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Thursday, 25 January



Stallholder Profile for Eclectic Creative Designs

Your name: Ashleigh Adamson
Your business name and Facebook/website name and link: Eclectic Creative Designs
The suburb/town you live in now: East Mackay


Friend, not foe: Review highlights benefits of predators and scavengers "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Predators help humans far more than theyre given credit for, despite the antagonistic nature of the relationship, according to a review of studies. While predators and scavengers are a large source of conflict, such as big cats in Africa and Asia or dingoes in Australia, there are many examples where they may provide benefits to humans, Christopher OBryan, an ecologist at the University of Queensland in Australia, said in a statement. Our paper identifies studies that have shown these benefits across a broad spectrum. If reintroduced in parts of the U.S., mountain lions could help keep the deer population in check, which would likely lower the number of deer-car collisions, one study found. Photo by Julia Larsen Maher/WCS. Predators are typically better known for harassing pets and livestock, or being a source of disease, than they are for the valuable and often less visible services they provide. But predator numbers are down around the world: Leopards are found in less than a quarter of their historical range, for example, and most vulture species numbers are sliding too. Those types of trends have scientists worried that we might not understand predators importance before its too late. So OBryan and his colleagues combed the scientific literature, searching for information about how these animals impact our lives. Their review uncovered many examples of documented benefits from predators, from mountain lions reducing deer-vehicle collisions and bats saving corn farmers billions per year by reducing crop pests, to vultures savings millions in livestock

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Wednesday, 24 January


Steel Horses rides rise in small clubs Motorbike Writer

Steel Horses Cruising Motorcycles Social Club is typical of how small, niche clubs are becoming more popular while larger motorcycle clubs are struggling to retain members.

With its emphasis on small membership, riding every Sunday, plenty of social meetings and fun, the Brisbane-based club is the antithesis of big, impersonal and political clubs.

Most of our members have come from other clubs that are just too big, says president Steiny.

A big club is not necessarily a good thing. They can be too cliquey. Youre better off with a good core of members. Steel Horses Cruising Motorcycles Social Club

Steel Horses was started in Brisbane in 2009 by members of other motorcycle clubs. They wrote some rules and immediately incorporated the club for insurance reasons, so members knew they rode at their own risk.

It now has about 26 members and while they are always interested in new members, they see the club stabilising around an ideal 30 members.

Steiny says they did get a little too political at one stage, so they moved back to our roots of riding and social activities.

He says the club is an ideal size because everyone knows everyone else in the club and cliques dont develop like they do in bigger clubs.

Ride ride rideSteel Horses Cruising Motorcycles Social Club

Steel Horses has an emphasis on riding with a long ride (300-500km) every Sunday even if it falls on Christmas Day, plus unofficial breakfast ri...


MACKAY Mum took pokies win that wasnt hers "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY January 24, 2018 at 06:48AM ,

Mum took pokies win that wasnt hers

January 24, 2018 at 06:48AM ,

A MOTHER of five who was handed $1009 when a pokies attendant mistook her for another customer has been ordered by Mackay Magistrates Court to repay the sum. Rebecca Lee Warren, 40, of Mackay, pleaded guilty to a charge of dishonestly gaining funds and other charges yesterday. The court

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MACKAY Man who stole $40 worth of food spends night locked up "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY January 24, 2018 at 06:48AM ,

Man who stole $40 worth of food spends night locked up

January 24, 2018 at 06:48AM ,

Matthew Luke Mason, 29, pleaded guilty to two charges of stealing in the Mackay Magistrates Court yesterday. Mason stole a sandwich and approximately 10 chocolate bars, worth a total of $37, from the United Petroleum service station about 12.15am on October 16, the court heard. About a month later

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Adani trains stopped in their tracks again "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Tayla Jay Haggarty suspended above the Aurizon rail line. Photo supplied

Front Line Action on coal has again halted coal trains running to Adani-owned Abbot Point Coal Port.

Tayla Jay Haggarty is currently suspended above train lines running to the port, with her suspension system attached to the rails.

The Brisbane student hoisted herself into position high above Aurizons coal railway in the early hours of the morning, and alerted authorities that she had blocked the train line.

I think its really sad but also interesting that for me, as a person, to peacefully occupy this tree is a crime, but the actions of corporations such as Adani who are profiting off the destruction of this beautiful country are not only accepted but encouraged by this government. said Ms Haggarty.

See also: Dispatches from the Adani frontline

Frontline Action on Coal has been active in Bowen and the Galilee region for almost six months now and has stopped work on the construction of a new rail line and operations at the Abbot Point coal terminal numerous times.

The group has already caused significant financial burden to the Adani and Aurizon companies through work delays, demonstrating a high level of risk to potential investors.

We expect that the Queensland government will adhere to their promise to not approve any public funds for Adanis disastrous coal mine, and veto any NAIF loan to Aurizon for a new rail line Ms Haggarty said. We will continue to use peaceful measures to disrupt any company that threatens the Galilee with dangerous fossil fuel projects.


The post Adani trains stopped in their tracks again appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Ellaspede Backroads blast a winner! Motorbike Writer

Brisbane motorcycle custom shop Ellaspede is running a new event called Backroads or Bust where you could be a winner simply for showing up on time!

The ride is on March 3 from Brisbane to Byron Bay along the backroads over the border, but with a twist!

Its not the fastest to get to the destination who is the winner, but the rider who arrives at a precise elapsed time, says spokesman Hughan Seary.Ellaspede Backroads or Bust

Weve done a few checkpoint and standard time road rides before, but this is the first one with a cash prize for the rider who arrives closest to our standard time, he says.

The purpose of the event is just to have a big old road ride as we havent done one for a while.

Plus well be finishing up at The Department of Simple Things in Byron Bay, which is a rad mens shop that will be featuring some of the Ellaspede soft goods during the month of March.

Its typical of Ellaspede to organise unusual events such as their annual Dust Hustle.

Backroads or Bust fee

Riders pay $30 to enter which includes a coffee at Ellaspede in Brisbanes West End, coffee at the halfway stop at Iron & Resin Garage on the Gold Coast and a barbecue lunch at the finish point.Ellaspede Backroads or Bust

And $10 from each entry goes into a prize pool for the rider who arrives closest to the allotted time.

Riders will be sent off in waves and timed. The closest to the standard time previously recorded by Ellaspede riders obeying the route and legal speed limits.

Were currently sitting at just under 60 already registered and Id like to get at least 100 so that we can give away $1000 cash, Hughan says....


Has Qld dropped the ball on the GST Carve-Up Review? Guest post from Nick Behrens Queensland Economy Watch

I am delighted to publish this guest post from my colleague Nick Behrens from QEAS on the GST redistribution inquiry currently being undertaken by the Productivity Commission. Views expressed are Nicks, and are not necessarily shared by me. That said, I find it regrettable the PCs draft inquiry report advances options that forgive WA for its poor public financial management during the term of the Barnett Government, to the detriment of all other states and territories. Queensland certainly needs to exert influence on the PC inquiry before it finalises its report later this year, as Nick argues below. GT

Has Queensland dropped the ball on the GST Carve-Up Review?

by Nick Behrens, Director, QEAS 

Many readers will no doubt be aware that the Productivity Commission is currently undertaking an inquiry into Australias system of horizontal fiscal equalisation (HFE), which underpins the distribution of GST revenue, and has been an issue of hot contention among States and Territories for decades. The Inquiry is considering the influence the current system of HFE has on productivity, efficiency and economic growth and whether there may be preferable alternatives.

I have previously asked is this Inquiry a threat or an opportunity for Queensland given that in 2017-18 as a State we will receive close to $15 billion in GST or 24 per cent of all money available despite having only 20 per cent of Australias population.  My view is it is undoubtedly a threat.

The proposal with the most profound implications for Queensland is that HFE should no longer aim to raise the fiscal capacity of each state to same as the highest state (currently WA), but instead to the average or to the second highest State (currently NSW). If actioned, Queensland will continue to be a net beneficiary of GST distribution. However, the extent of our benefit would be reduced by $729 million each year if HFE is to the second highest state or by $1.6 billion if it is to the average. These numbers would change from year-to-year, as the extent of HFE in Queenslands favour varies from year-to-year, and has at times resulted in a re-distribution away from Queensland (when we were penalised for high royalty revenue). However Queensland has generally been a beneficiary of HFE, and the PCs proposals are expected to be adverse for the State over the long-term.

My fear is that Queensland is being outgunned in the war among States in advancing their interests. It appears we may be more reliant on political rhetoric to progress our case as opposed to the substance of good representation underpinned and advanced through evidence and statistical research. While there are some very good and well reasoned arguments advanced in the Queensland Governments submissions, I think we can do considerably better. Ou...


South Pacific Cruise Part 2: Lifou Island & Port Vila sunshinecoastbirds

Metallic Pigeon
We had two landings during our recent South Pacific Cruise Lifou in the Loyalty Islands and Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu.

Easo, Lifou Island

Pacific Dawn, Lifou Island 
On Lifou, part of New Caledonia, we were ferried to shore in the village of Easo in tender boats from the ship, Pacific Dawn. Here I waved down a driver who took me 6km north to the village of Mukaweng, where I walked further north birding along the road to Joking for about 2km. I had gleaned from trip reports and Google Earth that this might be a good area for the two endemic white-eyes.



Dispatches from the Adani frontline "GroovUs Feed Anews"

Lisa, Danny and Ella made the pilgrimage from Mullumbimby. Photo Mia Armitage

Mia Armitage

Forget clicktivism, where concerned citizens take a stance through social media: anti-Adani protesters from all over Australia, millennial through to baby-boomer and beyond, are taking direct action.

Twelve environmental activists have returned to the northern rivers from Bowen, in north-central QLD, where they participated in a protest camp partly aimed at stopping the proposed Adani mega-mine.

The pilgrimage began in Coffs Harbour for some, before protesters from the Byron and Tweed shires climbed on board a repurposed yellow school bus last week destined for Camp Nudja, about eighty kilometres southwest of Adanis coal export port at Abbot Point.

Protesters included a naturopath in her forties from Bangalow, a filmmaker and a worker, both in their twenties and from Mullumbimby, and a former schoolteacher and former builder in their sixties living in Pottsville.

Activists charged

Liisa Rusanen described herself as a mother of two from Coffs Harbour who had never locked on in protest before.

But last week she joined other anti-coal protesters to discreetly plan a very public anti-Adani protest: a temporary shutdown of the companys coal-export operations at Abbot Point.

We knew how to stop the conveying belts before we got there, said Ms Rusanen.

We were locked on for about six or seven hours in the end.

The first thing police did when they arrived was take our food and water, and they told us we were welcome to have food and water if we released ourselves, but they werent going to give it to us as long as we were locked on.

QLD police arrested Ms Rusanen and four other protesters locked to the conveyor belt on Thursday.



January 24 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1777 - Capt. James Cook anchored the Resolution in Adventure Bay on his third southern expedition.

1788 - Playing tiggy is not the best thing for explorers hell bent on taking over the world as Jean La Perouse found when he popped into Botany Bay only to find Governor Phillip had pipped him at the post by 6 days.

1807 - John Kenny was Hanged and gibbetted at the scene of the crime in Parramatta for the murder of Mary Smith.

1807 - The first ship built in the colony by merchant Robert Campbell, the Perseverance, was launched at his shipyard on Sydney Cove. It sailed for China via Norfolk Island on 9th February.

1817 - Tinny bugger John Oxley got the lucky door prize of the first land grants in the Illawarra District. If he'd hung around he'd have seen Wollongong park itself on his bush block.

1822 - Macquarie visited the Native Village on the Richmond Road at Black Town on a tour of inspection with his successor governor, Sir Thomas Brisbane.

1828 - Governor Darling decided to pull the plug on the Sullivan Bay settlement at Westernport Bay so he sent the schooner - that's a ship not an Aussie beer glass size - to collect everyone.

1856 - Finally, something for those with small man syndrome to occupy themselves...the South Australian Jockey Club was formed.

1862 - Kewacan (Larry)  was Hanged at Perth Gaol for the murder of Charles Storey at Jacup.
1862 - Long Jimmy was Hanged at Perth Gaol for the murder of Charles Storey at Jacup .

1865 - The Confederate ship CSS Shenandoah steamed into Port Phillip Bay.

1865 - The SS Star of Australia left Sydney for Rockhampton and is never heard of again. 17 lives were lost.

1867 - The Illustrated Melbourne Post published a wood engraving by Samuel Calvert, titled "The aboriginal cricket match on the M.C.C. ground" with the following descrption,
A rare sight in 19th-century Melbourne - an Aboriginal cricket match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

1871 - The Plantagenet Road Board (WA) was gazetted on this day.

1883 - The bloke in charge of the native police in Cloncurry, Qld, Marcus de la Poer Beresford (try saying that mouthful with your back teeth floating in beer and no teeth in at all) and 4 police were ambushed and killed by Aborigines which caused more than a year of battles.

1895 - The first electric light illuminated Ballarat streets.

1903 - Kalgoorlie finally got a drop to wash their smalls (and bloodstains) when the 352 mile water pipeline opened.

1908 The Eastern Suburbs Rugby League Football Club, now known as the Sydney Roosters, are formed at Paddington Town Hall.

1916 - John Jackson was Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Constable D...


Thoughts for The Week By Ron Owen. Firearms, The Law, & Equality "IndyWatch Feed National"

We all should question why over 2 million licensed shooters in Australia, people who are the pillars of our community, who have had the most stringent background checks, paid thousands of dollars for licences, safety courses, and security are the most bullied members of our community. ( page 132 puts us at 2.02 million licences with 6.03 million registered firearms)
If anyone is in doubt of this just check out the above website we are all listed and counted on the Australian Criminal Commissions Data Base, you can expect police inspections, you can be told that you have to attend more club shoots, you can be told to dispose of your property and when you want to purchase a firearm in Queensland and your waiting for a licence you can expect a response like this applications have dramatically increased and we are looking at 13+ weeks before anything is really done, call back in three months.
Not as prevalent, but same arrogant modus operandi Permits to Acquire are continually delayed for many weeks after the time st...

Tuesday, 23 January


MACKAY Credit card knife at airport sets man back $300 "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY January 23, 2018 at 04:56AM ,

Credit card knife at airport sets man back $300

January 23, 2018 at 04:56AM ,

AN ANDERGROVE man has been spared a conviction after he was caught with a credit card knife at Mackay Airport on Boxing Day. Mark Neill Holman, 54, pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawful possession of a Category A, B or M weapon when he faced Mackay Magistrates Court yesterday.

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MACKAY Local News Headlines Mackay and The Whitsundays, 23rd of January, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY January 23, 2018 at 06:26AM ,

Local News Headlines Mackay and The Whitsundays, 23rd of January, 2018

January 23, 2018 at 06:26AM ,

Shes been bailed and will appear in the Mackay magistrates court in February. Frank and George Vella will not be forgotten in Sarina. The two brothers laid to rest after being found in a molasses tank they were cleaning only a week ago.Locals attending their funeral yesterday to say goodbye to them.

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January 23 On This Day in Australian History "GroovUs Feed Anews"

1788 - Gov Phillip and his men were warned away from the southern end of Botany Bay by Aboriginal People with spears shouting, Wirra, Wirra! . Later that arvo one of Phillip's men was ordered to drop his dacks to answer questions the Indigenous People had about the sex of these white people.

1790 - Fletcher Christian, that dashing daring dude made a BBQ of The Bounty to stop any mutineers from changing their minds....yep, that'll do it Fletcher!

1796 - Blasphemy!!! A general order was issued in the colony that prohibited all distilling of spirits.

1803 - Charles Grimes (Chas to his mates) led a party of sight-seeing tourists from the ship Cumberland, who were exploring the far reaches of Port Phillip Bay, when they decided to climb Arthur's Seat.
Because it was there and they could.

1806 -  George Caley and Daniel Moowattin returned to Sydney from Van Diemens Land.

1825 - Martin Benson was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of his master John Brackfield at South Creek near Windsor.
1825 - Eliza Campbell was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of her master John Brackfield at South Creek, near Windsor.
1825 - James Coogan was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of his master John Brackfield at South Creek, near Windsor.
1825 - Anthony Rodney was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of his master John Brackfield at South Creek, near Windsor.
1825 - John Sprole was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of his master John Brackfield at South Creek, near Windsor.

1833 - And they say those colonials had no sense of fun in the old days....Bathurst was gazetted as a town.

1834 - Patrick Gallagher was Hanged at Sydney for the rape of Ellen Walsh.

1837 - Brisbane Water settler Willoughby Bean was arrested, put in irons and sent to Sydney on the Betsy. Later tried and acquitted of cattle stealing

1839 - Rev. Dr. Lang returned to England and notorious swindler Henry Turner Harrington attempted to escape his creditors on vessel Roslyn Castle.

1855 - The effects of a tsunami, that originated in The Shaky Isles aka Aotearoa aka NZ, was felt in Tassie with a very sudden rise and fall of the Derwent river noted as far as New Town Bay.

1879 - The NSW Government was the first to introduce laws restricting Chinese immigration.

1884 - Henry Benjamin Haynes was Hanged at Perth Gaol for the murder of his wife Mary Ann Haynes.

1908 - Balmain Rugby League Club was launched into the world today.

1922 - The Rozelle - Darling Harbour Goods Line (NSW) was opened from Balmain Road Junction - Darling Island.

1938 - William Cooper urged Christian or...

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