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Wednesday, 21 February


Sky News on Dave McAlpine and the AWU Scandal "IndyWatch Feed National"

.@JaneMarwick: Tomorrow's story on a fraud scandal within the AWU is a story that has been thoroughly researched and it is a compelling read.#headsup Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) February 21, 2018


It Has NEVER Been About Satanism or Devil Worship But Rather the Abuse and Rape of Children "IndyWatch Feed National"

Let me be clear- the issue is about abusing children and has little to do with devil worship although it is that aspect that is used to dismiss this evil practice with children.

Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves aka John Kilrush aka whatever has spent his entire career discrediting victims of severe childhood abuse while forming the Satanic Temple. Of course all the while he claims he doesnt believe in the devil anymore than he does horrific child abuse.

But it IS about children for him- which is why he got a non for profit in 10 days for his Satanic after school daycare program. But if you say anything- his argument is the same as Michael Aquino- you are just biased about him because of his religious beliefs.

The abuse of children in the 80s was covered up by two phrases- Satanic panic and false memories but it was REALLY all about the fact that children were being raped and abused in their preschools and daycares. However- these two phrases made anyone who had problems with their children being abused into crazy liars in the eyes of society- showing once again that we are much more apt to believe the perpetrators than victims.

They claim it was a witch hunt- again using the devil as a way to prove their innocence. Which is why Mesner hides behind his Satanic Temple and Aquino hides behind his Satanic Temple of Set- because with our freedom of religion- anyone can believe anything they want. And if anyone has an issue with it- you can easily dismiss them as being discriminatory..

But it isnt the beliefs that are the problem but rather the practices. And both Aquino, Mesner, AND their followers spend an inordinant about of time trying to normalize and white wash the concepts of serving yourself and doing whatever evil thing they desire. But despite their blustering- have no doubt- hurting children- or anyone really- is evil.

The issue we are facing is the same now as it always was- it isnt about witches or devil lovers or any such nonsense- it is about child rapists whos appetites for causing pain and anguish have extinguished any humanity they had within themselves. And obviously they believe this abuse of children or they wouldnt have spent their entire careers desperately trying to discredit it.

They dont serve the devil- they serve themselves- and feel that they are entitled in doing anything they desire- no matter what harm it may bring to others.

They just use their beliefs as a shield in order to hide behind and justify themselves. But in the end it is about- and SOLELY about- the fact that they like to hurt children and they will use whatever is at their disposal to do so. And nothing more.


Melbourne, Australia: Community Blockades MITA Detention Centre in Desperate Bid to Stop Deportation to Danger of Tamil Asylum Seeker "IndyWatch Feed National"


Received on 21.02.18:

February 22, 2018.
For immediate release
Blockade happening now

Community Blockades MITA Detention Centre in Desperate Bid to Stop Deportation to Danger of Tamil Asylum Seeker.

Community members have blockaded the gates of MITA detention centre in Broadmeadows this morning in a desperate bid to stop the deportation of Tamil asylum seeker, Santharuban. Grave fears are held for him should he be returned to Sri Lanka.

As a former member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Tamil Tigers), he faces plausible threat to his safety on return. Former Tiger members and returned Tamil refugees are routinely harassed, interrogated and some are subjected to torture by Sri Lankan security forces.

The UN Committee Against Torture (UNCAT) has asked the Australian government to stop Santharubans deportation until it is able to perform an investigation. The Home Affairs Department has issued a deportation notice for the 22nd of February in spite of the UNCAT request.



Australian Watchdog Sees 1,289 Cryptocurrency Scam Complaints in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

The post Australian Watchdog Sees 1,289 Cryptocurrency Scam Complaints in 2017 appeared first on CCN

Australias national consumer watchdog has reportedly received over 1,200 complaints related to cryptocurrency scams last year leading to estimated losses of AUD $1.2 million. According to figures revealed by Australian nightly TV program 7.30, aggregate data gathered from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commissions (ACCC) Scamwatch shows the watchdog receiving a total of 1,289 complaints Continued

The post Australian Watchdog Sees 1,289 Cryptocurrency Scam Complaints in 2017 appeared first on CCN


Ripple Expands its List of Partners With Five More "IndyWatch Feed National"

Not many other blockchain companies can boast new partners on a weekly basis. Ripple is one that can and, love it or hate it, the San Francisco based global payments provider has added to that list of over a hundred with five more this week.

In addition to banks in Brazil and India, Singaporean and Canadian money transfer service providers have also joined ranks with Ripple. According to reports Brazilian Bank Ita Unibanco and remittance provider BeeTech have joined RippleNet in order to facilitate faster and cheaper global funds transfers. Indian bank IndusInd is also onboard alongside Canadian company Zip Remit who are all seeking to benefit from blockchain based financial transactions at a fraction of the cost.

Emerging Markets to Benefit Most

Emerging markets such as Brazil, India and China are home to 85% of the global population with almost 90% of people under 30 residing within those markets. They are a huge draw for companies such as Ripple looking to expand product adoption for xCurrent and RippleNet financial transfer platforms and networks. Over $60 billion was transferred into both India and China in 2017 and Brazil saw $600 million arrive from the US.

Head of business development at Ripple, Patrick Griffin, is confident that blockchain solutions are the way forward to improving the lives of users in emerging markets.

The payments problem is a global problem, but its negative impact disproportionally affects emerging markets. Whether its a teacher in the U.S. sending money home to his family in Brazil or a small business owner in India trying to move money to open up a second store in another country, its imperative that we connect the worlds financial institutions into a payments system that works for their customers, not against them.

Singaporean Partners to Expand RippleNet

Southeast Asias leading digital cross-border money transfer service provider InstaReM is also joining RippleNet to facilitate faster payments to other members of the rapidly growing network. It currently consists of over a hundred banks and other financial institutions providing real-time messaging, clearing and settlement of financial transactions. InstaReMs partnership will allow their corporate and SME customers quick and hassle-free payouts to a number of destinations in the region.

Prajit Nanu, co-founder and CEO, stated; We are pleased with this new partnership with Ripple which will see RippleNet members utilizing InstaReMs unique payments mesh we have developed in Southeast Asia to further streamline payment processes.

The company processes over 50...


Black Kite at Brookwater reported by Pete Jones on 20-02-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Flock of 10 circling NE low just after dawn. Must have over nighted on golf course. Migrants possibly?


PERTH Perth court news "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Perth court news .

February 21, 2018 at 07:13PM .

Search court sentences, criminal case database, by case number, Defendant The Perth Drug Court operates in the Perth Magistrates Court and accepts referrals from the District and Supreme Courts, Access all Judgments handed down from the Supreme, District and ERD Courts. The building, designed .



PERTH Carnarvon magistrates court "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Carnarvon magistrates court .

February 21, 2018 at 04:46PM .

Both courts have listings available in a Carnarvon 10 Carnarvon rapist arrested after tampering with Carnarvon Magistrates Court on July 10 and was remanded in custody, scheduled to appear in Perth Magistrates Court Todays Court Listings. Time Name Floor-Court; Cnr Robinson St and Babbage .



MACKAY Woman to take serious property crime charges to trial "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 21, 2018 at 04:11PM ,

Woman to take serious property crime charges to trial

February 21, 2018 at 04:11PM ,

However, Higgins indicated through defence solicitor Antoinette Morton that she will plead guilty to two counts of fraud, four counts of breaching bail, and one count each of receiving tainted property and unlicensed driving. Higgins faced Magistrate Mark Nolan in Mackay Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


China deploys warships to East Indian Ocean amid rivalry with India "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Chinese news portal says 11 Chinese warships have entered the East Indian Ocean this month, in what seems to have been a show of strength amid a rivalry in the region with India and a crisis in the Maldives.

A fleet of Chinese destroyers and at least one frigate, a massive amphibious transport dock, and three support tankers sailed into the Indian Ocean in February, reported on Sunday.

If you look at warships and other equipment, the gap between the Indian and Chinese navy is not large, it said.

The news portal did not say when exactly the fleet had been deployed or for how long, but Indian defense sources said on Tuesday that a Chinese flotilla of a destroyer, frigate, and tankers did enter the region around February 10 after conducting some drills in the South China Sea.

The flotilla, which according to the sources was well over 3,500 kilometers away from the Maldives, went back through the Lombok Strait after several days.

Indian satellites, warships, and long-range maritime surveillance aircraft like P-8I kept close tabs on the Chinese flotilla, which was in international waters towards Australia, The Times of India quoted a defense source as speaking on condition of anonymity.

The Chinese Defense Ministry did not respond to requests by Reuters for comment. But last week, the Peoples Liberation Army posted photos and a story on rescue training exercises taking place in the East Indian Ocean on its official Twitter-like Weibo account.

The under-construction China Maldives Friendship Bridge is pictured near the city of Male on February 8, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

Regional countries, including Australia and India, associate Chinas recent naval deployment with an ongoing constitutional crisis in the Maldives, with which New Delhi has had longstanding political and security ties.

The Maldives plunged into crisis when President Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency and ordered the arrest of judges who had ordered the release of his political opponents.

Maldivian opposition leaders have urged India to intervene in the crisis. Despite New Delhis calls for ending the state of emergency, the Maldives extended it by another 30 days on Tuesday.

China, however, said on Tuesday that the Maldives has the wisdom and capabilities to cope with the current situation independently.

Beijing signed a free trade agreement (FTA) with the Maldives last year. It has also been striking deals with countries in Asia and Africa in line with its Belt and Road initiative to improve imports of key c...


Trezor vs Ledger: The Battle for the Best Cryptocurrency Wallet Title "IndyWatch Feed National"

In the decade or so that bitcoin has existed for, improper security of one"s bitcoin and other cryptocurrency has resulted in billions of dollars worth of losses. After the Mt. Gox hack in 2013 when a large portion of the []

The post Trezor vs Ledger: The Battle for the Best Cryptocurrency Wallet Title appeared first on The Global Mail.


More Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Beech B350 Super King Airs Pop into Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

The visits into Central Queensland Airports by Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Beech B350 Super King Air turboprops continued on Wednesday 21 February.

A32-439 at Rockhampton Airport on a previous visit  (File photo)

During the morning, A32-439, again flying as "Dingo 15", again flew North from RAAF Base Amberley and was noted completing more survey work within the Wide Bay Training Area.  And again, like it did yesterday (see Blog post below), A32-439 then continued North and landed at Rockhampton Airport for some time before later returning to Amberley.

Meanwhile, in the early afternoon, fellow RAAF Beech B350 Super King Air A32-437 as "Dingo 32", flew South from Townsville and also landed at Rockhampton Airport for some time.  It was later noted returning to Townsville.

Photo taken by 'IAD' 


The Great Works Of Sharri Markson: Abbott Is Not Pig-Headed. The Greens Are Lunatics. Im not Biased. "IndyWatch Feed National"

As political reporting goes, it doesnt get much more lightweight than the Daily Telegraph. And so, appropriately the Daily Terrors chief political reporter is none other than, Sharri Markson. The flyweight of lightweights.

You might remember Sharri from such exposes as I went undercover as a uni student (while I still looked like a uni student) and took a selfie in a lift to expose how journalism lecturers at Sydney universities trash News Corporation.

Note to Sharri all university lecturers the world over trash News Corporation reporting. Because it can be pretty shite.

Markson is one of those News Corporation journalists whos drunk so much company Kool-Aid, its entirely possible she actually believes everything she says, and writes. Which explains this staggering exchange on the Daily Tele earlier today, where entertainment reporter Jonathon Moran engages in a lively discussion with Markson on politics in Canberra, in which Markson tries to school him on bias.

MORAN: Old mate (Tony Abbott), like whens he just going to quit politics?.

MARKSON (laughing): This is why you cant be a political reporter.

Markson then argues Abbott still has a very big following.

MORAN: This is a man who was there with the children overboard. This is a man whose been given so many chances and still just waffles on with his rubbish. He ripped public education to shreds, hes saying the cities are chockers, and that education needs to be improved, so improve education even though I scrapped it and ripped it to shreds and stuffed it all up.

MARKSON: Youre reading from Bill Shortens playbook. It seems like theyve sent you some talking points.

MORAN: Tony Abbott makes me feel sick.

MARKSON: Oh no, you cant say that.

MORAN: its not easy to interview someone as pig-headed as (Abbott).

MARKSON (feigning exasperation): JMO, you cant say these things about a former Prime Minister.

Sigh. Where to start?

Markson, as perhaps the most transparently partisan political reporter in the country, has a very long history of boosting the right, and trashing the left. Her last article for 2017, about the winners and los...


A Pair of RAAF Super King Airs and a RAAF C-27J Spartan all noted at CQ Airports "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

A interesting trio of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) turboprop aircraft were all noted completing airwork and passing through some Central Queensland Airports over the last couple of days.

In the early part of the afternoon on Tuesday 20 February,  (RAAF) Alenia C-27J Spartan transport aircraft A34-007, which was flying as "Wallaby 37", was noted flying North from RAAF Base Amberley and completed some airwork at Maryborough Airport.  It then flew back to Amberley on the no-communication low-level jet route via the Eastern side of Fraser Island then down the South Queensland coast.

RAAF C-27J Spartan A34-007 at Rockhampton Airport last year  (File photo)

It also appeared that also on Tuesday 20 February, fellow RAAF C-27J Spartan A34-006 "Wallaby 25", was operating out of Amberley.

During the later part of the morning also on Tuesday 20 February, RAAF Beech B350 Super King Air A32-439 as "Dingo 15",  was also noted flying North from Amberley and then completed some aerial survey work in the Wide Bay Training Area before flying further North and landing at Rockhampton Airport for a period of time.  A32-439 then returned to Amberley.

Another RAAF Super King Air A32-671 as "Dingo 24", was noted departing Longreach Airport for Townsville also on Tuesday 20 February.  It possibly arrived from the South late on Monday 19 February, although this is not 100% confirmed.

And finally, also at Longreach Airport, also on Monday 19 February, RAAF Super King Air A32-339 as "Beaufort 12", passed through, arriving from the South and later departing to RAAF Base Tindal (Katherine).

Photo taken by Daniel Bishop 


Times up for blanket religious exemptions to discriminate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Outdated laws allowing religious organisations to discriminate against single mothers, pregnant women or LGBTI people should be repealed, the Human Rights Law Centre today told the Religious Freedom Reviews Expert Panel.

Australians fundamentally believe that we should be treated with fairness and equality when we apply for a job, when we study or go to a support service for help, said Anna Brown, Director of Legal Advocacy with the Human Rights Law Centre.

The Religious Freedom Review's Expert Panel is meeting around the country to investigate whether Australian law adequately protects religious freedom. The Human Rights Law Centre appeared with LGBTI advocates, health experts, frontline service providers and representatives from faith communities.

Today we provided evidence that publicly-funded religious organisations discriminate against trans and gender diverse people in hospitals and welfare services. We spoke about people being fired from schools because they are gay, and harm caused by LGBT people not being able to be their true selves at work or school. Australians voted last year to end discrimination against LGBTI people when it comes to marriage. We also need to end discrimination in other areas of public life, said Ms Brown.

Director of GLHV, Liam Leonard, presented data on the poorer mental health outcomes for LGBT people due to discrimination and the impact of staying closeted at work or school.

This is feeling paranoid, this is feeling like you are constantly under surveillance, this is being hypervigilant every minute in school hoping that nobody notices a word, a gesture, a comment or reference that might let them know you are LGBT. The conversations in the staff room, the innocent exchanges on the sports ground, the ones that most staff and students feel comfortable and at ease at are the ones that strike fear in many LGBT peoples heart, said Mr Leonard.

The groups recommended changes to the permanent religious exemptions from discrimination laws, and pointed to positive examples of faith based organisations embracing policies and training on LGBTI inclusion.

Religious exemptions should not be a blanket that hides the harms of discrimination. Greater transparency will benefit both faith based bodies and the community more broadly, said Rev Angus McLeay to the Expert Panel.

Its time to remove broad religious exemptions that act as a barrier to vulnerable people accessing critical family violence and housing services from faith-based organisations. The idea that religious service providers and schools receiving millions of dollars in taxpayer funding can impose their religious and moral beliefs on others in housing, h...


Will the Victorian Socialists shake up Victorias election year? "IndyWatch Feed National"

In the Victorian state elections of December 1908, the Victorian Socialist Party (VSP) then the largest radical party in Australia threw down the electoral gauntlet to the Australian Labor Party by running candidates in two inner-city Melbourne seats.


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00007 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.40 AUD


One more day with Dave "IndyWatch Feed National"

We will have quite a bit to say tomorrow.


Beyond fees: a case for a waged education "IndyWatch Feed National"

In Australia, working- and middle-class students who cannot obtain financial familial support must both study and work a shitty part- or full-time job. Government youth allowance payments are deliberately difficult to obtain and excessively bureaucratic. Certainly, they are not provided on the presumption that to study is to perform valuable labour.


MACKAY Not something we want people running around with "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 21, 2018 at 06:21AM ,

Not something we want people running around with

February 21, 2018 at 06:21AM ,

A MACKAY butcher has faced court after attempting to board a plane while carrying a concealed credit card knife. Michael Edward Francis Daniel, 22, faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Tuesday, charged with possessing a category M weapon. Daniel was caught with the knife a thin seven centimetre

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


MACKAY Robbery with violence, Cannonvale "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 21, 2018 at 11:52AM ,

Robbery with violence, Cannonvale

February 21, 2018 at 11:52AM ,

The man is due to appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court today. A 24-year-old Cannonvale man has also been arrested and is assisting police with their inquiries. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form 24hrs per day. You can report

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Robbery with violence at Cannonvale, QLD "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 21, 2018 at 12:03PM ,

Robbery with violence at Cannonvale, QLD

February 21, 2018 at 12:03PM ,

Police have charged a man following the alleged robbery of a taxi driver at Cannonvale this morning, Queensland Police say. It is alleged around 1am two passengers who were travelling in a taxi assaulted the driver inside the vehicle before the driver pulled over at a service station on Shute Harbour

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Indonesian City Announces Taskforce Targeting LGBTIQ Community "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The Indonesian city of Depok has announced it will set up a taskforce to limit the activities of the LGBTIQ community, as the countrys anti-gay crackdown continues. Depoks deputy mayor Muhammad Idris said the 200-strong force including police officers, social service workers and religious leaders was a bid to curb the spread of ...

The post Indonesian City Announces Taskforce Targeting LGBTIQ Community appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Review: Sedition and the Quick Leap From Dissent to Deshdroh "IndyWatch Feed National"

Anushka Singhs Sedition in Liberal Democracies delves into the impact of being slapped with a sedition case, whether real or politically-motivated, and the stigma the taint of being anti-national that it carries with it.

Singh argues how the states use of the law through its mechanisms such as FIRs and chargesheets leads to overrated notions of what constitutes sedition. Credit: Shutterstock

Sedition may be an archaic law, but it is certainly not out of fashion. Anushka Singhs recently released book, Sedition in Liberal Democracies, has to be seen in the context of the continuing use of the sedition law in India to stifle free speech and different stripes of dissent. The book is an excellent addition to the existing material around sedition in India, bringing together legal, political, historical and anthropological perspectives on the theme, and includes a section dealing with comparative developments in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

Singhs detailed account helps us think through the narrower legal category of sedition as laid down in section 124A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and judicial interpretations of this law, in relation to a broader discursive category that has emerged that encompasses other laws such as waging war against the state, and anti-terror laws such as the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), as well as popular understanding of deshdroh or those who are disloyal to the nation.

This wider category, according to Singh, who is an assistant professor at the School of La...


A marsupial in wolf's clothing - First 3D digital models reveal convergent evolution "IndyWatch Feed National"

Researchers from Museums Victoria and the University of Melbourne have CT scanned all 13 known Tasmanian tiger joey specimens to create 3D digital models which have allowed them to study their skeletons and internal organs, and reconstruct their growth and development. This has revealed important new information about how this unique extinct marsupial evolved to look so similar to the dingo, despite being very distantly related.

The digital scans show that when first born the Tasmanian tiger or thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus) looked like any other marsupial.

But three months later, when they left the pouch they had taken on the appearance of a puppy and continued to grow with a dog-like appearance.

The research, led by the University of Melbourne and Museums Victoria and in conjunction with an international team of scientists, is published today [Wednesday 21 February, 11:30AM AEST] in Royal Society Open Science.

It comes from the same team who successfully sequenced the thylacine genome in December 2017.

The Tasmanian tiger was a marsupial, which raised its young in a pouch.

Its resemblance to the dingo is one of the best examples of convergent evolution in mammals. This is where, two species, despite not being closely related, evolve to look very similar.

The Tasmanian tiger would have last shared a common ancestor with the canids (dogs and wolves) around 160 million years ago.

Dr Christy Hipsley, Research Associate at Museums Victoria and the University of Melbourne said after sequencing the Tasmanian tiger genome in 2017, this research fills one more piece of the puzzle on why they have evolved to look so similar to dogs.

This is the first digital development series of the Tasmanian tiger, Australias most iconic extinct marsupial predator. Using CT technology we have been able to garner new information on the biology of this iconic species, and its growth and development.

These scans show in incredible detail how the Tasmanian tiger started its journey in life as a joey that looked very much like any other marsupial, with robust forearms so that it could climb into its mother's pouch. But by the time...


New law so banks can steal your savings? "IndyWatch Feed National"

In Australia a new law has been put in place, a 'bail-in' law supportive of the banking businesses.

Some people may say that it has been 'snuck' through, while the peasants were distracted.

Some even say that this law will allow the banks to take 'your' cash, in plain and simple terms steal it.

Should you be interested in this topic, your own research and correct comprehension of the law is of paramount importance to the matter.

On the 14th day of February, you know, Valentines Day, the Senate passed the Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures) Bill 2017.

Should you chose not to write a my will letter to your local federal MP, on this matter the people in government acknowledge, that your silence is acquiescence, where you are content with the actions of the people who apparently re-present you.

How many people have the capacity to pick this law apart to see whether it is in circulation lawfully?


Revised TPP-11 text is largely unchanged: independent assessment and Senate Inquiry needed "IndyWatch Feed National"

Media release, February 21 2018: The new text of the revised and rebranded Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership between Australia and 10 other countries without the US contains minor additional change since last November. Some other governments have demanded further changes, but the Australian government has not, Dr Patricia Ranald, AFTINET Convener said today.

The additional published text is only nine pages, with some changes from Canada to the non-binding preamble that mention cultural identity, indigenous rights and gender equity, but these are aspirational only, and will not affect the legally binding provisions in the rest of the agreement. There are also the 20 clauses which were suspended in November 2017 pending the US rejoining the deal.

The new text does not include new side letters between specific countries that were signaled when the text was finalised in January. It is not clear whether these will be released later.

Many of the most harmful clauses remain. The deal still includes special rights for foreign investors to bypass national courts and sue governments for millions of dollars in unfair international tribunals over changes to domestic laws, known as ISDS, said Dr Ranald.

The Australian government has not sought changes to provisions for more vulnerable temporary migrant workers, from Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Canada Mexico and Chile without testing if local workers are available. This is contrary to its own claims to have reintroduced such testing. There have been no changes to the chapters on trade in services and state-owned enterprises which could restrict future governments from re-regulating essential services like TAFE, energy and financial services, even if there are demonstrated market failures.

Dr Ranald explained that the 20 suspended clauses are mostly about medicine and copyright monopolies. Other governments had only reluctantly agreed to US propo...


The Mainstream Media and Their Analysis of the Time Travellers Photo "IndyWatch Feed National"

Noahs picture of a submerged Los Angeles in the year 5000

by Dee McLachlan

Several mainstream news organisations have been running with a story about a supposed time traveller. This, from The Sun, is a typical report:

A MAN who claims hes from the year 2030 reportedly passed a lie detector test and made a series of startling predictions for humanity. The self-styled time-traveller, who calls himself Noah, begged to stay anonymous claiming he could be assassinated for revealing what the future holds.

Noah, whose face is always blurred, goes on about what future looks like: a second term of Trump, and more robots, Google glasses, and self-driving cars. Yeah!

Okay, enough of that. Im going no further. This article is to comment on the mainstream medias INABILITY to analyse a simple photograph.

Now Noah is shown holding a picture taken in 5000 of Los Angeles underwater (seen above). You see the surface of the water, then a subme...


Tony Abbott's speech on something other than Barnaby "IndyWatch Feed National"

.@TonyAbbottMHR: recent polling shows around 40 per cent of Australians believe immigration is too high. MORE: #theboltreport #auspol Sky News Australia (@SkyNewsAust) February 20, 2018


Australian Preppers Forum. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia is unique, not quite like any other country. American forums can be okay, but their situation in regards to many things simply do not apply to Australia. If you live in Australia, here is a chance to learn & to share your knowledge. I have not been on this forum for very long, but so far is seems friendly. I am not a manager or moderator on this forum so my hands are tied to just participating & making suggestions, but this forum does need some new blood & more participation. Please check this forum out when you get time.
Thank you.


Making Water From Whine: The Murray Darling Basins Magic Numbers Machine "IndyWatch Feed National"

So South Australians, youre pee-ed off about New South Wales and Queensland stealing all your water upstream? Solution, with a bit of biblical fish and loaves magic, we just change the numbers. Maryanne Slattery explains.

Last Wednesday was Judgement Day for the management of the Murray-Darling Basin. It was a win for the river to the tune of 70 billion litres of water, but it was a stunning rebuke for state and federal governments as well as the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

Federal, NSW and Victorian Governments threatened fire, brimstone and the End of Days or at least the end of the Basin Plan if the Senate didnt approve the Murray-Darling Basin Authoritys (MDBA) plans to let corporate irrigators in NSW and Queensland use more water at the expense of downstream uses, outlined in its Northern Basin Review.

Like the Bible, many people talk about the Northern Basin Review, but very few have actually read it. If last weeks outraged politicians and lobbyists had actually studied the amendment, they might have seen the Senates rejection coming.

The Senate saw that there were huge problems with transparency and the standard of analysis in the Review. While the reporting of the Senates rejection has focused on the proposal to reduce water for the environment, critics of the Review have long focused on problems in its methodology, process and claims of political interference.

The Northern Basin Review was finalised in 2016 after four years of science and socio-economic analysis. It recommended allowing irrigators to take from northern rivers 70 gigalitres more than in the original Plan. Of course, 70 gigalitres more for irrigation in northern NSW and Queensland means less water for the environment and people in places like Broken Hill and South Australia.

But how much less? Evaporation, seepage and other uses mean the extra volume is reduced along the way.

Irrigation canals near Griffith, in western NSW. (IMAGE: Tim J Keegan, Flickr)

After four years of study, and just two weeks before the Northern Basin Review was released, the MDBA estimated 70 gigalitres more for northern irrigators meant 35 less for the Menindee Lakes near Broken Hill and 20 less for South Australia. This infuriated the South Aus...


Acclaimed Trans Actress Daniela Vega To Present At This Years Oscars "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Transgender actress Daniela Vega will present at this years Academy Awards, in what is believed to be a first for the awards. The 28-year-old Chilean actress (pictured) has received acclaim for her breakthrough performance in the Oscar-nominated new movie A Fantastic Woman. Directed by Sebastin Lelio, the film stars Vega as trans woman Marina, who ...

The post Acclaimed Trans Actress Daniela Vega To Present At This Years Oscars appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Australian University Launches Nations First Blockchain Course "IndyWatch Feed National"

Recognising its importance as a revolutionary technology, an Australian university has today announced the countrys first course on blockchain technology. Its being hosted by Melbournes RMIT University and is scheduled to start in mid-March.

Blockchain Skills in High Demand

The eight-week short-course aims to address the current vacuum of young talent familiar with blockchain technology. Alan Tsen, a manager at one of the tech companies behind the new course, Stone and Chalk, told local news source 9news:

There is a real demand for blockchain training and a skills gap in the market that needs to be addressed.

Along with Stone and Chalk, the course has been developed by the universitys Blockchain Innovation Hub and graduate services provider, Accenture. Jason Potts of the former organisation told Business Insider about the technological complexities of blockchain and what the short course hopes to provide for students:

Its actually quite hard to understand a whole lot of different technologies have come together to contribute to it working Much of this course is designed to help executives and business leaders to understand not just how this new technology works, and understanding whats actually behind it, but also how it reflects business models and business strategy.

Without initiatives like the Melbourne university course, the lack of relevant skills issue is only set to get worse. The industry is rapidly expanding and according to tech think tank Gartner Research, will be worth over $176 billion by 2025.

Whilst the first practical application of the technology was cryptocurrency, there are various startups that are experimenting with it for a variety of different purposes. These include cybersecurity, resource management, healthcare, and the legal profession, to name but a few.

One company currently studying how blockchain technology can disrupt existing industries is Power Ledger. Also based in Australia, the startup hopes to provide a platform for sharing solar energy. They received substantial funding in late 2017 from a smart cities grant issued by the government. No doubt co-founder Jemma Green is as excited to hear about local educational institutions taking the technology seriously as sh...


Eight Films To See At The Brisbane Queer Film Festival 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The Brisbane Queer Film Festival is returning next month with a diverse selection of comedies, documentaries and dramas on offer. From March 8, some of the best queer films from Australia and around the world will screen at the festivals home at New Farm Cinemas in Brisbane. The theme this year Were all the ...

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Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize: the 2017 shortlist "IndyWatch Feed National"

The 2017 judges Nic Low, Ryan ONeill and Jennifer Mills have finished their blind judging and deliberation, and decided on a shortlist of thirteen brilliant stories that approach the theme in original ways.


Joel Creasey: Body Shaming In The Gay Community Is Out Of Control "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Comedian Joel Creasey has spoken out about body shaming and unrealistic standards of beauty in the gay community. In a lengthy Facebook post, Creasey expressed his disappointment at seeing social media users obsessing over their bodies ahead of Mardi Gras season. Ive seen over the past few months on Instagram and social media gay men ...

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Restoring oyster reefs for better fish life "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Plump Noosa River oysters may be back on the market in the coming years as local researchers help restore the health and marine biodiversity by opening 14 fish hotels

There has been no commercial oyster harvesting in Noosa estuary system since about 650 growing cages were removed from Lake Weyba in the 1960s, but now oyster reefs consisting each of nine biodegradable coconut fibres and recycled shells, are back. And University of the Sunshine Coast marine ecologist Dr Ben Gilby helping with the ambitions $1.5 million Bing Back the Fish project, is excited to find a marine fightback has already started to happen.

Increases have been noted at the reefs of the many fish familiar species like bream, flathead, tailor and whiting, attracted to these structures. And that will increase once the oyster spats still common to the river, start to bind with the old shell structures.

view more


Donald Trump: Making America Great or Keeping America Poor? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Twenty-six years ago the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its military commitments, its oppressive surveillance bureaucracy, and its regimes loss of legitimacy. That experience has lessons for Trumps America writes Ian McAuley.

The Cold War, an arms race set against the backdrop of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), started and ended in Berlin.

Its start was the Soviet Unions blockade of Berlin in 1948, followed a year later by the first successful Soviet test of a nuclear bomb. Its end, or at least the beginning of its end, was the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, followed two years later by Mikhail Gorbachevs announcement of the Soviet Unions dissolution.

Americas Republicans, and the political right throughout the world, portrayed the Soviet Unions collapse as a victory of capitalism over socialism. Francis Fukuyama even said it heralded the end of history.

But the Soviet Union had been socialist in name only. Socialist idealism had died with Stalins rise in 1929, and the country rapidly morphed into a class-stratified society, with a chasm between the privileged class enjoying the spoils of nomenklatura and the masses living in miserable conditions and under the oppression of a surveillance state.

A more compelling explanation for the Soviet Unions collapse is the economic burden of its military and security apparatus.

A file image of a Russian warship (IMAGE: Christopher Michel, Flickr).

The Soviet Union had been on the victorious side in Europes war of 1939 to 1945, but it paid a huge price. Hitlers Wehrmacht had laid waste to the countryside all the way to the edge of Moscow. In re-taking its territory, and pushing all the way into the German heartland, the Red Army did the heavy lifting in defeating Nazism. While America provided the armaments for the victory, the Soviet Union provided the infantry.

In that war the United States and Britain between them lost one million lives, while the Soviet Union lost 25 million lives. At the end of the war the Soviet Union still faced its enemies along long land borders, while America and Britain went...


ABC censors Albericis uncomfortable tax cuts truth after Turnbull complaint "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mr Denmore, author of The Failed Estate, writes about the extraordinary attack on  Emma Alberici, because of her analysis  of the Australian governments corporate tax cuts ambition, which she says would be detrimental to Australia.   After a complaint from the Prime Minister, her words were deleted from the ABC website, and this marks the ongoing curtailment of the press that is occurring in Australia. Denmore explains that this is a global trend. The story was published by The Independent Australia 20 February 2018).

Who would have thought an analysis of corporate tax policy would set so many pulses racing?

Perhaps it was a form of group therapy for the nation after weeks of seeking to shut out images of the Member for New England Barnaby Joyce indulging in country matters.

But ABC journalist Emma Albericianalysis piece criticising the need for corporate tax cuts in Australia when so few companies pay any has certainly provided a needed distraction from our recent diet of beetroot.

As economics journalist Greg Jericho has pointed out, Alberici is hardly alone in making the case against corporate tax cuts. Neither are her arguments a reflexive, innumerate and leftist simplification, as some of her critics at The Australian and the Financial Review have variously claimed.

The fact is there is a serious international debate about the effects on liberal democracies of the increasing pressure on governments to provide greater and greater tax relief to footloose global capital. None...



Stallholder Profile for HookD on Kazzazz

Your name: Debbie Hook
Your business name and facebook/website name and link:
The suburb/town you live in now: Narangba.
What is it that you make and what skills do you use?:I use paper, inks and embellishments to create a range of handmade cards, scrapbook layouts, gift boxes, notebooks, mini albums, invitations and other custom requested items.

What inspired you to start your business?: My love of paper crafting and people I knew wanting me to make things for them


Womens Rights in Syria - by Mark Taliano "IndyWatch Feed National"

Syrian women are helping to save Syria and all of humanity against the scourge of Western-supported terrorism. The Canadian government, [ editor: and others, including Australia's, supporting the US-NATO agenda] on the other hand, is destroying womens rights (and all human rights) in Syria and beyond.  If the truth were ever accepted by broad-based populations, then our government, led by those who project progressive fronts, would be exposed as the misogynist, life-hating rot that it is.

This article was first published at

Canada's Sanctions Regime against Syria Undermines Women's Rights

Trudeau is destroying Syria through illegal sanctions, and through direct and indirect support of every single terrorist in Syria. Canada is a member of the NATO terror organization, which along with its allies, seeks to create regime change in Syria, the highest crime according to Nuremburg Principles.

All Syrians, but especially Syrian women, have much to lose if the Canadian governments diabolical ambitions are realized.

Amany Ashy[1] lives in a government-secured area of Syria where she is headmistress of a high school.  She explains that life for women in government-secured areas hasnt changed much. She explains that

The government supports womens right and liberty before and now. We have the liberty to choose our work , to wear whatever we like , to choose the type of education we want and even to fight side by side with the army. We have the safety to go at anytime during day or night.

She also explains that

men now are busy fighting with the army or trying hard to work double shift after the crazy raise of prices and after the sanctions. Womens life as the life of all Syrian has been affected badly by the sanctions. The prices of food and vegetables have become double. Medicine prices are very high and some are not available.

Life in terrorist-occupied areas, however, is entirely different, and alien to Syria and to most Syrians. Ashy explains that



Broome hit by two years' worth of rain in two months, Western Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

The town of Broome in the Kimberley region of Western Australia has officially endured its wettest year on record after just two months in 2018. Although January and February are usually its wettest months, updated figures show Broome was hit more than two...... Read more


Cardiologist: Millions of People Taking Statin Drugs Will Continue to Have Far Greater Chance of Harm than Benefit "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rita Redberg, MD

Rita Redberg, MD. Image source.

by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

Two recent articles published in the UK mainstream hard copy and online newspaper Express revealed theres something wrong with cholesterol-lowering statin drug prescription policies, quoting several doctors who claim statins cause more harm than benefit.

Dr. Rita Redberg, a cardiologist professor at the San Francisco Medical Center, states:

Unfortunately, until all data is available and discussed with patients, millions of people taking these [statin] drugs will continue to have far greater chance of harm than benefit. (Source.)

Dr. Rita Redbergs name might be familiar to our readers, because she appeared in an Australian two-part TV news documentary that has often been featured in several Health Impact News articles. Both parts were connected thematically and produced by Dr. Maryanne Demasi, Ph.D.

And it was Dr. Demasis British Medical Journal (BMJ) article and study review that the Express article was reporting rather favorably with quotes from other doctors supporting her findings. The articles focus was on the controversy it had ignited regarding the widespread use of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

Dr. Demasis Determination to Expose the Harsh Realities of Statin Drugs Was Underestimated


A few years back around 2013/14, Dr. Demasi produced two Catalyst science show productions on the ABC Australia TV network. Its as mainstream as it gets down under.

Part one, Dietary Villains, of the two-part series, The Heart of the Matter, exposes th...


Joyce clearly not going anywhere-Cormann "IndyWatch Feed National"

Finance minister Mathias Cormann. Image from

The Turnbull government needs to move on from the furore surrounding Barnaby Joyce, who clearly doesnt plan on going anywhere, cabinet minister Mathias Cormann says.

The soon-to-be acting prime minister was laying out the coalitions plans on Wednesday amid ongoing questions about the future of Mr Joyce, who is on personal leave after his extramarital affair with a former staffer was revealed.

When it was put to him that Mr Joyce was not going anywhere, Senator Cormann replied: That is clearly what he is saying.

We just keep doing the job that we were elected to do, do the best we can to secure more jobs and higher wages, he told Nine Network.

Mr Cormann said the nation needed to move on from the saga.

We must move on. The country wants us to move on, we must move on, we need to focus on the things we were elected to do, he said.

Our next priority is to get our business tax cuts through the Australian Senate so that Australian businesses can be globally competitive.

Mr Joyce is defying anyone suggesting he stand down as Nationals leader in the wake of the breakdown of his 24-year marriage and relationship with Vikki Campion who is having his baby.

WA Nationals state leader Mia Davies issued a statement on Tuesday telling Mr Joyce, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, to go.

Mr Joyces actions have caused pain for his family but it is the ongoing damage Mr Joyce is causing the Nationals organisation that is of greatest concern to me as WA leader, she said.

Mr Joyce pointing out that WA didnt have any federal MPs and that the eastern states, which had more skin in the game, supported him.

I find it surprising that a federal issue has so much momentum in the west, when people in the east in the National Party have, in the majority, a different view, he said.

While the WA branch does not have any federal MPs it was second only to the NSW branch in raising political donations last financial year, receiving $1.79 million.

The NSW and Victorian Nationals both say the federal leadership is a matter for federal MPs.

Further commentary on this issue in the public domain is unhelpful, the NSW branch said in a st...


Cops hunt Hawi hitmen as funeral plans set "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mahmoud Mick Hawi.

The body of slain bikie boss Mick Hawi is being returned to loved ones ahead of his funeral this week while detectives probe his criminal background as they hunt for the killers.

So far no suspects have been named as triggermen in the underworld execution.

Born in Beirut in the Lebanon, Mahmoud Mick Hawi moved to Australia with his parents, brother and three sisters as a young boy in 1985.

He rose to prominence for his role in the infamous bikie brawl at Sydney Airport in 2009 while he was the national president of the Comancheros.

Passengers in the terminal watched on in fear as the club clashed with rival Hells Angels members. Associate Anthony Zervas was bludgeoned to death with a bollard.

Hawi did time in prison for his role in the killing and, since his release in 2015, laid low in south Sydney.

But Hawis suburban life came to an end last Thursday when he was shot multiple times while he sat in his luxury Mercedes 4WD outside Rockdales Fitness First.

He died in St George Hospital that night, aged 37.

Tributes flowed online from club members and family friends while rumours swirled about bad blood between Hawi and the current club leadership.

AAP understands a service will be held for Hawi at the Al-Zahra mosque in Arncliffe on Thursday before his body is laid to rest in the Muslim section of Rookwood Cemetery.

A large police presence is expected at the event after NSW Police, last week, assured the public they would remain on high alert for retaliation attacks.

The post Cops hunt Hawi hitmen as funeral plans set appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Ex-ABC Heavyweights Weigh In Over Claims Emma Alberici Was Censored "IndyWatch Feed National"

The ABC, once again, is being accused of self-censorship to please government. Claire Connelly reports.

Three ABC journalists have criticised the ABC over the removal of a website article on Turnbull government corporate tax cuts by its chief economics correspondent Emma Alberici, claiming the incident conforms to a long history of pre-emptive buckling to government pressure.

And former ABC broadcaster Carol Duncan told New Matilda that a number of ABC journalists had been in touch with each other behind the scenes over the censoring of Albericis reporting, despairing over the public broadcasters dwindling independence.

The government of the day uses budget cuts to control the ABC and to force them to cower, she said.

The ABC will tell you this is not true, but I recall taking a local politics lead to my newsroom one day and being told the newsroom wouldnt touch it because they still had to work with the council next week.

Sunderlands (Alan Sunderland, director of ABC editorial policies) mealy-mouthed attempts at defending the Alberici decision are truly awful. How dare they not stand behind her. I am confident the truth will out, Carol Duncan said.

Duncan, made redundant in 2014, is now an elected ALP Councillor. Dempster, a former ABC presenter, was also made redundant in 2014 when the ABC Board axed state-based TV current affairs programs. He was staff elected director of the ABC for four years in the 1990s and is a well known advocate for public broadcasting.

Former ABC broadcaster, now contributing editor of New Daily, Quentin Dempster.

An experienced ABC journalist who has worked at the public broadcaster for more than a decade told New Matilda that over the last five years, managers stopped asking is it an important story and instead asked will it end up on the front page of the Australian?

It started in the Abbott era when conservative attacks on the ABC became consistent and unrelenting, they said.

I used to cover really risky and exciting stories, but after that, it was always abo...


UN officials warn Australia against imposing extreme penalties for Journalists "IndyWatch Feed National"

Paul Farrell  Senior Reporter at Buzzfeed Australia (19 February 2018) reports that United Nations rapporteurs are seriously concerned about the impact of the Turnbull governments new security law, and its effect on freedom of the press.

A powerful group of United Nations officials have called on the Australian government to reconsider proposed secrecy laws, warning that they risk chilling the work of journalists, deterring whistleblowers, and exposing journalists and human rights activists to prosecution.

The Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has announced a broad package of reforms aimed at curbing foreign interference from countries including China and Russia.

But the proposal also includes major reforms to Australias secrecy laws, which appear to be aimed at curbing whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and organisations such as WikiLeaks.

Under the proposed new regime, two existing secrecy offences will be repealed entirely and replaced by several new offences inserted into the Commonwealth Criminal Code.

While a seven-year jail sentence is the maximum available under the existing laws, this will be increased to 20 years.

The new laws will apply to anyone, not just government officials. They could easily apply to journalists and organisations, including WikiLeaks, that communicate or deal with information. They will also close a longstanding gap around contractors working on behalf of government agencies, who will also be subject to the new offences.

David Kaye, the United Nations special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, Fionnuala D. N Aolin, the special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights while countering terrorism, and Michel Forst, the special rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, sent a joint communique to the Australian government on Friday warning that the bill risked violating a number of rights guaranteed under international law.

We are gravely concerned that the Bill would impose draconian criminal penalties on expression and access to information that is central to public debate and accountability in a democratic society, they wrote.

They said the bill would not only penalise disclosures of government information in the public interest, but also expose journalists, activists...


Proposed Critical Mineral legislation undermines communities and clean water "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thank you Mr. Chairman, Ranking Member Lowenthal, and Members of the Subcommittee for the opportunity to testify before you in opposition to HR 520, the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act. My name is Aaron Mintzes, and I am with Earthworks. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the destructive impacts of mineral and energy development, while seeking sustainable solutions.

Our primary concern is that HR 520 undermines the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Under section 5(b)(1)(F), the lead agency can let any state or federal agency determine:

Whether public participation will occur during the decisionmaking process for authorizing actions under the permit.

So, a state could say no public participation allowed. I worry this may result in unintended consequences. If you shut the people out, it may invite litigation or create additional delays the lead agency could avoid if they listen to what the people say.  It may not deliver the regulatory certainty permit proponents seek.

NEPA ensures that Americans can take part in the review and development of projects affecting our social, economic, and environmental health. For nearly fifty years, NEPA has provided certainty and predictability through a transparent process well understood by federal regulators, permit applicants, and affected communities.

And it works. In 2016, the GAO reported that BLM and the Forest Service average two years to permit a mine plan of operations.  This period is competitive with Australia, Canada, and Chile. Especially controversial projects may take longer than average.  Yet, permitting delays primarily result from incomplete information provided by the project proponent. Sometimes for perfectly legitimate reasons like good faith changes in plans of operations or fluctuation in commodity prices.

The United States of America is one of the worlds best places to mine

America owes our mineral investment attractiveness to three factors:

  1. The strength and certainty of our democratic institutions (like NEPA)
  2. Our rich mineral endowment
  3. Our uniquely permissive mining laws and regulations

The 1872 Mining Law    

The General Mining Law of 1872 considers mining the highest and best use of public lands, even where our public lands may be better suited for oil an...


February 21 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1802 - HMS Investigator was misplaced (some say lost but I believe it will resurface down the back of someone's couch) whilst under the command of Matthew Flinders, who was stickybeaking about the coastline in the vicinity of present day Port  Lincoln. A water party, comprising two officers and a crew of six left the ship to land on the mainland and was not seen again.

1802 - Corio Bay, near Geelong, discovered John Murray poking about its shoreline.

1804 - Niberlooner was renamed Sullivan's Cove (Tassie) on this date when Lt David Collins cast his baby blues over the area.
Not to be confused with Sullivan Bay, Victoria, a settlement Lt David Collins named and abandoned after 7 months.

1840 - The cat was out of the bag when a particular gossip from Penwortham told the press of the vile events of this day when a shepherd promised a starving Indigenous woman a sheep in exchange for sex which he neglected to fulfill then, later forced to face the woman's rightly angry relatives, he killed her.

1842 - Dig out the feather boa and polish up that rhinestone garter-belt Mavis...the first play to be wrought in Melbourne was sprung upon the populace at the Theatre Royal, the title "Widow's Victim".

1848 - A hefty cutter named Psyche. Cutter was shop-lifted from Hobart by four convicts. Two survivors from her were picked up at Percy Island by the barque Freak, but the fate of their two companions was never discovered although some suspected cannibalism.

1881 - The Grey River Argus proclaimed that John Almao of Dunedin had been awarded a second order of merit, from the Melbourne Exhibition, for his model aerial tramway, while Reid and Duncan, civil engineers from Dunedin, received an Honourable Mention for their plain wire rope railway.
Well, I found it interesting...

1891 - Two Indigenous men were murdered by a policeman in Central Australia.

1894 - The Wanganui Herald whispered how Mr. Hindle, MLA of Lithgow, denounced Parliament for containing drunken blackguards.
One feels that Mr. Hindle was holding himself back, not really letting rip and tellin' like it was....

1899 - Sir George Bowen popped his clogs. Georgie-boy was a busy lad with fingers in political pies, being the Guv for Qld, the Guv for NZ and the Guv for Victoria where he didn't kiss the girls to make 'em cry but sacked 400 public servants and made 'em cry.

1907 - Tired of swimmers ignoring the SWIM BETWEEN THE DAMN FLAGS ALREADY message
The Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club was established on this day at the Royal Hotel, Bondi Beach.

1927 - Radio station 3DB began broadcasting in Melbourne. It borrowed the initials of the Druleigh Business and Technology college and was launched upon the world with a Children...


ABCC heads paid off handsomely and others are made to go without "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Victoria

Freedom of information provisions have revealed that the top chiefs of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) received generous pay increases of about 14 percent last year.

One of the commissioners found his take went up from $199,000 to $222,500 and another two from $185,000 to $210,000. Seven are now being paid more than $210,000.

These individuals are highly rewarded, because they are hired to carry out the dirty work of ensuring that that section of the workforce engaged in one of the most dangerous industries, has its own pay and working conditions undermined.

The ABCC is not an independent tribunal to deal with matters before it, in a balanced ad fair way. It is a political police force, operating with impunity, and denies the usual legal protections to those it hunts down.

This is why those who make the decisions are handsomely rewarded by a government hell bent on carrying out its class war against constrtuction workers across Australia. It needs to buy the loyalty of its principal henchmen.

A key function of theirs is to de-unionise the industry. They do this by employing provision that make it extremely hard for officials to communicate with their members. There is no right of entry onto the job. Delegates and rank and file members have little right to pursue matters of concern. Even minor breaches of the stringent conditions, risk being dragged before the ABCC.

There is little doubt that the construction industry is a test case. If successful here, the same will be applied to other industries. Fortunately, this has been held back by the ongoing resistance of the construction industry workforce and their unions.

One thing that has revealed the mercenary nature of the ABCC, is the departure of disgraced head Nigel Hadkiss, who eventually admitted breaching the law in the carrying out his role. The Commission handed out more than $418,000 for Hadkiss legal defence and he walked away without suffering any penalty at all.

Hadkiss new replacement, Stephen McBurney, is being paid $426,160 a year.

Overall, the ABCC spent almost a third of its last financial years budget, that is $11 million, on lawyers

The pay rise has shown the double standard of a government that is at the same time, actively imposing very limited pay increases for nearly all government employees. The only exception to the rule are the top executives. Their loyalty has to be paid for as well.

Australias public sector is being shaped as a weapon to wage the governments class war across the field. Through restrictions to service and ongoing privatisations, resources are being channeled upstairs, to the wealthiest individuals and everyo...


ABC News Australia Raided by ASIO Officers; Secure Cabinets Seized "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Shem El-Jamal

On January 18, 2018, many Americans were pleasantly surprised to hear the news of the raids on the publisher, Newsweek, that took place just one day prior. These actions taken by New York law enforcement appeared to be largely justified, and in the eyes of many Americans, these raids were long overdue.

As the situation appears, the issues which promoted the swift confiscation of the servers at Newsweek stretch far beyond just one mere company in the U.S. We may see that due to the similar actions of law enforcement in Canberra and Brisbane, Australia, that Newsweek was not the only corporate source that was suspected of illegal activity.

For the longest time, thousands of Americans have grown increasingly impatient with a corporate media that has been long-divorced from accurate reporting and ethical integrity. Not only have corporate sources such as Newsweek been shown to be significantly dishonest in their reporting, but they have been long-suspected to be linked to criminal interests as well.

These and many other reasons may explain why many citizens were somewhat relieved to see these recent actions against provably compromised news sources.

For decades, the corporate media has gradually devolved into a politically bias, corporately compromised, puppet show for the ruling elite. According to multiple sources, there are numerous interests behind this media monopoly who intend to manipulate the public in any direction which they deem advantageous to elitist ideals.

Whether the goal involves starting useless wars in foreign countries, placing Cabal sponsored puppets in positions of power, censoring important information from being revealed, or disarming the general public for the sake of maintain social control, the general intent is the same.

It is a well-known fact that the CIA and other government agencies have significant control over corporate media. Companies such as CNN, ABC, CBS, and even NPR have been shown to be little more than extensions of the CIA and/or other manipulative government agencies. Though some may believe that past government programs such as Operation Mockingbird were discontinued, these programs a...


MACKAY Thats just dangerous: Mackay truckie flouts fatigue laws "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 21, 2018 at 04:56AM ,

Thats just dangerous: Mackay truckie flouts fatigue laws

February 21, 2018 at 04:56AM ,

The 64-year-old appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, pleading guilty to two counts of working more than maximum hours as a solo driver. Police pulled over Sarons Kenworth on the Bruce Highway at Childers about 11.45am on November 30 last year, as part of heavy vehicle enforcement

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


WE WILL NOT TAKE ACTION: ASIC too lazy to go after fallen queer Evo Media magnate & dentist harasser, Mark Christopher Anthony "IndyWatch Feed National"

EXCLUSIVE: The nation's financial and corporate regulator, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), is seemingly too lazy to go after disgraced queer media magnate and former Evo Media owner, Mark Christopher Anthony, despite pleas from other business owners still being harassed by the now officially declared dodgy businessman and evidence piling in against him. [READ MORE]


RMIT University Launches Australias First Blockchain Course "IndyWatch Feed National"

An Australian university has launched the countrys first Blockchain course online #NEWS


How not to teach "IndyWatch Feed National"

For a term paper in an online course, a student was asked to pick a country and compare some trend between that country and the US. The student chose to compare social media use, with Australia as the other country. But she got the paper back with an F grade, the adjunct professor writing on it that she was failing the student and that Australia is a continent not a country. The student appealed the grade to the professor and the university administration and sent in some evidence that Australia was unique in being both a continent and a country. Her grade was then revised to a B+ and the professor was fired.

What struck me about this news item was not that the instructor was unaware that Australia is a country but that, if the story is taken at face value, the professor seemed to be failing the student for what was a mistake of fact. These kinds of things happen when a professor gives an assignment and then looks at only the final product of the student, with no feedback in between. This is done routinely but is not the way to help students learn how to write.

This would never happen in my courses because of the way my courses are structured. While I do assign research term papers, what I do is have the student choose a topic very early on in the course, in consultation with me. The first writing assignment that is due about a third of the way through the course requires the student to write a paper that gives three different perspectives on the topic, written in as neutral a way as possible so that I would find it hard to discern what her preferred position was. The goal of this is to have the student realize that most issues have multiple ways of being seen and to research these alternatives.

The second writing assignment due about two-thirds of the way through the course requires them to take the perspective that they favor and then write two parts: one arguing forcefully and in a partisan way in favor of their preferred position, the other arguing forcefully against it. Again, both parts should be written in such a way that it would be hard for me to guess which side she is on. The point of this assignment is to make the student research the strongest case that can be made against their position.

The final assignment due at the end of the term is where they put this all together and make the case for their position while acknowledging that other points of view and opposing arguments exist and taking those into account when making their case.

For each paper, students are encouraged to submit their work and get feedback from their peers and from me before submitting the final versions. In this system, it can never happen that a studen...


EMF Readings After My Two Posts Today "IndyWatch Feed National"

Again- emf stands for electro magnetic frequentcy- and a safe level is under 50 and as you can those in my house are not even close


Comments on BrewDog being lured to Brisbane in the Broadsheet "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

I was interviewed by Matt Kirkegaard, beer educator and commentator, for his latest article in the Broadsheet:

Is Scottish Superstar BrewDogs Arrival Good for Brisbanes Brewing Scene?

The debate over whether the Queensland Government should have offered financial incentives to lure the Scottish craft beer company to Brisbane was started by my colleague Nick Behrens, Director of QEAS:

Why the State Government is NUTS to offer Scottish beer giant BrewDog industry assistance

Both Nick and Matt were interviewed by 612 ABC Brisbanes drive time presenter Steve Austin on the issue last week:

The Beer Economy: Is BrewDog a good investment for Queensland?

Finally, if youre interested in beer, check out Matts website:

Newstead Brewery

I was lucky enough to go on a tour of the Newstead Brewing Co. at Milton last year


Australia: Ex-Muslim forced to wear niqab for years says I hate the niqab "IndyWatch Feed National"

Can she say that? Or will Australias smart set forthwith denounce her for Islamophobia? I hate the niqab: Ex-Muslim who runs an atheist blog says she ran away from home after her mother forced her to wear the dehumanising face covering, by Stephen Johnson, Daily Mail Australia, February 20, 2018: An ex-Muslim woman has described []


Come to my Introduction to Permaculture weekend workshop at Northey Street City Farm "IndyWatch Feed"

Do you want to come to a wonderfully practical weekend permaculture workshop with me at Northey Street City Farm in Brisbane on March 17-18?

Theres less than 4 weeks to go and only 10 spots left.

My Introduction to Permaculture is a wonderful weekend immersion in permaculture.We are going to cover so much all the basics you need to learn to get your thriving permaculture garden started. Gather great ideas for designing your permaculture oasis. Learn simple and useful skills that will really help you to create an abundant permaculture garden at home, in your street, at school or in your community, and get your hands in the earth and learn by doing.

The topics Ill cover are:

  • What is Permaculture
  • Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles
  • Permaculture for Urban and Suburban areas
  • Garden planning with Permaculture Zones and Sectors
  • Designing your permaculture system
  • Permaculture in the home
  • Building the soil fertility naturally
  • Creating a no-dig garden
  • Establishing a low-maintenance permaculture garden
  • How to create abundance in your edible garden
  • Propagating herbs, perennials and subtropical plants
  • Introduction to seed saving
  • Creating an urban food forest
  • Permaculture in the community

This Intro to Permaculture course is a great too for learning hands-on skills to share in community workshops. If youre keen to learn how to become a teacher of permaculture and create a livelihood from doing something you love, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to hear when my permaculture teacher course is launched.

So I hope you can come along, Northey Street City Farm is such a great place to hang out for the weekend, Youll be surrounded by living permaculture. Plus you can go to the organic farmers market on Sunday morning before class and meet some great people.

My goal is to help you get started in creating your abundant edible garden with simplicity and ease.

I hope you can join me!

Check out this link to a blogpost I made a previous workshop.



Just Discover Doug Mesner Somehow Put My YouTube Channel Back Up "IndyWatch Feed National"

I thought it was gone but I accidentally hit a button to find it was all back up.

So I manually deleted the videos except for a few.

This dude will stop at nothing to try and set me up. But good luck replacing them since I just manually deleted most all of the videos.

Doug Mesner also uses the name Jon Killrush as one of his myriad of aliases- as he gets a rush from killing. And the guy is OBSESSED with me


Beyond Comprehension! Supermassive Black Holes are Outgrowing Their Host Galaxies "IndyWatch Feed National"

By The Daily Galaxy

The growth of the biggest black holes in the Universe is outrunning the rate of formation of stars in the galaxies they inhabit, according to two new studies using data from NASAs Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes and described in our latest press release.

In this graphic an image from the Chandra Deep Field-South is shown. The Chandra image (blue) is the deepest ever obtained in X-rays. It has been combined with an optical and infrared image from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), colored red, green, and blue. Each Chandra source is produced by hot gas falling towards a supermassive black hole in the center of the host galaxy, as depicted in the artists illustration.One team of researchers, led by Guang Yang at Penn State, calculated the ratio between a supermassive black holes growth rate and the growth rate of stars in its host galaxy and found it is much higher for more massive galaxies. For galaxies containing about 100 billion solar masses worth of stars, the ratio is about ten times higher than it is for galaxies containing about 10 billion solar masses worth of stars.

Using large amounts of data from Chandra, HST and other observatories, Yang and his colleagues studied the growth rate of black holes in galaxies at distances of 4.3 to 12.2 billion light years from Earth. The X-ray data included the Chandra Deep Field-South and North surveys and the COSMOS-Legacy surveys.

Another group of scientists, led by Mar Mezcua of the Institute of Space Sciences in Spain, independently studied 72 galaxies located at the center of galaxy clusters at distances ranging up to about 3.5 billion light years from Earth and compared their properties in X-ray and radio waves. Their work indicates that the black hole masses were about ten times larger than masses estimated by another method using the assumption that the black holes and galaxies grew in tandem.

The Mezcua study used X-ray data from Chandra and radio data from the Australia Telescope Compact Array, the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) and Very Long Baseline Array. One object in their sample is the large galaxy in the center of the Hercules galaxy cluster. The image shown above includes Chandra data (purple), VLA data (blue) and HST optical data (appearing white).

The Daily Galaxy via Chandra X-ray Center...

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Tuesday, 20 February


Could the Fire at Legal Aid in Lincoln NE Be Connected to This Child Trafficking Mess? "IndyWatch Feed National"

It COULD just be coinsidence- but the fact that a fire just took out the Legal Aid floor in Lincoln NE- and ONLY the 8th floor at a time when people are talking about what happened in Omaha in the 80s cant help but raise red flags for me.

The fact that the fire started only on the 8th floor- which where Legal Aid is located- and considering virtually all the victims of what happened in Omaha were low income individuals- makes me wonder if there isnt some attempt to stop and hide what happened in Omaha in the 80s. The fact that the building was closed- both because of the time of the fire AND because it was Presidents Day also makes me wonder.

And the fact that the fire itself was SOLEY on the 8th floor is enough to make a person go hmmmmmm.

Could this be an attempt to destroy evidence and cover things up? Maybe not- but considering everything that is happening right now- it just seems like to big of a coincidence to rule it out.



Rosemary Spiritual Meaning "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine

Rosemary spiritual meaning. The magical spiritual properties health benefits and all about rosemary herb and its uses. From rosemary tea to cleansing with rosemary.

The post Rosemary Spiritual Meaning appeared first on Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine.


Geoffrey Rush defamation case hears allegation he touched actress genitals "IndyWatch Feed National"

ABC News Australia

Geoffrey Rush defamation case hears allegation he touched actress genitals

20 February 2018

Geoffrey Rush

More details have emerged of the allegations against Geoffrey Rush after a judge lifted a suppression order on the Daily Telegraphs defence to a defamation action brought by the Oscar-winning actor.

In its defence filed in the Federal Court, the newspaper claims that Rush inappropriately touched actor Eryn Jean Norvill, who was playing his daughter during a production of King Lear at the Sydney Theatre Company in 2015.

The defence document alleges that Norvill complained to the Sydney Theatre Company that the actor had touched her genitals during the production of King Lear without her consent.

Rush has vehemently denied the claims and is seeking damages, claiming the article portrayed him as a pervert and a sexual predator.

The Daily Telegraph claims in its defence that the touching happened during the final scene of the play, when Rush in the role of King Lear walked onto the stage carrying the lifeless body of his daughter, Cordelia.

In a pre-trial hea...


MEDIA RELEASE: Government draft poultry standards fail to meet international standards "IndyWatch Feed National"

MEDIA RELEASE- 20 February 2018

Animal welfare advocates, farmers, academics and consumers are disappointed that the government department responsible for draft industry standards for poultry welfare released in late 2017 colluded with the industrial livestock industry before the release, and failed to meet expectations to phase out battery cages.

Consumers and animal welfare advocates are appalled by the Draft Standards. Already more than 100,000 submissions have been made, triple the number submitted for other livestock welfare reviews.[1]

The draft was widely expected to follow international moves to ban the battery cage. But in the face of this global trend, Australia has shied away from a once-in-a-generation chance to secure better welfare for poultry since the last review in 2001.

The integrity of the process undertaken by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) was put into question after research by animal welfare scientists was distorted by the drafting group to appear in favour of conventional caged egg production. Industrial caged egg farmers were accused of engaging in systemic collusion with the DPI to thwart moves to outlaw battery hens.

One suggested alternative is furnished or colony cages, which are larger and provide perches, nests and litter for pecking and scratching. But the research on furnished cages was provided by an industry body and only done on 12 flocks, calling into question the independence and comprehensiveness of the studies accompanying the proposed standards.

The European Union announced a ban on battery cages in 1999 and witnessed the completion of that ban in 2012, 20 years after Switzerland became first to phase out battery cages.[2] Alongside them are Canada, New Zealand and the states of California, Michigan and Ohio in the US, where cage-free egg products are a requirement in many retail outlets.

In Australia, major retailers such as McDonalds, Coles & Woolies have agreed to phase out caged eggs. More than 40 IGA stores have stopped stocking cage eggs.[3] The proportion of caged eggs sold in supermarkets has fallen from 75% to 49% over the past decade and the RSPCA says that 84% of consumers do not want cage eggs.

Clearly consumer awareness and demand for cage-free products are on the rise, and Australian governments are wildly out of step with community sentiment.

AFSA President and free-range pig and cattle farmer Tammi Jonas said, Industrial farmers a...


Sally Field Plays Matchmaker For Son Who Has Crush On Olympic Skater "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Hollywood star Sally Field deserves another Oscar for her role as Best Supporting Mum. Fields son, director Sam Greisman, has a serious crush on figure skater Adam Rippon, who won a US team bronze medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Greisman, 30, revealed on social media that not only did he have a crush ...

The post Sally Field Plays Matchmaker For Son Who Has Crush On Olympic Skater appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Bernardi says Barnaby Joyce not only minister having sex with staff "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Guardian

Australian edition

Bernardi says Barnaby Joyce not only minister having sex with staff

Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi suggests others are in breach of PMs code of conduct but doesnt name them

Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi
Cory Bernardi says ministers other than Barnaby Joyce are in sexual relationships with staff. Photograph: Mike Bowers for the Guardian

Cory Bernardi has claimed that Turnbull government ministers other than Barnaby Joyce are having a sexual relationship with a person on their staff after the revelation of Joyces affair with his former media adviser Vikki Campion.

While Joyce refused to step down as Nationals leader over the controversy, the leader of the Australian Conservatives stirred trouble for the Coalition by suggesting that others were in breach of Malcolm Turnbulls code of conduct banning sex between ministers and their staff.


Barnaby Joyce hits back over leadership pressure: Im not going anywhere "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Guardian

Australian Edition

Barnaby Joyce hits back over leadership pressure: Im not going anywhere

Deputy PM says he is humbled by support and people are starting to see this as a witch-hunt

Barnaby Joyce
Barnaby Joyce played down a phone hook-up between officials from the National party on Monday. Photograph: Michael Masters/Getty Images

Barnaby Joyce says hes not going anywhere, blasting suggestions he should be ousted as Nationals leader by calling them a witch-hunt.

The deputy prime minister, who has taken personal leave after his relationship with a staffer was made public, also played down a phone hook-up on Monday afternoon betweens Nationals officials from four states and the federal party.

I am humbled by the support in my electorate and in the community, he told Fairfax Media in an intervie...


Geoffrey Rushs co-star visibly upset after confrontation, court told "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Guardian Australia

Geoffrey Rushs co-star visibly upset after confrontation, court told

Documents claim actor entered theatres female bathroom before being told to leave

Geoffrey Rush
Geoffrey Rush labelled the articles published by the Daily Telegraph as spurious claims with bombastic titles. Photograph: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

The Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush was involved in a confrontation that left a female cast member visibly upset at a party following the 2015 Sydney Theatre Company production of King Lear, according to allegations in newly released court documents.

On Tuesday the federal court in Australia published a previously suppressed document filed by Nationwide News a subsidiary of News Corp in its defence of defamation proceedings brought by Rush against the newspaper publisher.

Rush strenuously denies the allegations made against him and has labelled the articles published by the Daily Telegraph in November and December last year as spurious claims with bombastic titles.



British police sexual spying on fox hunting opponents "IndyWatch Feed National"

Anti-foxhunting protesters gather outside the Houses of Parliament in London in 2015

Fox hunting is illegal in Britain. Now it seems that British secret police, instead of arresting ex-Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and his illegally fox hunting cronies, has been spying on fox hunting opponents. And has used sexually abusive tactics in this, like also in spying on other peaceful activists.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Female spycop still in relationship with anti-fox hunting activist she monitored

AN UNDERCOVER copper is still in a romantic relationship with an activist she was sent to monitor more than 15 years after her deployment ended.

The officer, who used the cover name Christine Green, has lived in remote parts of Cornwall and Scotland with anti-fox hunting campaigner Tom Frampton, the Guardian reported today. She became friends with Mr Frampton during her deployment.

Ms Green is the first female officer known to have had a long-term relationship with a campaigner. It is not known at what stage she revealed to her boyfriend that she was a police....


Australian University Launches Nations First Open Blockchain Course "IndyWatch Feed National"

The post Australian University Launches Nations First Open Blockchain Course appeared first on CCN

Australian public research university RMIT is launching the countrys first dedicated online short course on blockchain technology, the underlying innovation behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The emergence of blockchain as a disruptive, game-changing technology has spurred Melbourne-based RMIT University to offer Australias first online course on the sector. The 8-week program, titled Developing Blockchain Strategy, will Continued

The post Australian University Launches Nations First Open Blockchain Course appeared first on CCN


8 Chicken and Beer - Sunnybank "IndyWatch Feed"

Being quite a fan of Korean Fried Chicken (despite suffering so many breakouts after) I was keen to hit up most of the popular joints in Brisbane to find a favourite. Having read some limited reviews on 8 Chicken and Beer, I was curious to try it out. However given my recent diet, it required considerable reason for me to break my vow and indulge, so when a friend went through a slight life crisis, I decided that there is nothing more comforting and loving than a dish of fried chicken (any excuse to break the vow), so off we went. 

Arriving at 12 on Saturday, I was surprised to be the only table in the store. Only after sitting down did I notice the constant stream of customers coming in and out getting their chicken take away. 


Academic Investigating Chinese Influence Peddling in New Zealand Had Break-Ins at Home and Work "IndyWatch Feed National"

Via: New Zealand Herald: A New Zealand academic who made international waves researching Chinas international influence campaigns has linked a number of recent break-ins to her work. University of Canterbury professor Anne-Marie Brady, speaking today from Christchurch to the Australian Parliaments Intelligence and Security Committee in Canberra, outlined three recent events which caused her concern. []


Writers, we want your false documents! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Overland is seeking fiction submissions for a special online fiction edition themed around False documents  that is, fiction disguised as or in the guise of real textual artefacts  to be guest edited by Dave Drayton.


Do you want to be a permaculture educator too? "IndyWatch Feed"

I love running permaculture workshops.

The permaculture education session in this clip was designed especially for kids. I love working with kids. They just get it! But you dont need to be a child to enjoy this video and perhaps you may even see your garden differently.

Last Saturday morning, I led 2 booked-out sessions for over 40 children, aged between 5-12. We were learning and gardening inside a Brisbane City library as part of the BrisAsia Festival program. The Council supports a great sustainable living community education program which Ive been part of for almost a decade.

I also regularly run permaculture workshops, classes, seminars for children, youth and adults in many other places, and have done this in about 20 countries over the past two decades. Ive decided that very soon to share not just about permaculture but how to teach it too.

Do you want to be a permaculture educator and learn from me how to offer great permaculture courses, workshops, talks and classes?

Please register your initial interest  below in the comments, or send me an email on

Enjoy this clip as I explore kitchen gardening with children, the permaculture way, with the focus being on foods that come from the vast Asian region. My aim is always to explore so many things in an interconnected and accessible way. In this session, I have included:

  • systems thinking
  • centres of seed diversity
  • the concept of food forests
  • polycultures and perennials
  • gardens as healthy habitat got humans and wildlife
  • healthy food
  • local food systems, the health and environmental impact of industrial food
  • reducing plastics
  • growing seeds
  • propagating plants
  • and more

Enjoy and share! Show it to your kids.


You can learn more fabulously practical ideas and skills in the Our Permaculture Life Membership Community for less than $1 a day.


I offer a 6 module...


MACKAY Mackay man rang in fake suicide threat "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 20, 2018 at 12:03PM ,

Mackay man rang in fake suicide threat

February 20, 2018 at 12:03PM ,

The Daily Mercury cannot legally identify the man, who appeared before Magistrate Mark Nolan in Mackay Magistrates Court on February 14. He pleaded guilty to contravening a domestic violence order on November 12 last year. Prosecutor Acting Sergeant Duncan Erskine said the man and his partner

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00007 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.45 AUD

IKEA To Begin Selling "At-Cost" Home Solar Panel Systems For Under $10,000 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA recently announced a plan to sell at-cost home solar panel systems that will range from $7,500 $10,000. The offer is slowly rolling out in different markets and is already available in different parts of Europe and Japan. This week, IKEA Australia boss Jan Gardberg announced that the solar panels will soon be sold in his region as well.


Dim Sim's 18th birthday (and Sahara) "IndyWatch Feed"

Hi friends, I hope you will indulge me in a cat-full and food-free post! Dim Sim's 18th birthday was on the 16th of February, so I thought I might do a little day in the life post of my sweetheart from her special day.

Dim Sim sleeps either under the covers with me, or on her blankie next to my pillow, so we woke up together. In the mornings, I have to sneak into the bathroom for my shower before she can get in there. She likes to drink water out of the bottom of the bath, and the fact that someone is in there with the shower running doesn't stop her. Once I'm done, I run some fresh water for her, and she jumps in for a drink.

Dim Sim's 18th Birthday

Then she went to have a little drink from her actual water bowl in my room.

Dim Sim's 18th Birthday

Then it was downstairs to have a look out the window at the back yard, then settle onto her special chair for a nap.

Dim Sim's 18th Birthday

I had to work all day, out of the house for 12 hours, but I was sure to get a little photo of us before I left. She had moved from her chair onto her cushion in front of the sunroom window. Now that she is an only cat, all places are her places.

Dim Sim's 18th Birthday

While I was at work, Mum sent me regular photos of her throughout the day. Mostly eating, napping, having cuddles, or occasionally just skulking about in deep contemplation. Enjoy.

Dim Sim's 18th Birthday



IKEA To Begin Selling At-Cost Home Solar Panel Systems For Under $10,000 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA recently announced a plan to sell at-cost home solar panel systems that will range from $7,500 $10,000. The offer is slowly rolling out in different markets and is already available in different parts of Europe and Japan. This week, IKEA Australia boss Jan Gardberg announced that the solar panels will soon be sold in his region as well.

In an interview with 9 News, Gardberg said, We have already introduced (solar panels) into the UK market and in Poland and something similar in Japan, and I and the team would like to find a way to introduce that to the Australian market.

It would actually be cost-neutral because we believe this to be another positive way that we, as a big company, can contribute for the sustainable life at home for the many people in Australia, he added.

According to Canstar Blue, this is the price list that is currently being used for IKEA solar products in the UK:

a 3kW solar system for 4,412 ($A7,800);
a customisable solar system, starting at 3kW for 4,941 ($A8,700);
 and a customized solar system thats designed to integrate seamlessly with your roof, again starting at 3kW, this time costing 6,176 ($A10,900).

Hopefully, their solar panels are of a better quality and easier to put together than their furniture is.

The price of solar panels has continued to decrease with each passing year, making solar as a viable energy source a very real possibility.

2016 data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) suggests that solar has actually already become the cheapest way to generate energy.

According to a recent estimate released by the International Energy Agency, solar will be the worlds primary source of energy by 2050. Recent breakthroughs in solar technology are making it more efficient and cheaper to extract energy from the sun, which in turn, is making this technology more available to the average person.

Solar power is unlike most other energy resources because there is a limitless supply. This limitless supply of power could actually cause energy prices to drop so low that anyone could afford it. Like all technology, the technology to harness electricity from the sun will continue to become cheaper as it is developed and perfected.



Vacancy rates drop in January "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Rental vacancies tighten

I've noticed many rental properties letting much more quickly in Brisbane in recent weeks.

Whether or nor this is the beginning of a trend for 2018 remains to be seen. 

SQM Research reported that nationally vacancy rates tightened from 2.5 per cent to 2.3 per cent in January, partly due to the seasonal variation over the Christmas period. 

In Sydney the vacancy rate fell from 2.6 per cent to 2.3 per cent in the month of January.

However, that's still higher than the 1.9 per cent recorded a year earlier.

Indeed, smoothing the numbers on a 6mMA basis you can see that Sydney's rental conditions have been easing, and rental price growth may now moderate from here. 

Hobart's vacancy rate increased to 0.4 per cent in January, but a severe rental shortage in the Tasmanian capital is putting continued upwards pressure on rents. 

Canberra also recorded a tight vacancy rate of 0.9 per cent in January, with Adelaide at 1.5 per cent, and Melbourne at 1.8 per cent. 

The trend in Perth's vacancy rate, although still elevated, is also improving. 



Noosas Rainbow River Festival Is Returning Next Month "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Noosa on Queenslands Sunshine Coast will again play host to the annual Rainbow River Festival next month. The post-Mardi Gras event is an LGBTIQ-inclusive party which started in 2016 and is now an annual celebration of diversity in the picturesque region. Organisers are excited to welcome locals and visitors to join in the festivities to ...

The post Noosas Rainbow River Festival Is Returning Next Month appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Brisbane Swim Team Aqualicious Unveils Plans For Mardi Gras Float "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Brisbane LGBTIQ swim team Aqualicious have unveiled their plans for their colourful float in this years Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade. The float, titled Lets get physical: exercise your rights, will incorporate fluorescent 1980s colours and pay tribute to gay icon Olivia Newton-John and LGBTIQ history. [The float] brings together themes of fitness, ...

The post Brisbane Swim Team Aqualicious Unveils Plans For Mardi Gras Float appeared first on QNews Magazine.


State Funeral tomorrow for the late Sir Nicholas Shehadie AC OBE (1926 2018) "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian National Flag to fly at Half-Mast Wednesday, 21 February 2018 State Funeral Service Sir Nicholas Shehadie AC OBE (1926 2018) The New South Wales Department of the Premier and Cabinet advises that a State Funeral Service for Sir Nicholas Shehadie AC OBE will be held at 10.00am on...


Reflections on The Hegemony Narrative "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L) Image from the aerial view of the expoding mother of all bombs, and (R) guarding the opium fields (R photo Global Research)

by G5

Recalling what I recently wrote of The Los Alamos Atlanta CAL Air Flight: False Flags of plausible denial are currently being sought by America, NATO, and Israel, to swerve Western herds, to allow for strikes on: Russian Assets, Syria and Iran.

Latakia of course would be well off target for the protagonists. Unless they are hoping that Ru...


4EB's February 2018 Newsletter "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Click on the image below, to find out the latest news about Brisbane's one and only multi-language radio station, Radio 4EB:




PERTH Magistrates court act wa "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Magistrates court act wa .

February 20, 2018 at 10:19AM .

and non-offence based matters (eg extraordinary drivers licence applications, Motor Vehicle (Third Party Insurance) Regulations 2009. fremantle docker michael johnson arriving at perth magistrates court for an earlier Summoned for jury duty? Click above to learn more on jury service, what to expect, .



WATCH: John Oliver Roasts Hypocritical Barnaby Joyce Over Affair Scandal "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

US talk show host John Oliver has roasted Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce in the wake of Joyces affair with a former staffer. On his HBO show Last Week Tonight, comedian John Oliver introduced Joyce as a social conservative and said his opposition to same-sex marriage last year was hypocritical. Joyce is a social conservative ...

The post WATCH: John Oliver Roasts Hypocritical Barnaby Joyce Over Affair Scandal appeared first on QNews Magazine.


Raised by wolves: new survivalist heroines in fiction "IndyWatch Feed National"

In recent years there has been an increasingly apocalyptic flavour to literary fiction, an upsurge in narratives of radical self-reliance in the face of economic, environmental or civil collapse. Given the end-times polarisation of the political climate, the trend is perhaps unsurprising, but in 2017 three debut novels specifically featured teenage heroines schooled in survivalist practices by their fathers.


Puzzling change in Southern Ocean revealed by CSIRO "IndyWatch Feed National"

Researchers aboard an Australian ship undertaking pioneering work in the Southern Ocean have found the "first hint" of a shift in a decades-long trend towards fresher, less dense water off Antarctica. Teams of scientists on the RV Investigator have been profiling the salinity and temperature of water between Tasmania and Antarctica at 108 locations. They also released the first batch of deep Argot floats to measure conditions as deep as 4000 metres. But it is the early analysis of data on salinity in the so-called bottom waters near the seabed that may stir international debate. "Every time we've measured since the 1970s, [bottom water's] been becoming lighter and fresher," Steve Rintoul, the voyage chief scientist, told Fairfax Media on Monday as the ship took its final ocean profile. "We've got the first hint now that maybe things are shifting back to becoming saltier and denser in the deepest part of the ocean," said Dr Rintoul, who is a senior researcher at CSIRO and the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems (ACE) CRC. Dr Rintoul said "this increase in salinity still brings levels to nowhere near where they were in the 1970s ... nor even into the 1990s". The trend of warming of those waters has not changed.


SACOSS: Labors plan on digital a winner "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The South Australian Council of Social Service applauds todays announcement by Premier Jay Weatherill that a re-elected Labor Government would take steps to bridge the digital divide in South Australia. It is good news for those people struggling with internet access and costs, and vital for ensuring that everyone can participate in the digital economy and society.

South Australia has lagged behind Australia with the second lowest score on the Australian Digital Inclusion Index, and with some 17% of households not accessing the internet (above the national average of 15%).

The SACOSS Cost of Living Report released last week showed that South Australians spend less than the national average on telecommunications and get less value for money meaning that South Australians are under-utilising telecommunications. Those on low incomes and those looking for work, people with disability, and those in regional areas are particularly disadvantaged in a digital world.


Brisbane Dance Company To Spotlight Next Generation Of Dance Talent "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Four emerging and established choreographers are set to take centre stage in Brisbane next month when the Expressions Dance Company presents their new show Converge. The choreographers Stephanie Lake, Richard Causer and Jake McLarnon from Australia and Xu Yiming from China will build daring new works with the award-winning dancers at the Queensland ...

The post Brisbane Dance Company To Spotlight Next Generation Of Dance Talent appeared first on QNews Magazine.


No, no, no: Shortens message to Adani "IndyWatch Feed National"

ALP leader Bill Shorten. Photo AAP

BRISBANE, AAP Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says theres no way hell support government money going to Adani to help the Indian miner get its Queensland coal mine off the ground.

Adanis planned mine has dominated a community meeting Mr Shorten attended in Townsville on Monday night.

If they want to use EFIC (the Export Finance and Investment Corporation) or any other form of government funding body to get the money no, no, no, he told the crowd.

There were tense scenes outside the meeting at the Currajong State School when a man scuffled with anti-Adani protesters.

Police were called and a 53-year-old man was issued with a notice to front court on three counts of common assault.

The mine is a divisive issue in Townsville, which is one of two fly-in, fly-out bases for the Galilee basin coal mine.

Some want the jobs Adani has promised, but others view the mine as an environmental disaster.

The post No, no, no: Shortens message to Adani appeared first on Echonetdaily.



Stallholder Profile for Succulent Artistry

Your name: Deborah Groves

Your business name and facebook/website name and link:
Succulent Artistry

The suburb/town you live in now:
Little Mountain, Caloundra.

What is it that you make and what skills do you use?:
I make living succulent arrangements in hand-made or up-cycled quirky containers.  I have learnt a lot of skills over the past couple of years related to this.  From propogating succulents from a leaf or a cutting to using power tools to make timber boxes out of reclaimed timber.  Thank goodness for Youtube - you can learn just about anything on there! 

What inspired you to start your business?:


MACKAY Woman says drug-drive test wrong, magistrate rejects claim "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 20, 2018 at 07:00AM ,

Woman says drug-drive test wrong, magistrate rejects claim

February 20, 2018 at 07:00AM ,

Whitty faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, pleading guilty to driving while methamphetamines were present in her saliva, at Eton, on May 26, 2017. The 37-year-old, who was not represented by a lawyer, was applying for a work licence to be granted to allow her to drive while disqualified.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

MACKAY Mans jewellery draws attention of anti-bikie taskforce "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 20, 2018 at 05:52AM ,

Mans jewellery draws attention of anti-bikie taskforce

February 20, 2018 at 05:52AM ,

A MACKAY man has drawn the attention of Queenslands anti-bikie taskforce by wearing cool rings linked to outlaw motorcycle gangs. Alec Vincent Coulahan avoided the maximum penalty for wearing the prohibited jewellery adorned with the 1% insignia when he faced Mackay Magistrates Court.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Deniss Dreaming: Julian Assange And His Doppelganger "IndyWatch Feed National"

The only thing better than one Julian Assange, is two Julian Assanges. Denis A. Conroy takes up the story.

Walking along Hans Crescent every morning on my way to work, I stop briefly to look up at the balcony fronting the room which Julian Assange occupies in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Ive been passing his place of residence for five years now and Ive yet to catch a glimpse of him.

What I do see though, are some of Her Majesties compliant factotums doing their surveillance-best to keep tabs on the Ecuadorian Embassy and to monitor the founder of WikiLeaks now in situ compliments of the arse-licking British government doing-it for American imperialism.

Casting a second glance in the direction of Julian Assanges balcony, I wondered how the greying Julian, pallid from long confinement within a sunless space must feel, regarding the findings of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention when it determined that the arbitrary detention of Julian Assange ought to be terminated. That his physical integrity and freedom of movement be respected, and that he should be entitled to an enforceable right to compensation.

As I proceed along Hans Crescent I become aware that I am moving towards the citys financial sector in the company of an army of well-dressed arse-lickers, insouciantly marching to the beat of a market ethos that had turned wine into water and morality into blandishments of the vulgar kind. In the land of the tiara, the bowler-hat, the umbrella and the well-fitting two-piece office outfit, an order of soft-power has evolved whereby tolerance of Americas iniquitous hard-power has blindsided the better instincts of the masses, thus allowing a culture of predation to continue.

An artists depiction of Hans Crescent, and the Ecuadorian Embassy (next door to Harrods). (IMAGE: James Hobbs, Flickr)

People seem content to go along with any shit if a pay-cheque is in the offing, I surmised.

The ubiquitous US empire, I realized, had become an omnipresent force capable of vacuuming up and silencing all who dared question the activities of a system promulgating political chicanery and it doesnt approve of unauthorized disclosure, as the Julian Assange case demonstrates. Particularly as the covert activities of the ever-expanding American Em...


Aussie filmmaker protests innocence of spying charges "IndyWatch Feed National"

In this Jan. 17, 2018, photo, Australian filmmaker James Ricketson, 68, is escorted by prison guards at the Cambodian Supreme Court in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Photo AP Photo/Heng Sinith

PHNOM PENH, AAP An Australian filmmaker accused of espionage in Cambodia has appeared in court, continuing to protest his innocence saying there was no evidence at all of his alleged crime.

James Ricketson, 68, went before the court in Phnom Penh court on Monday before an investigating judge, saying Cambodian investigators still had not produced evidence to support claims he was spying after they seized his computer and trawled through thousands of emails.

They havent come up with any evidence. There is not one email suggestive of me being a spy, he said as he was being taken back to the notorious Prey Sar prison, where he has been incarcerated since June.

He faces five to 10 years behind bars if convicted.

Ricketson has lost about 10kg, his family says, and appeared in court dressed in prison orange overalls. The hearing was closed to the public.

The Australian government recently made representations to the Cambodian government on behalf of Ricketson after a petition with more than 68,000 names was taken up.

The post Aussie filmmaker protests innocence of spying charges appeared first on Echonetdaily.


February 20 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed National"

1804 - Charles Crump was Hanged in Sydney for the theft of 9 pieces of chintzes and printed calicoes from William Tough in Sydney Cove.

1809 - Poor old Billy Bligh boarded a boat after agreeing to go straight to England,not pop into any part of the colony for a cuppa or pass Go and collect $200.

1835 - Charles Norford was Hanged at Sydney for the attempted murder of Patrick Lynch. Norford was shaving Lynch when he suddenly cut his throat.

1863 - Hendrick Witnalder was Hanged at Campbell Street Gaolm Tassie, for sodomy.

1872 William Lygon, aka the 7th Earl Beachamp, popped into the world today. Willy-boy became Gov of NSW and was a patron to Henry Lawson for awhile. 
Shoved out of the closet by his brother-in-law in 1931, Willy quietly went into exile.

1879 - The Cape Bedford Massacre took place; Cooktown based Native Police Sub-inspector Stanhope O'Connor with his troopers, Barney, Jack, Corporal Hero, Johnny and Jimmy hunted down and "hemmed in" a group of Guugu-Yimidhirr Aborigines in "a narrow gorge", north of Cooktown on, "of which both outlets were secured by the troopers. There were twenty-eight men and thirteen gins thus enclosed, of whom none of the former escaped. Twenty-four were shot down on the beach, and four swam out to the sea" never to be seen again.

1880 - The Newcastle Morning Herald announced that a local Aboriginal woman known as Old Margaret , who was purported to be the last surviving Aboriginal people of Lake Macquarie (along with her children) would be formally offered a grant to the land on which they have resided for years.

1895 - The Timaru Herald declared that those on the Oz side of the ditch were claiming that sharing a treaty over a few bottles of plonk with those on the NZ side of the ditch would 'retard Federation".
How abouts we let those Kiwis piff a few of their apples at the silly Aussies in question...?
1900 - The Taranaki Herald reported that, while two men arguing over the war ended in the murder of one in Charters Towers on the other hand it wasn't Bubonic Plague like they'd suspected on a ship in port.
The Laboratory giveth and the war taketh away.....

1903 - The first design change to the original Australian national flags were made.
For civil use, the British Red ensign and six pointed federation star stayed, but the design of the Southern Cross was changed so that all but the smallest star had seven points, ostensibly to improve the ease of manufacture.
The exact date of this change is not known. The earliest known official use was from the belated Gazettal of the...


Its Ok to Say No to Fluoride in Gunnedahs Water administrator Wendy Carpenter challenges new fluoride legislation proposed by NSW Labor "IndyWatch Feed National"

MEMBERS of anti-fluoride groups have responded to new fluoride legislation proposed by NSW Labors shadow health minister Walt Secord.

Labors proposed legislation will bring laws into effect which will give the NSW health minister additional powers to direct local councils and water authorities to add fluoride to their drinking water supply.

The proposed changes follow Gunnedah Shire Councils (GSC) decision to fluoridate the towns water supply in December.

Administrator of the Its ok to say no to fluoride in Gunnedahs water Facebook group Wendy Carpenter said the proposed legislation is disappointing.

I thought Australia was a democratic country where we can make our health decisions, not a dictatorship, Mrs Carpenter said.

It is very disappointing that Mr Secord wants to force all NSW councils to be fluoridated and massively fine those councils that dont want to fluoridate.

STANDING FIRM: Members of the It's ok to say no to fluoride in Gunnedah's water Facebook group lead by group administrator Wendy Carpenter disagree with NSW Labor's proposed fluoride legislation. Photo: Billy Jupp

STANDING FIRM: Members of the Its ok to say no to fluoride in Gunnedahs water Facebook group lead by group administrator Wendy Carpenter disagree with NSW Labors proposed fluoride legislation. Photo: Billy Jupp

In a statement announcing the proposed legislation, Mr Secord took a stand against fluoride opponents.

Fluoride is one of the great public health achievements and it is mind boggling that any group would oppose its introduction, Mr Secord said.

The proposed new laws are sensible and give the health minister the power to direct a recalcitrant local water authority to put fl...


Disproportionate numbers of Newstart/Youth Allowance recipients in Far North Qld, Wide Bay-Burnett & Logan "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Pete Faulkners post Job Seeker data shows little change for Cairns alerted me to the latest data on recipients of Newstart and Youth Allowance (for young job seekers) from the Commonwealth Department of Social Services. These data highlight the ongoing lack of economic opportunity in Far North Queensland (outside of Cairns and surrounding regions) and North West Queensland, which are home to many remote Indigenous communities (see map below). In the Far North ABS SA3 region, job seekers receiving Newstart or Youth Allowance account for over 12% of the working age population. The Wide Bay-Burnett region also has a relatively high incidence of Newstart and Youth Allowance recipients (at 6-7% of the working age population).


Stark differences in the numbers of Newstart and Youth Allowance recipients exist across Brisbane metro regions. The leafy western suburbs have a very low incidence (at 1-1.5% of the working age population) while the Springwood-Kingston area has around four times the incidence of Newstart and Youth Allowance recipients (over 6%).



UK don jailed 32 years over abuse photos "IndyWatch Feed National"

Geophysicist Dr Matthew Falder, aged 28, of Edgbaston, UK.  Falder has been sentenced to 32 years in jail after admitting 137 charges including rape and blackmail, at Birmingham Crown Court, central England, on 19 February 2018. Photo National Crime Agency handout

LONDON, RAW Australian authorities took part in the global manhunt for a British academic who blackmailed more than 300 victims into sending him depraved images, that he shared on dark web forums.

Dr Matthew Falder, 29, a geophysicist employed as a researcher at Birmingham University in central England, has now been jailed for 32 years after admitting 137 offences, including encouraging the rape of a four-year-old boy.

He duped victims by masquerading as a depressed female artist on forums and mainstream online advertising websites.

He fooled them into sending him naked or partially clothed images of themselves before blackmailing them into sending more humiliating images by threatening to send the original pictures to their family, friends and employers.

Using the names evilmind and 666devil, he then distributed the images on hurt core websites, hidden forums devoted to discussing rape, murder, sadism, torture, pedophilia, blackmail and degradation.

Britains National Crime Agency said he approached more than 300 people worldwide, with 45 victims represented in the charges against him.

The NCA set up a global task force with law enforcement officials from the United States, Australia and Europol and enlisted the help of the UKs eavesdropping spy agency GCHQ during a four-year hunt to track down Falder, who had used specialist anonymising techniques to remain hidden.

He was finally arrested in June last year and in October pleaded guilty to 137 charges which included encouraging rape, inciting sexual exploitation, making indecent images of children and voyeurism.

It is a tale of ever-increasing depravity, Judge Philip Parker said as he sentenced Falder at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday.

The effects on the girls, women and men were devastating. The damage is ongoing for these individuals. It will never end. Time and again people begged you to stop. Time and again you ramped up th...


HE SAID BOOO-RETURNS! Gay man arrested at gay festival for booing right-wing gays to boo with others next year "IndyWatch Feed National"

EXCLUSIVE: A gay man recently arrested at a gay festival in Melbourne for "booing" right-wing gays says he is planning to do it all again next year and is now inviting others to join him in his peaceful protest. [READ MORE]


Why is Our Govt Lying About Earthquakes? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dutchsinse is a geologist who reports earthquakes and volcanoes around the world- but is claiming the USGS is failing to report earthquakes that are hitting off the West Coast. The question is why?

What is in scriptures is that in the end- we would hear of wars and rumors of wars- along with earthquakes and volcanoes.

The Shiveluch volcano in Siberia exploded in Dec- which is a super volcano- spewing ash 6 miles into the sky- and now an Indonesian volcano has just erupted yesterday. Seems the planet is incredibly active.

This is obviously a concern since the USGS is now lying about earthquakes.

Seems I may not be the only one thinking we may be at the end. Guess we will see how safe their lies keep everyone in the end.

Dutchsinse speaks about our govt lies 16 minutes into the video on this post. Our government lies about everything else so this isnt much of a surprise- but why are they lying about earthquakes? And how effective do they believe their lies will be when a big one hits? And obviously they think this might happen because why else would they need a reason to lie?

Not that they need one- but it still begs the question.


Tiny Graphene Membrane Creates Supercharged Water Purification In One Simple Step "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Kevin Samson

Fresh water supplies continue to be assaulted on multiple fronts. Front page news at the moment is the unfolding disaster in Cape Town, South Africa which could be completely without water by June. According to some, this is as much the result of politics as it is the result of a three-year drought.

At the same time, clearly man-made disasters like the corporate hoarding of fresh water is on the rise. At the heart of this initiative to make water a commodity has been Nestle, whose former CEO clearly stated that water supplies should be privatized and that the right to fresh, clean water is not an essential human right. One look at how this is manifesting in Mexico at the moment should make it clear who gets most severely penalized for this policy.

Moreover, it is estimated that nearly 1/3 of the planets population is directly threatened by unclean water. Finding a solution to this ongoing plague should be of paramount importance; it is for this reason that I have repeatedly focused on novel new ways that we can take back control over our water supply and ensure that it is as clean as possible (see here and here).

A new filtering technique might just hold the largest promise yet for being able to access even large bodies of water across the planet that have become terribly polluted. Australias Syndney Harbour is one such place. Comprising more than 10,000 acres at dept...


Market Talk- Feb 19, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Even though much of Asia remain on holidays celebrating the New Year, we did see the impressive broad based rally continue. The Nikkei rose another 2% and with commodities improving also, that helped the Australian ASX. The Yen drifted back to the mid 106s and that helped the exporters push the Nikkei. This has been a sigh of relief for exporters since we saw the low 105s rejected last week. Banks has also benefited with this rally with MUFG and Mizuho both adding just over 2% today. The Nikkei managed a close at the days highs, but we are seeing futures return some of those gains as western markets drift in US afternoon trading.
Volumes were extremely light all over, but that is to be expected with so many markets closed.

Core European indices tried to follow Asias lead but was soon to be rejected. In thin lacklustre trading the markets looked jittery with bids backing off rather than being hit. The auto sector saw the worst decline losing more than the averages by the end of the day (Daimler down 2.1% closing at 71.01). All core traded lower as the day progressed with most closing on their days lows on average down -0.6%. Next week we will hear more planned details surrounding BREXIT as Theresa May (UK Prime Minister) is likely to address the general public, after having agreed its content with her cabinet, from outside of London. There is much speculation surrounding planning and details as the EU continues to indicate that trade agreement will only be completed after the UK leaves. GBP direction will provide an indication on the success of the domestic progress and the likelihood of any delays.

US cash markets are closed but the futures continue to trade. In Asian trading hours the DOW futs were trading around +125 points higher, however, in afternoon trading have lost that gain and are now in negative territory at -75 points at time of writing.

Japan 0.06%, US 2s closed 2.19% (u/c), 10s 2.87% (+2bp), 30s 3.13% (+1bp), Bunds 0.73% (+2bp), France 0.99% (+4bp), Italy 2.04% (+6bp), Greece 4.18% (-1bp), Turkey 11.56% (-5bp), Portugal 1.99% (+1bp), Spain 1.49% (+4bp), Gilts 1.60% (+2bp).


Coral reef monitoring takes to the skies: drone-mounted hyperspectral cameras help scientists assess health of coral reefs "IndyWatch Feed National"

Why are scientists turning to aerial images to monitor the health of ecosystems found beneath the oceans surface? Coral reefs support millions of species ranging from single-celled algae to sharks and sea turtles. However, this diversity, coupled with the scattered and often remote (underwater) locations of reefs, makes it challenging to monitor these ecosystems effectively. To survey reefs, experts must spend time in the water, identifying and counting species. This approach requires substantial time and resources and may also lead to biased results that are difficult to compare over time. Scientists typically survey various reef habitats and species by getting in the water and counting. Photo credit: Greg Asner | Recently, scientists have begun surveying reefs using images captured from satellites. Analyzing images allows researchers to more accurately compare surveys from different time periods and to cover a larger area with each survey. However, the usefulness of these satellite images is limited by their low resolution. Researchers in Australia are now conducting surveys using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and hyperspectral cameras to gather more detailed images and data on the health of coral reefs. What is hyperspectral imaging? Receptors in the human eye detect a narrow range of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrumthe area we call visible light, consisting of three bands of energy that our eyes perceive as red, green and blue. The combination of these bands that an object reflects determines the colors we see. Similarly, a standard camera captures an image recorded in these three bands


Why an Iraq War Inquiry is More Necessary Than Ever "IndyWatch Feed National"


There has been a flurry of activity caused by the comments made by Greens parliamentarians Adam Bandt and Richard di Natale over recently installed Liberal Senator Jim Molan. The facts relate to the Australian situation, but the issue has wider ramifications.

The ostensible reason for the attack on Molan was his sharing of two videos originating from a Neo Nazi far right group in the United Kingdom.

Bandt, who later withdrew his remarks, called Molan a coward and said that Molan should be prosecuted for his service in the Iraq war. In the Senate di Natale accused Molan of overseeing a humanitarian catastrophe nearly 15 years ago during the assault on Fallujah, Iraq.

Di Natale said that there was a question that needs to be answered, and the only way with answer that is through an enquiry.

Liberal politicians, from the Prime Minister downward, came to Molans defence, claiming that he was a great Australian soldier who stood up for freedom.

Lost among all the expostulations and threats of legal action were two key issues behind the remarks of both Bandt and Di Natale: were there war crimes committed in Iraq by Australian forces; and whether or not there should be an enquiry (as has happened in Canada, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom) into the precise circumstances surrounding Australias involvement in that disastrous war.

Instead we have seen sustained attempts two divert from legitimate questions surrounding this issue. It has been variously suggested that Molan is not racist; that it is somehow scurrilous to question the conduct of Australias servicemen; and that Bandt and Di Natale had a view that anyone who goes to war is a war criminal. That simply does not address the real issues.

To answer the first of those questions one needs to go no further then the assaults on Fallujah, the first of which occurred in April 2004 and the second, codenamed Operation Phantom Fury, in October 2004.

Before the second attack began, citizens were instructed to leave, but that did not extend to men aged 15-45 who were prohibited from leaving. Once the bombing began, all exits from the city were sealed off. According to the Washington Post, electricity and water were also cut off. The Red Cross and....


MACKAY Drink-driving courier, 62, living off Centrelink with a history of traffic offences KEEPS his license "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY February 19, 2018 at 08:52PM ,

Drink-driving courier, 62, living off Centrelink with a history of traffic offences KEEPS his license

February 19, 2018 at 08:52PM ,

A repeat drink driver has been spared his licence in a shock decision in a Queensland Court. Welfare recipient Gavin Keith Stephens kept his licence despite being caught drink driving in the Mackay Magistrates Court. Magistrate Damian Dwyer was concerned he would never be able to get another job

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


I faced my Jewish racism an alumnuss call to Jewish students for Israeli Apartheid Week "IndyWatch Feed National"

A call to Jewish students for Israeli Apartheid Week 2018

We need to talk about Jewish racism.

I know what youre thinking. How dare I accuse us, a people whove suffered so greatly from prejudice, hatred and persecution, of holding racist attitudes ourselves?

But it turns out that our past experience provides no protection and our communal memories can hinder, not help us.

This particular conversation is about to become more urgent if youre a Jewish student on a campus in the U.K. or Western Europe, North America or Australia.

The 14th annual Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) takes place around the world from the end of February through mid-April. Therell be talks, film screenings, and mock West Bank security checkpoints and Separation Walls to highlight the daily indignities of Palestinian life in the Occupied Territories. Thirty years after I graduated, Ive been invited back to speak to students at Manchester University in the UK. It will be a homecoming of sorts. But Ive become a very different kind of Jew to the one who left there in 1988.

The intensity of this years IAW activities will be heightened by the 70th anniversaries this year of the Palestinian Nakba and the creation of the State of Israel. Once again, Jewish students will find themselves feeling distinctly uncomfortable as Zionism, and the Jewish State, are portrayed as racist endeavours.

But is it fair to brand you young Jews who support Israel of being promoters and defenders of racism?

Well, to be blunt, yes it is. But that simple answer doesnt quite capture why that is or how its happened.

I dont for one minute think young Jews who support Israel should be bunched together with members of the British National Party or White Supremacists. Thats lazy thinking. It makes no attempt to understand the origins of Zionism or the current place of Israel in individual or communal Jewish life.

Nonetheless, Jewish racism is a thing. I know it from my own experience, from my own past ways of thinking, from how I was as a student in Manchester in the mid 1980s. This Jewish strand of racism is an inevitable consequence of the success Zionism has had in shaping Jewish identity over the last 70 years. And if we dont face the racism that Zionism has created nothing will change when it comes to Israel/Palestine for another generation.

Less deserving

The truth is, all people are vulnerable to ways of thinking that leave others less deserving than themselves. That doesnt make all of us Adolf Hitler, it just makes us human. But that doesnt make it okay either. If any group should understand that...


Australian wombat news "IndyWatch Feed National"

This video from Australia says about itself:

George the Wombat Begins New Life in the Wild | Nat Geo Wild

11 February 2018

A famous orphaned wombat will move into new home where hell be closer to the wild.


A plea for Ahed Tamimis protection "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick of Che Guevara black and red portrait fame has done it again: He has painted a minimalist poster of another iconic leader of her people and of a worldwide liberation movement, this time of an oppressed child who had slapped power with her bare  truth. When I read his rationale for painting the new portrait I cried. The mans pacifism, sincerity, and especially his concern for Ahed Tamimis life touched me.

Like Jim Fitzpatrick, I am apprehensive about the 17-year-old Aheds life. No one really denies the real reason for incarcerating her: to teach a lesson to other Palestinians, especially the children among them. Fitzpatrick is taking the essence of the lesson, regardless in which direction it will be resolved, to its ultimate conclusion. He is saying this is a model for every native and underclass oppressed child in the world. And he knows how meaningful and dangerous that can be:

Ahed Tamimi, to me, signifies nobility in the face of oppression. This is a kid, a child, said Fitzpatrick. I think I would have been petrified. Wherever shes getting her courage from, theres a resonance of it echoing across the world. Im just a part of it. There are organizations doing more than I could do, but I do think the penin my case, the brushis mightier than the sword.

Remember, Che Guevara didnt live to celebrate his portrait. Aheds arrest was in direct and clear response to the Israeli public outrage at seeing the iconic Palestinian teenager giving physical expression to her anger with occupation and the occupiers. They had shot at close range and severely injured her cousin and friend, Mohammed Tamimi, and then had come to physically stress their frightening infringement of the rights and freedom of all Palestinians right there at her familys front yard. She gave expression to her loathing of the occupation by attacking the soldiers with her bare hands.

What moves me most is the realization that right there and then, but for the grace of God, we could have lost Ahed. Members of the Israeli occupying armed forces have killed Palestinian children younger than Ahed for lesser offenses or for no offense at all. Tens, hundreds, if not thousands of times. It is not unknown, even in living memory, for settler colonialists, say in Australia, to have organized native-hunting...


Crypto Scams Have Affected Over 1.2k Australian Investors In 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Vitalik Buterin angry as crypto scams see continued success throughout the world. #NEWS


Why Scientific Peer Review is a Sham "IndyWatch Feed National"

Brendan D. Murphy, Guest
Waking Times

Today Science is up on a pedestal. A new god has appeared; his high priests conduct the rituals, with nuclear reactors, moon-probing rocket ships, cathode tubes and laser beams. And their territory is sacrosanct; laymen are denied entry.  Bruce Cathie

In recent years the defects in the peer review system have been the subject of a profusion of critical editorials and studies in the literature. It is high time that the world took heed of what the critics are saying, not least of all because of the medical and health ramifications.

The notion of peer review has long occupied special territory in the world of science. However, investigation of suppressed innovations, inventions, treatments, cures, and so on, rapidly reveals that the peer review system is arguably better at one thing above all others: censorship. This can mean censorship of everything from contrarian viewpoints to innovations that render favored dogmas, products, or services obsolete (economic threats).

The problem is endemic, as many scientists have learned the hard way.

In truth, the systemic failure of peer review is one of sciences major, embarrassing open secrets.

As Dr David Kaplan tells us, [P]eer review is known to engender bias, incompetence, excessive expense, ineffectiveness, and corruption. A surfeit of publications has documented the deficiencies of this system.[1]

Australian physicist Brian Martin elaborates in his excellent article Strategies for Dissenting Scientists:

Certain sorts of innovation are welcome in science, when they fall within established frameworks and do not threaten vested interests. But aside from this sort of routine innovation, science has many similarities to systems of dogma. Dissenters are not welcome. They a...


So will the Turnbull Government come clean about ministers' VIP travel over the last eighteen months? "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

It would appear that Australian federal politicians have a long history of using RAAF VIP jets in an extravagant manner.

Take current Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals MP for New England  Barnaby Joyce as an example. 

News Mail, 28  December 2012:

One Coalition heavyweight, Queensland Senator Barnaby Joyce, racked up one of the highest percentages of ghost flights among non-government parliamentarians.
Senator Joyces travel bill totalled some $47,955 for 10 taxpayer-funded flights, primarily between Melbourne or Canberra and St George.
But he was only on board for three of those flights, with the remaining seven costing nearly twice as much as the flights he was on board for - racking up $31,395 worth of ghost flights.

BuzzFeed, 28 July 2017:...

Monday, 19 February


PM Modis Hug for Nawaz Sharif in 2015 Cost India Rs 2.86 Lakh, RTI Reveals "IndyWatch Feed National"

At the request of then PM Nawaz Sharif, Modi had a brief stopover in Lahore in December 2015, for which Pakistan has billed India Rs 2.86 lakh as route navigation charges.

Narendra Modi Nawaz Sharif

The bills for the Prime Ministers visits are borne by the External Affairs Ministry. Credit: PTI

New Delhi: Pakistan has billed India Rs 2.86 lakh as route navigation charges for Indian Air Force aircraft used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a stopover in Lahore and visits to Russia, Afghanistan, Iran and Qatar, an RTI response shows.

The data gathered by activist Commodore (Retd) Lokesh Batra through his RTI application, show that till June 2016, Indian Air Force aircraft were used for the Prime Ministers visits to 11 countries Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Qatar, Australia, Pakistan, Russia, Iran, Fiji and Singapore.

Batra gave a copy of the RTI responses, received from August last year to January 30, 2018, to PTI.

During one such visit on December 25, 2015, Modi had a brief stopover in Lahore at the request of then Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

The stopover took place when Modi was returning from Russia and Afghanistan.

For this, a bill of Rs 1.49 lakh has been issued as route navigation...


Australian Watchdog Received 1,200 Crypto Scam Complaints in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission reportedly received over 1,200 complaints about cryptocurrency scams last year.


Would You Pay This Much For A Meet & Greet With Kylie Minogue? "IndyWatch Feed"

Kylie Minogue is launching her upcoming new album Golden with shows at intimate venues across the UK and Europe next month. But fans eager to attend the singers London concert at the exclusive Cafe De Paris nightclub were left fuming at the price for a coveted Meet & Greet ticket to the show, which included ...

The post Would You Pay This Much For A Meet & Greet With Kylie Minogue? appeared first on QNews Magazine.

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