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Monday, 18 September


Upcoming exhibition showcases wonders of Minjerribah "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

Bringing to life the natural and cultural history of North Stradbroke Island, Mirroring Minjerribah is a one-night-only exhibition that features the works of over sixteen emerging Brisbane artists. The exhibition features works by students from Griffith Universitys Queensland College of Art and Queensland Conservatorium of Music, which respond to an immersive week-long experience on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). []

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Nai Palm, a two-time Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and musician from Australia, is the type of artist that arrives once in a generation.

She is a composer, instrumentalist, producer, vocalist and poet who approaches all of these self-taught disciplines with an intuitive, infectious grace which sent her on a journey to sculpt songs that have been received and treasured across the world. It is a world she has travelled many times over with her live band project Hiatus Kaiyote, who along with Nai Palm have become household names since they first began playing together in Melbourne in 2011.

Championed the world over by musical icons including ?uestlove, Erykah Badu, Anderson Paak and the late Prince, 2017 has seen Hiatus Kaiyotes album sampled on two of Hip-hops biggest releases, opening Drakes project More Life, and closing Kendrick Lamars album Damn.

This success has set the stage for Nai Palms first solo release Needle Paw.

Needle Paw is Nai Palms self-imposed challenge to explore the potential for immortality and timelessness within her music by stripping away the produced layers to focus on the element that is closest to the source of the human soul, the voice.

Compromised almost entirely of her guitar playing and vocal arrangements Needle Paw is the most honest glimpse into Nai Palms musical world. It is dreamlike, honest, beautifully transparent and reveals her musical ruminations to listeners with a courageous vulnerability and artistic generosity.

I want to remind people that there are humans behind the music. Not just compression and reverb. The urgency for accuracy is not human. The exposed process is human, without the cheat codes.


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Monday Maker - Macandroma BrisStyle

Say hello to Fiona, the creative brain behind the label Macandroma.

Do you come from a creative family Fiona?

As a child my mother had a workroom. It was a room full of craft, sewing, knitting, spinning, crocheting, doll making and crammed with things! I would watch and assist her in creating whatever project she was working on at the time. Regularly, she would be sewing and I was allowed to help with the sewing machine, then create something out of the scraps.

I made little sleeping bags for my dolls, blankets, pillows for my teddies, occasionally clothes for my dolls, but they weren't the best! Mum still has a workroom today in a different house, and it is still brimming full of things and she still sews.

My Dad has always been creative too. He is lucky in the sense that when he sees something, he can normally create it. More in the line of construction or electrical engineering. Dad is also a great trouble shooter when it comes to creating things. He created my keyring racks from his own design.

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Saturday, 16 September


More Poems about Dinosaurs and Cats, Sunday 24th September "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The Kurilpa Poets proudly present; More Poems about Dinosaurs and Cats Sunday, 24th September, 2pm 91 Cordelia Street, Sth Brisbane neath the trees of Musgrave Park. Spring is in the air and the Water Rats have awakened from their Winter Continue reading

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Wednesday, 31 May


Shearers Nightmare "Burning Sleepers" LP 1984 "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

This is another rip from the Victorian Bush Folkie. Thanks again.

The members of Shearers Nightmare were Marsh Robinson, Barbara Bowman, Rob Brock, Paul Keating and Mick McGinty. The band appears to have been based in Rockhampton, Queensland. They brought a lot of enthusiasm to this very eclectic album both vocally and instrumentally. There are only two Australian traditionals, namely, Goorianawa, and The Sandy Maranoa both done at a gallop and with some frantic spoon playing. Crossing the Razorback is about the trek to the gold rush to Mount Morgan. Yeppoon Song is a protest about the Japanese tourist resort at Yeppoon. Draglines protests about the mechanisation of coal mining causing unemployment for miners in Central Queensland. There are three obvious comedy tracks and two more having a love life angle. Agnes Waters Dreamin' is well done, easy listening, and also protesting about wrecking of scenic wilderness. Burning Sleepers is an unaccompanied  monologue. In the midst of this array, they have included a performance of the Celtic standard Arthur McBride. The album content is all a bit shambolic.

This was a Larrikin release in 1984. The LP was obviously in good condition and the tracks required only minimal editing - mostly for the removal of vinyl and equipment noise.

1.  Goorianawa
2. I like pies
3. Crossin' the Razorback
4. Arthur McBride
5. Agnes Waters Dreamin'
6. Yeppoon Song
7. Kate
8. South Wind Neon Lighs
9. Draglines
10. I don't think drinkin' beer agrees with me.
11. Wot makes ya bad makes ya better
12. Burning Sleepers
13. Sandy Maranoa

Download with graphics
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File no longer available? Contact and I will re-up it.

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Monday, 08 May


Winter Solstice Festival Sustainable Living Workshop Programme "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

At the Farm, our vision is for all to Live Sustainably. As we are a farm, many people think this only entails the gardening and land care aspects of sustainability. However, Permaculture considers the broader aspects of living on this earth and with each other. When designing this years education program for adults at our Winter []

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Thursday, 27 April


Winter Solstice Festival Program Unveiled "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Were excited to reveal the wonderful program we have in store for you at this years Winter Solstice Festival on 17 June from 11.30 am to 9.30 pm. Our Sustainable Living education program has a smorgasbord of presenters with talks and workshops happening in three tents right through the afternoon. Our three tents will cover []

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Saturday, 24 December


The Larrikins "Navvy on the Line" LP 1977 "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

John B of NSW has very kindly provided us with his rip of this album. Many thanks John - I had been wondering when I would be able to access this one.

This was one of the early Larrikin releases - LRP 9 in 1977. It was later re-released by the ABC on vinyl and it is one of the re-released LP that John has ripped.

The performers on this album were Warren Fahey, Liora "Lalita" Claff, Tony Suttor, Ned Alexander, Paddy McLaughlan and Jack Fallis with alternating vocal performers as specified on the rear of the LP slip (graphics included in the download).

It's an enjoyable album featuring music, as sub-titled, "from the Australian Railway Tradition".

01 The Brocklebank Engineers
02 I Came Over From Ireland
03 The Night Express
04 Cant-hook and Wedges
05 On The Queensland Railway Lines
06 The Sunshine Disaster
07 The Ten Penny Bit  - Frost is All Over
08 Billy Sheehan
09 Only One More Drink
10 The Dying Fettler
11 The Shooting of The Crow
12 The Trumpet - Ned's Favourite
13 The Sandy Hollow Line
14 Navvy on the Line
15 The Woy Woy Workers' Train.

Click here to begin downloading from Zippyshare.
Click here to download from MediaFire
It is a compressed file which will need to be decompressed after downloading. Tracks are MP3 192 CBR. File size is 52Mb.
If download becomes unavailable please let me know and I will re-up the file -


Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger live at The Regent Theatre, Sydney 1979. "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger 1977 publicity kit photo
Yes, this one does not fit into the remit of this blog. In fact, there are only two connections to Australia. Firstly, this was a live performance at The Regent Theatre in January 1979 when they performed as part of the Sydney Festival of Folk Life. Secondly, they sang a song about Joh Bjelke-Petersen. However, I suspect many visitors to the blog will welcome the inclusion of this album.

That concert of about three hours was professionally recorded by the ABC and later broadcast in parts on ABC-FM. John B recorded the broadcast parts on a reel-to-reel recorder. He collated the parts to recreate the full concert and has subsequently separated and digitally converted each of the tracks. He has also conveniently numbered the tracks in order as two sets so as to enable the production of two CDs to feature the concert continually as in the original broadcast. (Note that if you wish to do that, ensure that there is no gap between tracks when recording - the default is usually 2 seconds)

There are a few minor glitches but, overall, the quality is very good despite an MP3 rate of 128 CBR which correlates to the original FM broadcast quality anyway. Great job John B.

101 Introduction
102 Cowboy Song
103 Battle of Harlaw
104 Going to The West
105 Henry Lee
106 Talking Bones
107 Penny Wager
108 Talking Matrimony Blues
109 Scolding Wife
110 Wha' Is It That Findlay?
111 Queensland Joh song
112 Crossbones Scully
113 Blast Against Blackguards

201 Cindy
202 Allende's Song
203 Dirty Old Town
204 Browned Off
205 Flying Cloud
206 No Sir No
207 Emily's Story
208 Freeborn Man
209 Ale-Wife
210 Ballad of Accounting
211 Shoals of Herring
212 I'm A Rover

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Thursday, 15 September


Never Say Never Tour feat. PEZ & Mallrat "GroovUs Feed Aartists"



Never Say Never Tour Featuring PEZ & Mallrat

Oct 29th @ UC Refectory Canberra ACT # - GET TIX

Nov 4th @ HQ Complex Adelaide SA (LIC/ALL AGES) - GET TIX

Nov 5th @ Originals Music Festival Coolum QLD #* - GET TIX

Nov 17th @ Republic Bar Hobart TAS - GET TIX

Nov 18th @ The Croxton Melbourne VIC - GET TIX - SOLD OUT!

Nov 19th @ The Croxton Melbourne VIC - GET TIX

Nov 25th @ Miami Tavern Gold Coast QLD - GET TIX

Nov 26th @ The Tivoli Brisbane QLD - GET TIX

Dec 2nd @ Wollongong Uni Bar Wollongong NSW - GET TIX

Dec 3rd @ Long Jetty Hotel Central Coast NSW - GET TIX

Dec 8th @ The Jack Cairns QLD #* - GET TIX

Dec 9th @ Dalrymple Hotel Townsville QLD #* - GET TIX

Dec10th @ Magnums Airlie Beach QLD #* -...

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Saturday, 11 June


A diverse, positive country is a strong country "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

If you ever need a clear, succinct outline of just how crucial migration and multiculturalism has been to Australias success and just how damaging it has been when the country has succumbed to divisive leadership that sought to cause division by attacking this read George Megalogenis book Australias Second Chance.

The potential for the final few weeks of the campaign to be filled with slurs against migrants and refugees is strong, so there are a series of events being held across Brisbane to help give people the facts they need to fight back against racism and xenophobia and to show what a better society can look like.

With nominations for the Senate in Queensland now closed, we see a host of parties and candidates running with a strong focus on attacking and vilifying sections of our community whether it be against refugees, migrants, Muslims, multiculturalism, gays and lesbians or First Nations people. At least six parties fall into this category, including Pauline Hanson, who has a real chance of winning. The Greens also have a good chance of winning that final Senate seat, which would be a seat currently held by the conservative side.

I strongly believe that multiculturalism makes us stronger, safer, happier and more prosperous. In this election weve seen slurs against migrants and refugees fly freely including most tragically by the Immigration Minister, who even more tragically was then backed up by our nations Prime Minister!

This year, Brisbane has been at the forefront of the change seen in the national debate about refugees, with the Sanctuary movement gaining momentum in many local churches, and the amazing response to Baby Ashas plight in the Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital. This is the community that I am proud to promote and be a part of.

The events being planned will be sort of like speed-dating with a social conscience. People will get to share in a series of fifteen minute conversations with speakers from migrant and refugee backgrounds, then advocates and academics, then activists. Youll get all the personal stories, facts and figures you need and some concrete ways to stand up for our strong, healthy, diverse society in the last weeks of this election campaign and beyond.

Come to one these four events in the coming weeks, and tell your friends and family about them.

Event 1

Dr Kristen Lyons will be co-hosting
Monday 13th June 2-4pm
Annerley Bowls Club
104 Frederick St, Annerley

Performances by the Tichawona and Velvet duo

Sunday, 25 January


Citizen journo issues Take Down notice to LNP and Courier Mail over stolen video used to slander opposition "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

On Saturday January 24, while hundreds of people were protesting the Newman state government in the streets of Brisbane, the Liberal National Party of Queensland were engineering a bikie-related scandal using stolen video.  The LNP mud-slinging attempt purports to expose criminal motorcycle gangs as supporters of the Electrical Trades Union, and that the ETU are giving the proceeds of crime to the Queensland Labor Party.  This desperate and cynical attempt to distract from the state and federal Liberal National governments performance is likely to alienate further an already disgruntled electorate just six days away from the election.
At 1:37 on Sunday January 25th the Courier Mail, outspoken boosters of the LNP government published an article with You Tube video using the same stolen video.
The LNP You Tube video is now the subject of a take-down order by the original videomaker, Nathan Laurent, as the content was stolen without his knowledge or permission.
Laurent, an academic and independent journalist, said: I would never give my permission to the LNP to use my content for their purposes. In fact, I wouldnt let Campbell Newman or the Courier Mail use it for love or money.
The Brisbane Community Action Network supports independent and honest grass roots journalism.  BrisCAN condemns the theft of independent journalism.
*We recognise that the land we live upon  belongs to the aboriginal people and sovereignty has never been ceded
Watch the original speech, unedited here:
Media Release
Jan 25, 2015
Sent as: Film-maker issues Take Down notice to LNP and Courier Mail over stolen video used to slander opposition

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