cheeseburger Gothic


Hey, remember that Loot Train Battle from, I don"t know, two episodes ago? Remember how we were all like, THAT WAS EPIC AND AMAZING AND HOW CAN THEY TOP THAT?

Episode Six just rocked up and said HOLD. MY. BEER.

Magnificent Seven! Male bonding! Panserbjrn! Red shirts! Wight supremacists! Gendry inventing the marathon! Dragonfire! Falcor rescue! Dead dragon! Deus Ex Benjena! ICE DRAGON!

But most of all, my Beloved Throners...


Oh my sweet precious darling. My tender juicy lamb. My meaty shank of pork. My reanimated bit of rough. You really are too beautiful to die. again.

It almost looked like his hair was out of its man bun too, spilling over those soft pillows in much the same fashion as I spilled tears throughout that whole viewing experience.

Also Jon was holding Dany"s hand a little too tightly and apparently he"s definitely in love with her now and is bending the knee and she was looking at him all lovey-dovey too and GODS I AM STILL VERY CONFLICTED ABOUT ALL OF THAT.

You see, I wanted to be Jon"s nurse, on call around the clock, dabbing tenderly at his brow. I already have the uniform. I bought it from an adult store. Let me take your temperature, Jon. The thermometer that came with the uniform is very soothing.

The ice dragon. ARRRRGGGGHHHH. There"s the obvious tragedy of Dany losing one of her precious children and the Night King gaining a terrifying super weapon, but the same icy javelin that took the creature"s life also skewered one of the most popular conspiracy theories about Game of Thrones - that three Targaryens would ride the three dragons. I"m glad, because I never wanted Tyrion to be the other secret Targaryen, along with Jon. No sirree. Now, with only two dragons, can we expect to see Jon one day ride Rhaegal? Can we say that dragon"s name again? RHAEGAL? Named after RHAEGAR, Jon"s true father?!?!?!

Also - Sansa? Arya? YOU GIRLS BEHAVE. I did not like EITHER of you this episode, and you know I have always been in both of your corners. I also will admit to not really understanding why the HELL kind that kind of dick-swinging was going on between two young women WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER not to ape the fricking patriarchy that they have so far so gloriously defied.

Seriously, it"s like the Taylor Swift/Katy Perry feud. Or the Taylor Swift/Nicky Minaj feud. Or the Taylor Swift/Kim Kardashian feud. I can"t get onboard. It has to end. These two should be singing duets, not throwing shade. They need to SHAKE IT OFF. Also T-Swizzle needs to release some new music pronto because my topical references are getting really dated.

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Wednesday, 31 May


Shearers Nightmare "Burning Sleepers" LP 1984 "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

This is another rip from the Victorian Bush Folkie. Thanks again.

The members of Shearers Nightmare were Marsh Robinson, Barbara Bowman, Rob Brock, Paul Keating and Mick McGinty. The band appears to have been based in Rockhampton, Queensland. They brought a lot of enthusiasm to this very eclectic album both vocally and instrumentally. There are only two Australian traditionals, namely, Goorianawa, and The Sandy Maranoa both done at a gallop and with some frantic spoon playing. Crossing the Razorback is about the trek to the gold rush to Mount Morgan. Yeppoon Song is a protest about the Japanese tourist resort at Yeppoon. Draglines protests about the mechanisation of coal mining causing unemployment for miners in Central Queensland. There are three obvious comedy tracks and two more having a love life angle. Agnes Waters Dreamin' is well done, easy listening, and also protesting about wrecking of scenic wilderness. Burning Sleepers is an unaccompanied  monologue. In the midst of this array, they have included a performance of the Celtic standard Arthur McBride. The album content is all a bit shambolic.

This was a Larrikin release in 1984. The LP was obviously in good condition and the tracks required only minimal editing - mostly for the removal of vinyl and equipment noise.

1.  Goorianawa
2. I like pies
3. Crossin' the Razorback
4. Arthur McBride
5. Agnes Waters Dreamin'
6. Yeppoon Song
7. Kate
8. South Wind Neon Lighs
9. Draglines
10. I don't think drinkin' beer agrees with me.
11. Wot makes ya bad makes ya better
12. Burning Sleepers
13. Sandy Maranoa

Download with graphics
The file you download will neec to be decompressed (unzipped)
File no longer available? Contact and I will re-up it.

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Tuesday, 23 December


Future Brisbane skyline revealed "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

A supplied image of Crown Resorts competing design for the Queen's Wharf development proposal.

A supplied image of Crown Resorts competing design for the Queens Wharf development proposal.

Rival proponents vying for the right to develop a casino on prime riverfront land in Brisbane have laid their cards on the table.

The Queensland governments decision to move public service offices to a new site at 1 William Street will free up the existing government precinct between George Street and the Riverside Expressway after 2016.

Enter two giants incumbent Brisbane casino owner Echo Entertainment and James Packers Crown Resorts who are battling it out for the once in a lifetime development opportunity.

The pairs rival consortiums on Monday revealed artist impressions of their proposals and both had exceeded the governments expectations, Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney said.

Both projects would include a casino, hotels, residential accommodation, a pedestrian bridge to South Bank and luxurious bars and restaurants.Crowns proposal boasts a rooftop the size of The Gabba, public gardens, infinity pools and a suspended waterfall from its pedestrian bridge.

The Echo plan would feature a signature addition to the Brisbane skyline an arc-shaped sky deck perched above a high-end hotel and ballroom.

Echo had the advantage of not needing an additional casino licence because it would relocate its existing Treasury Casino, chairman John ONeill said.

The old site would be turned into a department store.

Both proponents on Monday responded to union accusations linking Hong Kong businessman Stanley Ho who has been banned from a similar development in Sydney to the Echo consortium.

Lets be very clear we are not in business with Stanley Ho, Echos chief executive Matt Bekier said.

The company was providing 50 per cent of the capital, while a 25 per cent partner, Hong Kongs Chow Tai Fook, had a business relationship with Dr Ho.

The government will finalise the assessment process by mid-2015.

The post Future Brisbane skyline revealed appeared first on Echonetdaily.

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Monday, 22 December

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Friday, 14 November


Media Release: Sovereignty Society Sustainability "IndyWatch Feed Seq"



A New Agenda For The 21st Century

The BrisCAN-G20 Peoples Summit concludes on Friday evening at the beautiful Princess Theatre, with talks by the following experts:

*Winnie Byanyima, executive director, Oxfam International
*Les Malezer, co-chair, National Congress of Australias First People
*Sharan Burrow, general secretary, International Trade Union Confederation
*Michelle Maloney, convenor Australia Earth Laws Alliance

Performance by Benedict Coyne & Hannaka

Speaker Bios:

Winnie Byanyima is a grass-roots activist, human rights advocate, senior international public servant, and world recognized expert on womens rights, is Executive Director of Oxfam International.

Born in Uganda in 1959, Ms Byanyima earned engineering degrees in the United Kingdom and began her career as an engineer for Uganda Airlines. She was appointed to the diplomatic service in 1989, where she represented Uganda in France and at UNESCO in Paris. She returned to Uganda in 1994 and for the next ten years served as a member of parliament, created an all-woman parliamentary caucus, and was founding leader of the Forum for Women in Democracy, a national NGO championing womens equal participation in decision-making.

From 2004 until 2006, she served at the African Union Commission to improve the institutions governance and equality by establishing a program on gender and development. In 2006, she was appointed director of Gender and Development at the United Nations Development Program, working on development, climate change and economic policy. In that role, she co-founded a 60-member Global Gender and Climate Alliance of civil society, bilateral and multilateral organizations and chaired a UN-wide task force on gender aspects of the Millennium Development Goals, and climate change.

Lez Malezer is Co-Chair of National Congress of Australias First Peoples. He is a full-time delegate to the United Nations on Indigenous Issues. He held responsibility as Chairperson of the Global Indigenous Peoples Caucus when the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was adopted in 2007.Mr Malezer was a negotiator for the Indigenous Peoples in finalization for the Nagoya Protocol under the...


Media Release: Visioning Another World: The G20 Peoples Summit "IndyWatch Feed Seq"



For immediate release

Date: 14 Nov 2014




Visioning Another World: The G20 Peoples Summit is a three-day festival of symposiums, idea sharing, art, creative activities, education and action. It will take place in various locations in Brisbane from November 12-14,and before the G20 Leaders Summit.

This event brings together local and international thinkers to collaborate on broad themes: The Economy: Growth vs Sustainability, Environment, Climate & Earth Rights, Dispossession, Decolonisation, Politics, Democracies, Social Justice: Human, Labour, Gender Rights and De-militarisation & Peace.

Speakers at Summit events include:

  • Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation
  • Sam Castro (Friends of the Earth)
  • Winnie Byanyima (OXFAM)
  • Lez Malezer, National Congress of Australias First People
  • Pat Renald (AFTINET)
  • Senator Larissa Waters
  • Lex Wotton (Palm Island Community)

The Peoples Summit will provide a safe, inclusive, family-friendly space to discuss the issues that really matter to ordinary people.

The Peoples Summit will be followed by two days of creative action, education and solidarity while the G20 Leaders Summit will take place. This will include the Peoples Rally and March on November 15.

While demonstrations will be taking place throughout the G20 Summit week, we are calling the community to rally together on the first day of the Leaders Summit to what will be a colourful celebration of diversity and unity in action to assert global social and ecological justice!


For more information including venues and speakers visit:

Full program at:

The post...

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Thursday, 13 November


Here and Now #79 Last dance "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Here & Now 79 picS Sorrensen
Surfers Paradise. Saturday, 1pm

The meter maids stroll by, gold sequins glittering from caps which offer some sun protection, and from bikinis which offer bugger all.

One maid smiles with impossibly white teeth at passersby while the other texts on her phone, her long gold fingernails making hard work of it. The pair sashays down the mall, high heels clacking, flanks flexing.

The flashing duo, despite radiating like twin suns, are not especially remarkable here in this swirling galaxy of bright consumer goods.

Its an acid trip.

People barely exist here; only stuff does. Beneath, behind and beyond the layers of branded stuff, theres probably humanity, but even when I occasionally glimpse behind the make-up, jewellery and sunglasses, Im still not sure. The eyes are dull, blinded by the glitter. There is no vision.

With clothes, shopping bags and red cans of sugar all spelling out the brand names blinking from the surrounding shops; with telephones pinging, piped music playing, credit cards beeping and helicopters hovering the senses are swamped.

Its garish, thats for sure.

Subtlety is for losers. Subtlety may have been okay for nature (back in its day), but it does nothing for business. And business is what Surfers is about. Its what Queensland is about; what Australia and the whole damn world is about!

This is what we are told every second of every day, as if it were true. Consumption is the core of progress: from society to marketplace; citizen to customer; logic to logo.

Consumerism is bright and noisy. It has to be or you may hear something you dont like. (Like the sound of civilisation fracturing.)

No, I havent ingested acid. Im ingesting sushi from Euro Sushi. (You can get foie gras sushi. Thats progress.)

The meter maids nod to the old accordion lady, and giggle. Shes weird. She, playing Thats Amore, nods back, her bright red lipstick creasing into a smile under huge square sunglasses (very popular on the Gold Coast). Amid the colour and cacophony of conspicuous consumption, some humans survive, living on the scraps that fall from economic excess.

The accordion lady dances a sort of old persons polka around her open accordion case, even though she has the heavy instrument slung around her neck, and her age is probably twice the combined age of the meter maids.

She sings snippets of the song in a voice...

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Wednesday, 17 September


14 July 2014 Carly "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Carly @hyperskip

Carly works for a nun, loves going to gigs and loooves her dog, Ferdie!

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Sunday, 10 August


At Least Were Not The Gillard Government, Says Abbott As The Liberals Admit That He Lies "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Ok, if you hit this web address (at least I think its a web address, it could be a web site or possibly an envelope) then it takes you straight to the Liberal Party website. (Cut and paste it if you think Im playing with the link!)

So which smart lefty thought of doing that? Well, actually it was the Liberal Party themselves. Apparently someone thought they could beat Labor to the punch by registering the name, then redirecting traffic to well, one could say the actual lies.

Now if thats not a spectacular admission, I dont know what is!

Tony Abbotts lies are up in lights for everyone to see at, Mr Shorten said.

I guess this means Senator Brandis, Eric Abetz and Kevin Andrews dont qualify for the most spectacular stuff up of the week.

Kevin Andrews for those of you who missed it had to clear up a memorandum issued with his authority, which said that the following would not be considered gainful work when considering reduced waiting periods for unemployment benefits: domestic or gardening tasks at the applicants house of that of a family member, work for the purpose of achieving election of the person to public office and work that involves nudity or is in the sex industry.

Mr Andrews has since clarified that people doing live modelling for artists would be considered to be working even though they were sitting perfectly still.

Similarly, those working in the sex industry will be considered to be in gainfully work. Of course, one wonders why it would have been excluded in the first place. Was it that Kevin Andrews thought that sex was too much fun to be considered work? (Highly improbable). Or was it that he felt that people doing work of which he disapproves should be punished. (Possible, but then the list would have been much longer!)

Whatever the reason, people can rest easy. Those forced into sex work because of the Abbott Governments six month waiting period can breath a sigh of relief knowing that theyll be treated just like everyone else.

Yep, you cant say that this government isnt fair.

Particularly on social media if youre a public servant. Theyve forbidden it!

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Saturday, 26 July


Double Standards! Why Is Jaqui Lambie getting away with it? "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

m sure youve all heard about Jacqui Lambies disgraceful performance on the Kim and Dave show. No, Im not talking about her description of her perfect man as well-hung Im talking about this, when she was asked about her body hair:

Right now the state Im in, I can tell you what, youd want to bring out that whipper snipper first.

I mean, what sort of example is this for an elected representative to be setting? Surely, she shouldnt be using the fact that she hasnt been in a relationship for eleven years to justify her lack of waxing.

Sexist? Double-standard?

Yeah, I guess we dont criticise Tony for his lacking of waxing.

But the whole Jaqui Lambie controversy has been another one of those moments where I feel like some people are inhabiting another planet. Why? Well, lets look at how its played out:

Lambie goes on the Kim and Dave show and gets asked some personal (and dare I suggest, risqu and crude) questions.

She responds in a risqu and crude manner.

This is thought to be important enough to be widely reported.

Jacqui Lambie apologised to anyone who was offended.

Responses include Judith Ireland who told us that Jaqui shouldnt be let off the hook for her comments, and Neil Mitchell who asserted that if a male politician talked about a womans breasts thered be fury and various letters and comments along these lines:

If any male pollie mentioned a part of a womans body he would be walked over hot coals. This type of talk is not acceptable, she can try and paint it anyway she pleases. It is not normal I would be absolutely horrified if I heard my daughter speak in this manner, women want respect, well she just lost a whole lot. I feel so sorry for her teenage son!

And a number of articles compared it to the reaction when Tony Abbott described a Liberal candidate he was introducing as feisty and possessing sex appeal. The general suggestion being how come that Lambie , a woman, can get away with it, when Abbott was so severely dealt with.

All that sounds fine, except for the fact that it draws a completely different narrative from what actually happened. If we reduce the two incidents to the basic facts.

Abbott at a political meeting uses sexist language to introduce a candidate. He is criticised for it. He doesnt resign. He goes on to become PM. He doesnt apologise.

Lambie on a breakfast show uses sexist language after telling the radio audience that she hadnt been in a relationship for eleven years because shed been physically and psychologically damaged and the announcers decide not to explore that part of her answer, but instead find her a partne...

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Saturday, 31 May


26 May 2014 Heather "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Heather @cackle_hag and @hacklocked

Heather is an artist and jeweller. She makes polymer clay miniatures for jewellery and enjoys various art forms including watercolour paints that she showed us step-by-step!


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Wednesday, 14 May


How important is water to the quality of your life? "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

various 236 copyLocal residents and business owners are invited to join festival organisers and guest speaker, Healthy Waterways Chief Scientist, Dr James Udy at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre on Friday May 30 for the Hays Inlet Festival Opening Night to kick-off the week-long art, culture and environment festival. Dr James Udy will be speaking on the topic []

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Friday, 02 May


Winged wildlife canoe adventure tour up the Pine River for Hays Inlet Festival "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

canoe2MEDIA RELEASE Nature lovers and adventurers are invited to join winged-wildlife experts on a canoe tour along the Pine River to John Oxley Reserve as part of an art, culture and environment week-long festival. The Winged Wildlife Canoe Adventure Tour is hosted by Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland and is just one of the 30 []


Free horse nutrition workshop as part of Hays Inlet Festival "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

MB2 copyMEDIA RELEASE Local landholders are invited to attend free horse nutrition and property management plan workshops in Dayboro, Saturday 31 May, to learn about horse nutrition and pasture management as part of an art, culture and environment week-long festival. The workshops are hosted by SEQ Catchments, Pine Rivers Catchment Association and the SEQ Regional Landcare []


Gibbah Gunyah Aboriginal Dance Group invites families to learn cultural dance "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

IMG_3703MEDIA RELEASE Families are being invited to join the Gibbah Gunyah Aboriginal Dance Group for a lesson in their historic Aboriginal dances passed down from local Elders, Monday 2 June 4.30pm to 6pm, as part of an art, culture and environment week-long festival. The dance experience is supported by Parmanyungan Elders Alliance and is just []


Calling all budding nature photographers and videographers "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMEDIA RELEASE Do you have a knack for taking nature photos and videos? The Hays Inlet Festival Management Committee is inviting amateur photographers and videographers to enter their online competition as part of their art, culture and environment week-long festival. Peter Johnson, President of the Redcliffe Environment Forum, member of the festival management committee and []


Families invited to get up-close and personal with local plants and water bugs "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

DSC05439 copyMEDIA RELEASE Families are invited to get up close and personal with native plants and water bugs of the local area at the Redcliffe Botanic Gardens as part of an art, culture and environment week-long festival. Friends of the Redcliffe Botanic Garden will be hosting tours and Moreton Bay Regional Council will be hosting a []


Families to join waterways scientists on Hays Inlet Boat Cruise "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMEDIA RELEASE Families across the Brisbane City Council, Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast Regional Council areas are being invited to climb aboard the Ferryman and cruise around Hays Inlet with waterways scientists as part of an art, culture and environment week-long festival. Sonya Schmidtchen, Catchment Coordinator of Pine Rivers Catchment Association and a member of []

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Thursday, 01 May


Cooly getting ready to Rock On "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

cooly roxon1

Fans of rock n roll, rockabilly, classic cars, hot rods, and the nostalgia and fashions of the 50s and 60s will converge on the southern Gold Coast and Tweed from 30 May to 9 June for Cooly Rocks On.

For 11 action-packed days, the border towns of Coolangatta and Tweed Heads will be fuelled with party atmosphere. Pre-1970 cars, nightly cruises, music, dancing and family fun are all trademarks of this annual, much-loved festival.

An amped-up crowd of 100,000 people is expected to attend Cooly Rocks On 2014.

This year, more than 50 rock n roll and rockabilly bands, alongside a lineup of special guest international artists, will rock the crowd at outdoor concerts, beachside marquee events and performances at local clubs and venues throughout the border towns.

During the Grand Finale weekend June 7 and 8 the two main streets are closed to traffic for one massive street party. Six outdoor stages, music and dancing are the order of the day and when you can dance no more, fans can wander through retro markets. Almost every pub and club in the Cooly Rocks On precinct will be a venue for live music and dancing.

Joining the star-studded entertainment lineup for 2014 will be American rock n roll royalty, Slim Jim Phantom, the legendary drummer from the Stray Cats. Along with his former Stray Cats band members, Slim Jim spearheaded the neo-rockabilly movement of the early 80s.

His one-night-only show on Saturday June 7 is expected to be a spectacular highlight of Cooly Rocks On for die-hard rockabilly fans, many of whom travel from all over Australia and the world for the music and entertainment on offer at Cooly Rocks On.

Swedish rockabilly supergroup Jack Baymoore and The Bandits will also travel to Australia to perform at Cooly Rocks On. The bands traditional 50s rockabilly, rock n roll and hillbilly bop have launched them onto the stages of some of the greatest rock n roll events in the world, including Viva Las Vegas, Rockabilly Rave and Hemsby Rock n Roll Weekender in England.


The post Cooly getting ready to Rock On appeared first on Echonetdaily.

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Wednesday, 30 April


Pizza Volante "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Pizza-Volante-sandroSandro and Mel Falzolgher are the owners and creators of Pizza Volante Boutique Mobile Woodfired Pizzeria.

Mel grew up in Byron Bay, and met Sandro when he was visiting his extended family in Mullumbimby. Sandros uncle Zio Luciano came to the northern rivers in the 1950s to cut cane and settled in Mullumbimby, even owning the Empire Cafe where he made pizzas. Sandro and Mel have recently moved back to Byron Bay from Brisbane where, although they enjoyed building up their business, they missed a sense of community for themselves and their children, so they have moved back to be close to their families.

Sandro was born in Fermo on the east coast of Italy. Learning the art of pizza-making from the top pizza chefs in the business is a serious undertaking in Italy, and Sandro spent most of his 20s working in and running small pizzerias in his region of Le Marche. After a trip home he was missing Italy and true pizza so he built a wood-fired pizza oven in the yard of his Brisbane home.

How did the business get started?

Mel We had lots of backyard parties; friends would invite friends. Our invitations of 30 guests always ended up being up to 100. We realised that if we could cater for such fun parties in our yards so could everyone. Sandro spent three years designing and constructing our amazing pizza trailer. He imported a commercial Di Fiore pizza oven from his region in Italy; we have the largest traditional mobile pizza oven in Australia. We cater to functions from 40 to 250+ pizzas and at festivals we make and cook 1,000s.

Pizza-Volante-resizedimage610337-Sizzing-Pizza-150--1What are your greatest influences?

Mel Sandro is passionate about traditional Italian cuisine. He follows the true Italian way of fresh tasty ingredients on his thin crispy sourdough bases using real mozzarella and proper tomato sugo. Theres not a piece of pineapple to be seen anywhere near his pizza!

We describe ourselves as boutique because of the time and attention to detail that we dedicate to our ingredients and the handmade sourdough bases.

What area...

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Tuesday, 29 April


Hays Inlet wetland to be viewed across the world "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

3624711522_ca19020b00_o copyMEDIA RELEASE Budding nature photographers and videographers are encouraged to submit images and footage of Hays Inlet and Moreton Bay for an online competition as part of the Hays Inlet Festival, to be viewed and voted on by people from all over the world. Hayes Inlet Festival, a biennial week-long, art, culture and environment festival []

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Tuesday, 15 April

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Friday, 14 March


Suns unveil three debutants "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Gold Coast will debut three players in the round one clash against Richmond this Saturday night.

Youngsters Jack Martin, Sean Lemmens and Clay Cameron have been named in Guy McKennas line-up. The dynamic trio earnt senior selections after a string of impressive performances in the pre-season competition.

As expected, 19-year-old Martin will headline the Gold Coasts 22, after he completed a heavily-publicised football apprenticeship in the NEAFL feeder competition last season.

GC SUNS General Manager Football Operations, Marcus Ashcroft, told the club was excited to see Martin finally get his opportunity at senior level.

Jack has been with us for twelve months and his development has been just as consistent as a Jaeger OMeara or a David Swallow, so we think he thoroughly deserves his spot given his form over the pre-season, he said.

His time in the NEAFL side certainly helped him prepare for the 2014 season, and we think he is going to be a good player for us this year.

Defenders Lemmens and Cameron will also join Martin as first-gamers, with the former bolting his way into the team after a standout pre-season campaign.

Sean has competed all pre-season and has certainly slotted into the senior team, said Ashcroft.

He adds skill, pace and composure to our backline and deserves his chance based on the form he has shown over the pre-season.

Originally taken as a zone priority selection in the 2012 AFL Draft, lingering hip complaints conspired against Cameron in his maiden season.

But the former AIS-AFL graduate has been a shining light at centre half-back in Rory Thompsons absence, and will provide serviceable support to key defenders Steven May and Matthew Warnock against the Tigers forwards.

Clay had some injury worries last year but after off-season surgery has enjoyed a terrific pre-season.

His endurance and testing times were in the elite category, and we have been excited by the progress he has made.

Similar to Sean, based on his performances in the NAB Challenge he thoroughly deserves his spot down back.

Elevated rookie Andrew Boston has been rewarded with a place in the team. The sharpshooter earnt an upgrade to the senior squad after promising ruckman Zac Smith was placed on the long-term injury list on Wednesday afternoon.

Livewire Harley Bennell will be managed by the clubs medical staff in a bid to fully recover from calf soreness.

Timmy Sumner, Luke Russell and Alex Sexton have been named as emergencies.

ROUND 1 AFL Premiership Senior Team

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Thursday, 08 August


Sheppards Sibling rivalry is the way to go "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

It can either be paralysing or it can be a catalyst to greatness sibling rivalry can go one of two ways.

For indie pop Brisbane band Sheppard, it was a rivalry that sparked the formation of a group like no other.

Born from a strong family foundation, George, Amy and Emma Sheppard perform with a desire to artistically and creatively express their take on the world and to engage the youth that live within it.

The family holds a strong bond to Papua New Guinea, where the Sheppard siblings grew up. It was after relocating to Australia that they discovered their unique musical talent and ability to play a variety of musical instruments.

It wasnt long until the family discovered the many talents of Sydney musician/songwriter Jason Bovino. Jay was quickly recruited as a valuable member of the Sheppard team.

The group soon grew to a gang of six when they saw great potential in guitarist Michael Butler and drummer Dean Gordon.

Sheppards hit single, Let Me Down Easy, debuted in the Australian top 50, becoming one of the biggest independent hits on Australian radio this decade, with adds across the Nova and Austereo networks.

Sheppard have amassed a strong international following and are constantly developing their local presence, infiltrating the music scene with their alternative indie pop sound and youthful vulnerability.

To date they have written and produced more than 30 tracks, and continue to impress audiences with an ongoing supply of new material.

Sheppard. Six big kids in one creative family, bound by the love they have for music.

See the sibs this Friday at the Soundlounge, Currumbin.


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Monday, 15 April


Q-Clash goes Lions way "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

 Matthew Lodge

The Gold Coast Suns will be ruing the one that got away after falling to Queensland state rivals, the Brisbane Lions, by two points on Saturday night at Metricon Stadium.

The Lions have now won four successive Q-Clash encounters after the Suns won the first of the rivalry grudge matches in their opening year in 2011.

Ahead by five goals from skipper, Jonathon Brown, the Lions led for nearly the whole match as the Suns battled valiantly, but struggled to find the goal to give them a scoreboard advantage.

Despite sustaining a minor ankle injury, Charlie Dixon continued his good form leading all comers in hit outs against the much more fancied Matthew Luenberger.

Also continuing on from his impressive showing last weekend against the premiers Sydney Swans, young gun Jaeger OMeara performed admirably alongside his skipper Gary Ablett (27 disposals) and the Suns best player in Harley Bennell (27 disposals and three goals).

The Lions saw Abletts 27 touches as a win, paying tribute to tagger Andrew Raines, who grabbed 21 possessions himself, forcing Ablett to defend him.

Another positive was the performance of former Brisbane player, Jarred Brennan, who notched up 30 possessions, 11 of them resulting in centre clearances in arguably his best game for the Suns since relocating from 70km up the Pacific Highway.

Suns coach Guy McKenna remained upbeat about his sides performance despite the close result. He highlighted the Suns ability to peg back leads of 24 points in the third quarter and 15 points late in the fourth quarter, despite having less possession than the Lions. They probably had more of the footy so probably the result we had (was fair), he said in the post-match press conference. We had our opportunities of course, but we probably gave them too many opportunities and they took theirs.

Daniel Rich, whod had quiet outings in the Lions opening two rounds, led the way with 27 touches for the Lions as well as 12 score involvements that proved crucial to the Lions result.

Both sides now sit at one win and two losses after the third round of the 2013 season, with the Suns hosting Port Adelaide at Metricon Stadium next Saturday afternoon in another good challenge for the young Gold Coast side.

The final score was Brisbane Lions 13.16. (94) defeating Gold Coast Suns 13. 14. (92).





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