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Monday, 05 November


Worlds record breaking longest non-stop flight arrives in New York "IndyWatch Feed National"

The worlds longest non-stop commercial flight has landed in New York, ending a journey from Singapore of more than 15,000km in 17 hours and 52 minutes.

Singapore Airlines relaunched the service five years after it was cut because it had become too expensive.

Flight SQ22 landed at 0529 US Eastern time with 150 passengers and 17 crew.

Geoffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief of, said the time passed swiftly and had not seemed like a 17-and-a-half hour flight.

He told the BBC: The flight was effortless and very smooth.

On board the consensus was that the time passed very quickly and didnt seem like 17.5 hours.

The inaugural flight from Changi Airport to Newarks international airport, which services New York, took off amid much fanfare.

Qantas launched a 17-hour non-stop service from Perth to London earlier this year, while Qatar runs a 17.5-hour service between Auckland and Doha.




Remembering the 43 Group (Marcus Bennett, Tribune, NovDec 2018) "IndyWatch Feed National"

Remembering the 43 Group Marcus Bennett Tribune NovemberDecember 2018 When 24-year-old Morris Beckman returned to his house on Amhurst Road in Hackney, hed experienced quite a lot. His time fighting fascism abroad had seen him survive two Nazi torpedo attacks Continue reading


Black-eared Cuckoo at Mosquito Creek Rd reported by Roger Jaensch on 02-11-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Bird uttering soft mewing calls, in roadside shrubs under remnant woodland, with cleared fields adjacent, about 1.5 km north of highway. North of Coolmunda Dam.

Barred Cuckoo-shrike at Gladstone, New Auckland reported by Ted and Alex Wnorowski on 05-11-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Three Barred Cuckoo-shrikes were feeding with A. Figbirds in a fruiting fig tree in our backyard. During the last two weeks a small flocks (2-16 birds) of Barred Cuckoo-shrikes appeared at Gladstone whenever the fig tree are fruiting. It is the first time we have seen them in such numbers here.


Geoffrey Rush Lawyer Says Telegraph Newspapers Actions Improper, Unjustified or Lacking in Bona Fides "IndyWatch Feed National"

The barrister acting for Geoffrey Rush in his defamation claim against The Daily Telegraph has blasted the newspapers extraordinary attitude during the litigation and argued its conduct should lead to a higher-than-usual award of legal costs if the Oscar-winning actor wins the case.

On the eleventh day of the high-stakes trial, Mr Rushs senior counsel, Bruce McClintock, SC, accused the Telegraph of adopting a stiff-necked or stubborn attitude during the litigation, including disputing facts such as that Mr Rush was an Oscar winner and was named Australian of the Year in 2012.

By Michaela Whitbourn

Sydney Morning Herald

Image result for Geoffrey Rush , photos

Why? Why would a litigant do this? Mr McClintock said. Its an extraordinary attitude towards the conduct of litigation.

Mr Rush, 67, is suing the Telegraphs publisher, Nationwide News, in the Federal Court over two news stories and a newsagent billboard alleging inappropriate behaviour towards a cast member during the Sydney Theatre Companys production of King Lear.

His accuser was not named in the stories but was later revealed to be Eryn Jean Norvill, who played King Lears daughter Cordelia. Ms Norvill did not speak to the Telegraph for its stories and initially did not agree to give evidence for the newspaper in court.

Tom Blackburn, SC, for the Telegraphs publisher, Nationwide News, said Mr McClintock appeared to be arguing that it was about time [the Telegraph] was taken down a peg or two, but the court could not award punitive damages in defamation cases.

He said the Telegraphs alleged conduct would need to be improper, unjustified or lacking in bona fides and increase the hurt to Mr Rush to justify an award of aggravated damages, which can be awarded by courts in defamation cases, but there had been not a stitch of evidence about how the actor felt as a result of the newspapers approach to the litigation.

Mr Blackburn agreed the parties conduct during the litigation was relevant to legal costs.

If its not relevant to aggravated damages, so be it, Federal Court Justice Michael Wigney said.

The Rush trial was slated to run for almost three weeks and has featured a string of high-profile witnesses,....


Time for an Australian Power Users Association? "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Why would we want to have another organisation involved in the power game, there are already four well staffed agencies and one of them, Energy Consumers Australia is committed to promoting the long-term interests of Australian residential and small business energy consumers. It says so on the website so it must be true.

Has anyone seen or heard anything from this organization in recent times while power prices doubled? That is just for ordinary people, what about the plight of the baker who Judith Sloan met in Queensland.

He was looking at his latest financial statement. His annual power bill last financial year was $114,000. It had been a tad over $30,000 two years before.

He employs 30 people, some on a part-time basis. Business seemed to be brisk but its hard to put up the price of pies and buns too much without demand dropping.

Its easy to concentrate on the impact of rising electricity prices on households. In real terms, the average retail price of electricity over the 10 years ending in 2017-18 rose by 51 per cent and the average retail bill rose by 35 per cent (people have used less electricity, in part because of the higher prices).

But for many small and medium-sized businesses, the increase in their electricity bills has been higher again. Many are exposed to the full variations in wholesale prices, which have risen from less than $40 a megawatt hour to more than $100/MWh before settling around the $70 to $80/MWh mark. This threatens the viability of a number of businesses.

You dont need a Harvard MBA to see that increasing an essential input to a bakery by a factor of four is not a sustainable trend but what is going to stop it? What does Energy Consumers Australia think about this?

The CEO was on ABC Q&A on sustainable energy a year or so ago and it was an RE love-in. I dont recall any concerns about the root cause of the price problem but there was a suggestion to improve the energy efficiency of public housing.

Under the circumstances there seems to be a gap in the market for an organisation that is concerned about the root cause and makes a case for something more than bandaids for consumers who are metaphorically bleeding to death.

I was about to declare myself the founding member of this association but prudently did a search to be sure that someone else has not got there first. And they have, the rotters! They are not only well established, they have been very effective. It says so on their...


Asian Stocks Lower As No Breakthrough in U.S.-China Trade Xi Jinping speech falls flat "IndyWatch Feed National"

Asian markets tumbled Monday as traders feared that President Donald Trump only reported progress in trade talks with China to score political points as the U.S. midterm elections draw near.

KEEPING SCORE: Japans Nikkei 225 index fell 1.6 percent at 21,898.99 and South Koreas Kospi dropped 1.4 percent to 2,070.83. Hong Kongs Hang Seng index slipped 2.1 percent to 25,928.62. The Shanghai Composite index shed 0.9 percent to 2,652.95. The S&P ASX/200 in Australia fell 0.5 percent to 5,818.10. Shares fell in Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand but rose in the Philippines.

WALL STREET: Technology stocks slumped on Friday as Apple reported poor earnings and said it would stop disclosing quarterly iPhone sales. The companys stocks gave up 6.6 percent to $207.48. But high-growth stocks rose after the U.S. and China said they had made some progress in trade talks. The S&P 500 index dropped 0.6 percent to 2,723.06 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.4 percent to 25,380.74. The Nasdaq composite, which has a high concentration of technology companies, slipped 1 percent to 7,356.99. The Russell 2000 index of smaller-company stocks added 0.2 percent to 1,547.98.

US-CHINA TRADE: Global markets rose Friday after President Donald Trump said that he talked to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping about trade. Trump added that the discussions were moving along nicely ahead of a planned meeting at the Group of 20 summit later this month. Larry Kudlow, a top White House economic adviser, later said there may be a little thaw going on here. The two countries have already imposed tariffs on billions of dollars worth of each others exports and there are hints of more to come if relations do not improve. On Monday, Xi promised to reduce costs for importers and raise consumer spending power at a high-profile trade fair, without addressing an escalating dispute over Beijings technology policy.

People stand near an electronic board showing Hong Kong share index outside a local bank in Hong Kong, Monday, Nov. 5, 2018. Asian markets tumbled Monday as traders feared that President Donald Trump only reported progress in trade talks with China to score political points as the U.S. midterm elections draw near. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)
People stand near an electronic board showing Hong Kong share index outside a local bank in Hong Kong, Monday, Nov. 5, 2018. Asian markets tumbled Monday as traders feared that President Donald Trump only reported progress in trade talks with China to score political points as the U.S. midter...


The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is proud to announce its 2018 2019 National Committee Members! "IndyWatch Feed National"

The National Committee is elected each year during the annual Food Sovereignty Convergence. The folks on the Committee help to guide the work of AFSA, offering their talents and expertise in everything from ethical farming techniques to international food policy advocacy. AFSA is lucky to have a team of dedicated and passionate people working to create equitable, sustainable and resilient food systems for all Australians. Join us in welcoming this year's Committee members:

  • President- Tammi Jonas
  • Vice President- Katie Johnston
  • Treasurer - Anna Treasure
  • Secretary - Ruth Morris
  • International Liaison - Anisah Madden

General Members

  • Ant Wilson
  • Fraser Bailey
  • Jess Brugmans
  • Dan Cordner
  • Katrina Munksgaard
  • Ray Palmer


  • Sarah de Wit - Paralegal
  • Aly Brody - Policy, Research, and Administrative Officer

Committee Member Profiles

Tammi Jonas, President

Tammi considers herself an ethicurean farmer, mindful meatsmith, and agrarian intellectual. She has been the AFSA President since 2014, and will continue to fulfill this role for the 2018 - 2019 committee year. Tammi is a known leader, lending her strong female farmer's voice to the fight for food sovereignty in Australia.

Tammi is the Chief Butcher at Jonai Farms located in Central Highlands Victoria. She and her husband Stuart, Chief Farmer of Jonai, raise heritage breed Large Black pigs and a small herd of mixed cattle, as well as a small annual cr...


Passport Index 2018: Lebanon 85th in the world, UAE surges to 4th best "IndyWatch Feed National"

Arton Capitals updated Passport Index released on October 30, which ranks passports of the world by their total visa-free score, has listed Lebanons in the 85th place [89th in 2017], while UAEs passport still has the lead in the Gulf region but has rocketed to the 4th most powerful passport worldwide, ahead of countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Singapore and Germany sit on top of the pile in 2018.

Emiratis can now visit 113 destinations without the need for a VISA, while requiring in advance to apply for one at 36 only, and receiving one upon arrival in 49 countries. This year, UAE citizens have gained visa-free access to several countries including Ireland, Canada and China.

Lebanese, on the other side, can only access 16 VISA-free destinations, and get one upon arrival in 27 others, while they still need to apply for one at a wobbling 155 territories. Weirdly enough, South Africa, which recently stated Lebanon among the countries that dont require a VISA to their country, is still listed in red. You can find the VISA details linking Lebanon to every other country here.

Barely 6 other passports (4 from the Middle East region) are worse than the Lebanese one, including Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan respectively.

Below are the rankings in the Middle East region:


Pakistan caves in to Muslim mobs - refuses Asia Bibi permission to leave country "IndyWatch Feed National"

Animals. Pakistan caves in to the mob: as thousands of Islamists call for murder of judges & paralyze the country to protest acquittal of Christian woman accused of blasphemy, Imran Khan's government bars Asia Bibi from exiting the country. Pakistan sits on the UN Human Rights Council. ...


Karno: In Remembrance "IndyWatch Feed National"

On Saturday 10th November at 6:30pm (E.S.T.) Christine Walker, (Karnos Wife) ourselves and others will be honouring the third anniversary of his passing. Whether an open fire (fire restrictions permitting) or three candles, that flame is an offering of respect and reverence to an absolutely stunning practitioner of the Old Way Lore and Protocol. You are welcome to join in this ceremony. Just remember he is no longer here but everywhere and will be present when each flame is dedicated to Karno, of that there is no doubt.
With Christine Walker, Viv Greenshields,...


Virgin caves on decent gesture that hurt no-one & required nothing of anyone "IndyWatch Feed National"

Lest We Forget. Thank you to our veterans for your service*. *Michael Smith certifies that no one was harmed during the making of this announcement.


Fair Australia Prize 2018: the shortlists "IndyWatch Feed National"

We are pleased to announce the shortlisted writers and artists for the 2018 Fair Australia Prize.


The Winner Of Miss Sportsman Hotel 2018 Has Been Crowned "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Brisbane drag performer Sellma Soul has been crowned this years Miss Sportsman Hotel at the venues popular annual drag pageant on Saturday night. This years competition had a distinctly European flavour with its Eurovision Song Contest theme. After wowing the panel of judges across three rounds, Sellma (pictured above, with 2017 winner Chocolate Boxx) was ...

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An Unexpected Sex Show With My Spanish Teacher in Puerto Escondido "IndyWatch Feed National"

My Spanish teacher in Puerto Escondido dressed like the Fonz and liked to flaunt the collection of selfies on his blackberry. The photos were always edited in really outdated camera effects like negative and stencil. It seemed he was more interested in convincing us he was cool than teaching us to speak Spanish. This was confirmed when he announced that we were going on a field trip. He told us it was a must-see of Puerto, rich in culture, a place where we could see the real Mexico.

We met at 10pm in a bar down town; Jos had popped his collar, gelled his mini-mohawk, and was wearing dark shades, which must have significantly impeded his vision considering the sun had set two hours prior. After draining his cerveza, Jos announced it was time to head to the main event.

We exited the bar and turned into a dark alley leading uphill away from the beach and ending in large concrete stairs built haphazardly around a drainpipe. We clambered up and found ourselves on the busy main road that leads in and out of town. We passed a row of women dressed in skimpy sequined outfits and ill-fitting neglige, sitting legs-apart. They were lined up  along the side of a wide driveway as we proceeded towards the entrance of the building.

Is this a fucking brothel? I hissed at Jos as we crossed the threshold.

Ha ha no, relax! Its a strip club, the best in town. Theres some really dodgy ones around, you know?

I glanced over the room, and turned back to him, eyebrow raised. Either the interior decorator had gone for oriental primary school disco, or this place doubled as a Chinese restaurant during the day. Cheap neon flashing lights and disco balls hung amongst red Chinese lanterns painted with dragons. There were two feature walls covered in street art and a smoke machine that exhaled every couple of minutes, suffocating everyone around it. The stage was a slightly raised platform strategically placed next to the bathrooms. Its hard to believe I noticed any of this, though, considering there were two giant televisions at different vantage points playing explicit pornography. It was a sensory overload, and not in a good way. To top it all off, we were the only patrons.

Jos ordered us beers and we took a seat at a small round table. The Madam poked her head out from behind a curtain that presumably lead backstage. Seeing that there were people awaiting entertainment, she marched out to the girls and before long, a despondent dancer was stage front.

Now, I dont want t...


SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: BP In West Papua Slow Motion Genocide, High Speed Profit "IndyWatch Feed National"

Earlier this year, New Matilda sent British journalist Michael Gillard into West Papua, one of the most dangerous regions on earth for reporters. Michaels goal was to hold to account a well known multinational operating beyond proper scrutiny in one of the worlds poorest regions. This is what he found.

BP is profiting from a giant gas field in West Papua while the indigenous population face slow motion genocide under Indonesian military occupation, an undercover investigation by New Matilda can reveal.

The oil giant is collaborating with the army and police who are implicated in the killing and torturing of pro-independence activists as part of an escalating militarisation to secure West Papuas gas reserves.

Indonesia jails foreign journalists who enter the occupied country without permission. Even the United Nations human rights rapporteur has been refused entry.

However, New Matilda snuck into the remote and forbidden land where BP is operating a US$10bn gas field called Tangguh to bring this exclusive report on the human rights quagmire.

Posing as a doctor, the undercover reporter travelled around the highly militarized Bintuni Bay and found evidence that behind a carefully crafted veil of corporate social responsibility, after fifteen years in West Papua, BP is endangering human rights and failing to deliver a material improvement in fundamental living conditions of some of the worlds poorest people.

Wooden shacks in Bintuni on the north shore of the bay. (IMAGE: Michael Gillard)

New Matilda can reveal that while still claiming to operate a community-based security approach:

  • BP security guards are spying on the local community and passing intelligence on disruptive individuals to the military.
  • Well-armed Indonesian security forces are now secretly stationed inside the oil companys base; And
  • Retired senior Indonesian police and military officers are running an elite cadre of BP guards armed with stun guns and rubber bullets who are given behaviour profiling training in how to spot agitators.

The self-styled ethical oil company is using counter-terrorism to justify these measures. BP is expanding the Tangguh operation at a cost of US$4bn and says it needs to vet thousands of construction workers coming from the Indonesian mainland for possible in...


BP Responds To Accusations Of Human Rights Abuses In West Papua "IndyWatch Feed National"

Earlier this year, New Matilda sent British journalist Michael Gillard into West Papua, one of the most dangerous regions on earth for journalists. Michaels goal was to hold to account a well-known multinational operating beyond proper scrutiny in one of the worlds poorest regions. You can read the main feature here. As part of his investigation, Michael Gillard sent a list of questions to BP. Theyre printed below, along with BPs response.


New Matilda asked:

  1. BP and the TIAP have abandoned a community-based security policy and the company is endangering human rights by intelligence sharing with the military and police, who are implicated in serious human rights abuses, while encouraging spying on villagers. Comment please?
  2. According to one of your security advisers, at least 10 Indonesian soldiers are stationed at the base in Babo since May this year. Comment please?
  3. What are the additional security measures and capabilities that BP is giving to security staff. Does that include firearms? See TIAP 2017.
  4. What are the behaviours looked for in profiling by your security guards and please provide the manual given to staff.
  5. How many alleged human rights violations by public security forces has BP reported to the Indonesian Human Rights Commission?
  6. How many alleged violations by BPs internal security or contractors have been investigated and what had been the outcomes of those investigations?
  7. How does BP explain that while making bumper profits it has failed to deliver on its promises to close the development gap between the north and south shores of Bintuni Bay during 15 years of operation? See TIAP reports 2015 and 2017.
  8. Lord Harries, the former bishop of Oxford, says BP is profiting from the slow motion genocide of the occupied and oppressed Melanesian people. Comment please.
  9. Alex Sobel MP says BP is operating amid clear human rights violations and has called for the company to pull out of West Papua until it gets self-determination. Comment please?
  10. Does BP support independence for West Papua from Indonesia? If not why not?


BP responded:

Tangguh LNG has been operating successfully since 2009 were proud of our operations, track record, and relationships with the local communities. As in all our activities across the world, the safety of our operations and employees at Tangguh LNG is our top priority. BPs policies are clear in supporting the rights of individuals as set ou...


Training and Development Officer "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Indigenous Governance Institute


Research and Project Officer "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Indigenous Governance Institute


Failure in Protection The Ten Breaks In The Family Court System "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dr Amanda Gearing

THE INK is well dry now on the recommendations of the Royal Commission that pave the way for improved child protection in institutions in Australia.

One of the first systemic reforms that needs to be addressed now is to apply the recommendations as far as is possible to children who are under the control of the institutions involved in the Family Law system. Failures of the past, of disbelieving children until there was a criminal conviction cannot be allowed to continue.

To cite just one example: a girl of 8, who described being bound and sexually assaulted was found by...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

ED Confirms Oil, Gas Discovery
02 NOV, 2018 - 00:11
Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

President Mnangagwa yesterday officially announced the discovery of oil and gas in the greater Muzarabani area by Australian Stock Exchange-listed company Invictus Energy stretching over 200km.

The size of the land makes the discovery the largest undrilled gas deposits in Africa so far.

The announcement comes as exciting news for Zimbabweans who are experiencing fuel shortages.

Addressing journalists at his Munhumutapa Offices in Harare yesterday, the President said if all goes according to plan, Zimbabwe would have its first oil exploration well by 2020.

The Government of Zimbabwe has over the last few months worked with and facilitated Invictus Energy Limited which is quoted on the Australian Stock Exchange to undertake oil and gas exploration studies in Muzarabani, said President Mnangagwa.

Invictus is utilising data which was generated by Mobil Oil in the 1990s when extensive oil and gas geo-physical work was undertaken in the greater Muzarabani area. As part of its exploration studies, Invictus has engaged a number of worldwide professional companies with extensive experience in oil and gas.

We have since been advised by Invictus that the findings are positive and point to oil and gas deposits in the area. Government of Zimbabwe will work very closely with Invictus to ensure that Invictus realises its plans to sink an exploration well by mid-2020. After the exploration well, the next stage will be commercial exploitation of the resource. In the interim, additional geo-physical work is ongoing to identity further exploration targets.

Updates will be given as and when the planned exploration work results come in.

The result, as communicated by Invictus, is an exciting development for our country. Invictus has committed itself to enter a production sharing agreement with the Government of Zimbabwe which will be applicable when the project proceeds to commercial production stage.

Mines and Mining Development Minister Winston Chitando gave a detailed te...


REVIEW: Rami Malek Embodies Freddie Mercury In Bohemian Rhapsody "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Star Rami Malek describes highly-anticipated Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody as a celebration of Freddie Mercury but Peter Gray wonders if, despite Maleks tour de force performance, the movie avoids the authentic Mercury in pursuit of commercial success. Long overdue but not the deeply exposed, warts-and-all- tale that we deserve, Bohemian Rhapsody plays it relatively safe when ...

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Barbara Bush Was the Daughter of Famous Satanist Aleister Crowley "IndyWatch Feed National"

The earth is given into the hand of the wicked! [Job 9:24]

The Bush family are by far, the greatest example of a successful American crime family. No other American family can claim the kind of success that the Bush family has, over the past century. We must give credit, where credit is due. Right?

Samuel Bush was a very successful businessman. He was Skull & Bones I believe. He was instrumental in organizing the military industrial complex, with the Harriman family, and the Remmington gun & ammo company.

Together, they conspired to orchestrate WWI, and made many billions of dollars in 1917 money. That would make them trillionaires by todays standards, which they in fact are.

Read Entire Article


Scott Morrison is in Queensland to thank Mick Fanning's mum or something "IndyWatch Feed National"

My thank you message to @Mick_Fanning's mum. Scott Morrison (@ScottMorrisonMP) November 5, 2018 $200 million to secure Townsvilles water future. Were backing Queenslanders and theres more to come. Im listening, Im hearing and were getting on with it. See you on the road! Scott Morrison...


Pacific (Fork tailed) Swift at Pinbarren - Sunshine Coast hinterland reported by Steve Popple on 05-11-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

6 Pacific Swift accompanying a flock of White throated Needletails. First sighting of Pacific Swifts this season {Moderators note - there seems to have been a small arrival of Pacific Swifts in SEQ over the last few days. We will not be publishing further sightings unless they are a significant count, unusual location etc }


Australian Little Bittern at Sandy Camp Road Wetlands reported by Roger Jaensch on 03-11-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Adult male feeding at edge of reed-bed at far side of pond behind viewing platform, from 0845 to 0855 am. A second bird calling softly deeper inside the reed-bed.


America should be a warning to other countries according to Joseph Stiglitz "IndyWatch Feed National"

Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, who will be in Australia next week to receive the Sydney peace prize on 15 November and talk about the lessons the rest of the world can learn from Americas mistakes,  was interviewed by Gareth Hutchens. This was published in the Guardian 5 November 2018.  Stiglitz will also be speaking at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne on 19 November

We were a very different country 40 years ago, he said. The downhill slide has been pretty fast. America, I think, should be an important warning to other countries not to take for granted their institutions. I worry that things in the United States could get much worse.

The renowned economist and Columbia University professor has been awarded the 2018 Sydney peace prize for leading one of the defining public policy discussions of our age the crisis caused by economic inequality.

Stiglitz is credited with pioneering the concept of the 1 per cent, the idea that the upper 1% of Americans have accumulated so much political power and wealth in recent decades through voter suppression, gerrymandering, and the corrupting influence of money that the countrys economy has suffered, and its democracy has been undermined.

In 2011, barely two years into Barack Obamas first presidential term, he warned the political upheavals then roiling countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain could one day be visited upon the US, but in an American way. Later that year, the Occupy Wall Street protest emerged in Manhattans financial district.

His bestselling book The Price of Inequality (2012) explained in detail how America had been growing apart, at an increasingly rapid rate. He argued forcefully that the severe inequality in the U.S. was a choice of the countrys leaders: a consequence of their policies, laws and regulations.

Most Americans want a higher minimum wage, they want gun control, they want access to healthcare yet our democracy cant deliver it

This month, he plotted in Scientific American how inequality had worsened so much over the last 40 years that US democracy was imperilled.

Whereas the income share of the top 0.1% has more than quadrupled and that of the top 1% has almost doubled, that of the bottom 90% has declined,...


Broken White Trail "IndyWatch Feed National"

Cover by Austin Neill 

My gap-year trip, 2012, is about running towards something. No pain within me, no angst, just enthusiasm for what the world offers. I want to meet other people who represent this kind of freedom, not trapped in repetitious small-town mundanities, however arrogant that may sound. Enter Chris, a guy who becomes my best mate. My very own Dean Moriarty from On the Road, someone who really lives in the moment with little regard for social conventions or consequences, searching for it.

On our first night in Amsterdam, he and our mate Alastair and I walk through the Red Light District, window shopping. After a few enquiries, its clear that any appointment costs fifty euros for twenty minutes.

Thats about as communist as you can get, says Chris, passing yet another perfect faade in a window. People are gathering in the street, chatting, some walking their bikes amid all the pink and cherry backdrops. At the end of a block he says, Im going to that sexy brunette back there. He strides back half a dozen windows. Alastair and I sit on the canal, legs hanging over the ledge. Im uninterested in fucking a prostitute. I cant get over the need for mutual desire.

The streetlights leave a light-shaded residue on the canal. Enigmatic, superficial purples, beneath a footbridge. Sin on full display. No smoke and mirrors. Residential buildings in the city appear so transparent, huge windows displaying apartments interiors. Apparently, this openness reflects or shapes the Dutch people. I dunno. Hard to judge when Im only here a few days but given their relaxed nature towards sex, drugs and even bicycle helmets, I guess it makes sense.

I think back...


New studies show negative impacts from Pacific Island trade deal (PACER Plus) as Cook Islands delays ratification "IndyWatch Feed National"

5 November 2018: Chatham House has published an article by research fellow Cleo Paskal which argues that PACER Plus mainly benefits Australia and New Zealand, and could damage their relationships in the region. She says that Fiji and PNG, representing 80% of Pacific Island Countries combined GDP, have not joined PACER Plus because the increased imports from Australia and New Zealand may threaten their developing industries.  Nine smaller Pacific Islands have been pressured to sign a deal they are reluctant to implement.

So far only New Zealand has taken steps to ratify the deal and bring it into force. The Cook Islands government has announced that it is delaying ratification because of uncertainty about its access to Australian and New Zealand development assistance to implement the deal.

Meanwhile the community group Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) has produced a new study showing the nine Pacific Island countries signed on stand to lose up to 10% of total government revenue each year from tariff cuts under the deal. Samoa would lose $US12.5 million each year, the Solomon Islands $US13 million, Tonga $US7.2 million and Vanuatu $US7.5 million. This could affect the capacity of these small economies to provide essential services, and there is no clear means of replacing this revenue.



Who will you be thinking about during the silence this Armistice Day? Lest We Forget. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Who will you be thinking about during the minutes silence at 11am on 11 November? I encourage all Australians to really think about why they pause on Remembrance Day, which marks the centenary of the WW1 Armistice, attend a local service & stop for a minutes silence #1MS ...


WESTERN AUSTRALIA PART 3 Cheynes Beach, Honey Possum & three mega-skulkers "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

After checking out Corakerup Reserve we headed west to Cheynes Beach for a 3-night stay in a chalet in the caravan park. The site is the best known hotspot for three notoriously skulky south-west WA endemics Western Whipbird, Western Bristlebird and Noisy Scrubbird. We were fortunate to see the whipbird at Corakerup because we failed to see or hear it at all at Cheynes Beach, unlike my last visit there. The coastal scenery was outstanding as usual and the wildflowers put on probably the best display of the trip.

Cheynes Beach wildflowers



Traditional Owners mount Korea tour to block Adani finance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Media Release 5 November 2018

BREAKING: Korea Development Bank, Export-Import Bank of Korea and KDB Infrastructure Asset Management rule out finance ahead of visit

Brisbane, Australia: With Adani claiming to be close to securing finance, and media reporting the miner is holding talks with Korean finance companies interested in buying a stake in their port, leading Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners are today travelling to Korea to urge investment banks there to shun the Adani coal project, pointing to the final violation of their rights that will occur if the mine proceeds. Three investment banks have ruled out finance in response to W&Js tour (ABC today). 

The heavyweight Korean lender Korea Development Bank (KDB) ruled out involvement last Wednesday, writing they have no intent to provide finance, as has the Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM) and KDB Infrastructure Asset Management, following meeting requests from the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Family Council. Documentation here. Meetings with the The National Pension Service, Mirae Asset Daewoo and NH-Amundi have been requested and W&J will visit their offices to conduct media events. In 2015 a visit by W&J to Europe, the UK and United States saw major institutions, including UKs largest investment bank Standard Chartered, publicly back away from financing the mine. Further background below.

W&J Traditional Owner and lead spokesperson Adrian Burragubba said, Whoever assists Adani financially at this crucial time will become complicit in a grave breach of our rights, and the destruction of our lands and waters and sacred places. They are also exposing themselves to financial risk because success....


Brown Songlark at Archerfield Airport reported by Richard Fuller on 04-11-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

Singing male on the airfield viewed from the junction of Balham Rd and Barton St.


Morrison government cuts funding for leading reef research centre "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed from Townsville

The Morrison government has done it again. This time they have defunded the worlds premier coral reef research centres through the back door. The Townsville-based Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (ARC), which carries out important research into coral bleaching, was not short-listed for the next round of funding, according to an estimates report tabled in the Senate.

TIn the rush to silence damaging information, this is a new low.

Together with James Cook University, which sponsors the Centre, this is the largest concentration of scientists working on the Reef. It is world renown and has earned citations from 1644 institutions in 103 countries.

How can education minister Dan Tehan can say that there was no targeting of the Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef studies, and that it lost out in funding, because it failed the tendering process? It doesnt add up.

It is no mere coincidence that it happened at a time when community concern over the extent of coral bleaching, and a glaring failure to take appropriate action. The government might be motivated to hide it.

Nor is it a coincidence that the funding cut comes on the heels of Aprils controversial $443.4 million grant to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, a newly created group without coral reef expertise and largely representing pro coal interests, which wants to put the reef at greater risk, by transporting the stuff through it.  This attempt to pretend that action is being taken, while servicing major contributors to the government parties backfired

The Morrison government has no intention to protect the reef. Its destruction would mean that a globally important habitat would be lost.

Queensland would lose its most important tourism industry resource, costing jobs and sending businesses broke.

The Morrison government deserves to be condemned for this cynical act, and anyone who values the Great Dividing Reef, must insist that the Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef studies is funded once again and the pandering to the coal industry come to an end.



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The PLMAM slam "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

The second Pacific Labour Mobility Annual Meeting (PLMAM), hosted by the Government of Solomon Islands, was held in Honiara on 9-11 October. (The first was in Brisbane in November 2017.)

The PLMAM might have an ugly acronym, but it is a great opportunity for researchers such as ourselves to meet policy makers of sending and receiving countries, employers, interested activists and journalists, and of course other researchers. The meeting was full of interesting people and presentations, and a terrific learning experience.

That said, it is clearly an event that is still finding its feet. The foundation for the PLMAM is the Arrangement on Labour Mobility, which itself is a side agreement to the Pacer Plus regional trade pact. The PLMAM is basically a commitment by Australia and New Zealand to fund an annual meeting for reviewing progress against the Arrangements objectives, the most important of which is to enhance labour mobility schemes in Australia and New Zealand for the Pacific. Beyond that, the Arrangement gives little guidance as to how the PLMAM should operate, apart from the requirement that it should produce a consensus report on the discussions and any recommendations.

The PLMAM currently straddles two approaches: a formal and an informal one. Most of the two-day conference was taken up with a variety of interesting presentations by sending countries, receiving countries, and a few employers and employees. There were numerous interesting insights provided, of which we single out the following five.

One was the number of countries in the process of developing labour mobility strategies, including the two biggest senders, Vanuatu and Tonga. This makes sense. Labour mobility is becoming a serious business in the Pacific.

A second was the presentation from the Government of Tonga. Tonga is already the best represented of the Pacific island countries in the two seasonal work schemes. Every year this tiny nation of 110,000 people sends about 13% of its population aged 20-45 to Australia and New Zealand to work on farms. There has been some speculation that such a high level of participation might be socially detrimental. But the Tongan representative told us that the government wants to double the number of seasonal workers it is sending, and is keen to address the problems that have slowed Tongas growth in recent years most notably, that some of their workers have absconded, damaging the brand.

A third highlight was the presentations by smaller participants such as Solomon Islands and Fiji who are trying to make up for lost time, and boost their seasona...


Note to Their ABC & Fairfax - This is Trump's America "IndyWatch Feed National"

.Everytime I hear Blue Wave I know that Democrats have no idea who they are dealing with! 63+ million Americans who are sick of Liberal Hypocrites and Corruption! As Patriots we need to get to the voting Booth and #VoteRedToSaveAmerica JamieR {} Army Girl (@Jamierodr10) November 2, 2018...


Pastor Danny Guglielmucci of Edge Church Adelaide, Australia. Now in Stage 5 of Lymphoma chemotherapy treatment. "IndyWatch Feed National"

 Round 5 of chemo today . So thankful for the prayers and support of all my friends praying for me . Im truly grateful
Pastor Danny Guglielmucci of Edge Church Adelaide, Australia. Now in Stage 5 of Lymphoma chemotherapy treatment.
Pedophile protector of Pastor Frank Houston founder of Hillsong, Brian Houstons father.

Rev William Francis Frank Houston.  Founder of Hillsong Church. Over 400 boy sex abuse victims of Frank Houston. Self-confessed pedophile. Confessed to lifelong secret child sexual abuse of little boys, male preteens and male teenagers. But mainly little boys aged 7 to 11. Frank Houston The worst Pentecostal pastor since the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago. A Son of Lucifer. Frank Houstons eyes are black like Lucifer...


PERTH Police officer bitten by dog during arrest of man "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Police officer bitten by dog during arrest of man .

November 04, 2018 at 06:03PM .

He appeared in the Perth Magistrates Court today. The dog has been impounded and Dog Act offences are currently under review with further action .


PERTH Police officer is viciously mauled by a bull mastiff dog while trying to arrest an armed motorcyclist "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Police officer is viciously mauled by a bull mastiff dog while trying to arrest an armed motorcyclist .

November 04, 2018 at 03:03PM .

A police officer was attacked by a bull mastiff dog while trying to arrest a man allegedly armed with a knife. Western Australia police were called to a .



Joseph Stiglitz: 'America should be a warning to other countries' "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ahead of his Australian visit, renowned economist warns of the triple threat of rising inequality, the undermining of democracy and climate changeIt was a stark message from a Nobel-prize winning economist.We were a very different country 40 years ago, he said. The downhill slide has been pretty fast. America, I think, should be an important warning to other countries not to take for granted their institutions. I worry that things in the United States could get much worse.Most [...]


Russia, China, Norway dispute "supposed need" for Antarctic marine reserve, reject plan "IndyWatch Feed National"

A proposal to create one of the world's largest marine reserves in a vast area of pristine Antarctic waters has been rejected, prompting concern among conservation groups about the ecosystem's future. After two weeks of deliberations, Russia, China and Norway on Friday blocked the plan for a 1.8m square kilometres maritime protection zone in the Weddell Sea at a summit of the 25-member Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) in Hobart, Australia. The proposed reserve, roughly five times the size of Germany, would have made the area in question a no-go zone for fishing and other commercial activities. Antarctica's waters and landmass are home to penguins, seals, whales and huge numbers of krill, a staple food for many species, among other animals.


Censored Al-Jazeera film on Israel lobby reveals important truths "IndyWatch Feed National"

My following essay appears in the Israel/Palestine news outlet +972 magazine

Theres a moment near the end of the four-part, Al Jazeera documentary on the U.S. Israel lobby  censored by its own network due to pressure from the U.S. government and incensed U.S.-based, pro-Israel lobbyists where the shows undercover reporter, Tony, films a key Israel advocate in Washington. Eric Gallagher was a senior manager at The Israel Project and admits that the dominant pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC, faces an existential crisis.

People at AIPAC know that something has changed, Gallagher says. They know something is wrong. They are not as effective as they used to be. He worries that the day is coming soon when AIPAC wouldnt be able to deeply influence the Israel lobby crafted in the U.S. Congress, as it does today, and that the pro-Israel lobby will have to operate without AIPACs power. Theres this big bowling ball thats being hurled towards them [AIPAC] and the response is to run faster, Gallagher continues. They need to get on the bowling ball and start dancing.

Gallagher doesnt explain why so many Americans are turning against Israel in public opinion polls. The latest figures from The Economist and YouGov, an online data analytics firm, find that U.S. liberals, millennials, and women have turned against the Jewish state in large numbers. The 50-plus year occupation of Palestinians and their lands, constant killings of civilians in Gaza, and the Trump administrations obsessive embrace of Israels hard-right are all factors.

Republicans and conservatives still back Israel in large numbers, as do many in the evangelical Christian community (though younger members are more skeptical). For the foreseeable future, however, Israel will likely receive unprecedented financia...

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Sunday, 04 November


Vale Antonio Burgos (May 13, 1918October 31, 2018) : The Last of the Spanish Anarchists Exiled to Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

via asf-iwa It is with deep sadness that the ASF Secretariat announces the passing of Antonio Burgos (13 May 1918 31 October 2018), the last remaining veteran of the Spanish Revolution in Australia. Antonio served in a CNT centuria Continue reading


Info on Directed Energy Attacks On Others "IndyWatch Feed National"

They are claiming the attacks are Russian based- however, the US Air Force went in front of Congress in 2006 and said they had these weapons and they planned on using them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe.

So two questions- 1). Which Americans did they go after to use their weapons on and 2). Since they are still secret- how safe can they really be?

The city clerk of my town- the one I believe got contacted by Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temples founder Lucien Greaves- (who bragged to me about it over and over)- tried to convince me SHE was being targeted- but I realize this was just one more of her lies.

But it was just one more indication of the connection between the city clerk, the Satanists attacking me, and my targeting.

It is ALWAYS Satanists who have attacked me throughout me trying to get my family investigated for child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s.

The attacks in Cuba and China started AFTER Trump took office- as did mine (a year ago last March). I had contacted Trumps Twitter account a year ago last January and February.

Im not sure how this fits together but the coincidences cant be denied. Nor can the attacks with directed energy weapons (microwave weapons).



Victorian Labor government environmental policy nobbled? (National Dingo Preservation and Recovery Program) "IndyWatch Feed National"

The National Dingo Preservation and Recovery Program (NDPRP) today expressed dismay at the failure of the Victorian Labor government to put its own apex predator conservation policy into practice.

The Victorian Labor government recently committed to:
recognise and protect the ecological function of existing dingo populations within Victorian ecosystems as part of biodiversity programs and management initiatives
and to maintain:
, existing native apex predators in natural ecosystems and, investigate the potential functional role of reintroduced native apex predators in north-west Victoria.

Although the Victorian Labor government has recently refined and extended its policy commitment to protect dingo populations and their crucial ecological role, the government has failed at the very first significant test of that commitment, NDPRP spokesperson Arthur Gorrie said.
In September 2018, the Victorian government had the opportunity to correct the serious deficiencies of earlier dingo protection measures put in place after the listing of the dingo as a threatened species in 2010. The expiry of these measures provided the Minister for the Environment, the Hon Lily DAmbrosio, with an opportunity to rectify these deficiencies.
Many areas of Victoria where the dingo was unprotected at the time of the dingo threatened species listing, under the pretext of protecting farm stock from dingo predation, have in practice proven unnecessary, as in north western Victoria where there is very little sheep farming, with negligible stock losses. Yet, lethal dingo control in this part of the state was sanctioned with significant numbers of dingoes killed annually. Also, the very narrow genetic definition of the dingo used by the Victorian government means that many high conservation value dingo hybrids continued to be governed as vermin in Victoria by Agriculture authorities rather than as wildlife by biodiversity authorities.
In July 2018, an extensive list of pre-eminent Australian environmental scientists jointly wrote to the Victorian government, urging it not to renew the dingo un-protection arrangements, along with the Humane Society International and other conservation organisations. The current arrangements were deemed to be unnecessary, ultimately i...


A popular wild fruit, the Spanish tamarind has many medicinal benefits "IndyWatch Feed National"

A popular wild fruit, the Spanish tamarind has many medicinal benefits

(Natural News) The Spanish tamarind (Vangueria Madagascariensis) can potentially be used as a medicinal plant because of its phenolic and flavonoid content and antioxidant capacities, according to a study published in the Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. In the study, researchers from Omdurman Islamic University in Sudan, Sudan University of Science and Technology



PERTH Magistrates court listings "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Magistrates court listings .

November 03, 2018 at 04:20PM .

Perth Magistrates Court, Perth, Western Australia. Newcastle Magistrates Court listings are published daily. The Magistrates Court of Victoria Current .



Former Judge Michael Kirby To Marry His Partner Next Year "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Former high court judge Michael Kirby is planning to marry his longtime partner Johan van Vloten next year, on the 50th anniversary of their first meeting. The esteemed human rights campaigner, who served as a judge the High Court from 1996 to 2009, famously savaged last years same-sex marriage postal survey as unacceptable and disrespectful ...

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WESTERN AUSTRALIA PART 2 Dryandra to Corakerup Reserve: Numbat, Western Shrike-tit "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

After leaving the Dalwallinu area we continued south through Northam to Dryandra Woodland, one of my favourite birding sites, for 3 nights in a delightful Dryandra Village Lions Club chalet. We were quickly out and about in the wildflower-festooned wandoo woodland with the south-west endemics coming thick and fast including Rufous Treecreeper, Red-capped Parrot and Western Thornbill.

Rufous Treecreeper



Pastor Murray Averill of Nexus Church, Everton Park, Brisbane formerly Northside Christian Church has been sacked by his church and replaced by corrupt pedophile protector Pastor John Lewis "IndyWatch Feed National"

The article below was written by me and published on this site on 8 December last year.

Pastor John Lewis, a senior Assemblies of God (AOG) pastor is now the pastor of Nexus Church in Brisbane, Australia. The AOG is called ACC or Australian Christian Churches in Australia.

John Lewis is a corrupt ACC pastor who colluded with Pastor Brian Houston, Hillsong head pastor, to protect Brians pedophile father Frank Houston from the police and authorities from 1999 to 2004 Pastor John Lewis a pedophile protector of note.


The truth about the Kooriculum "IndyWatch Feed National"

What ACARA has actually done, in short, is they have included elaborations and practical examples as suggestions to help teachers and educators include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture into the classroom.


Brolga at Ubobo, Boyne Valley reported by Ted Wnorowski and Tony Longson on 28-10-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

30 Brolgas were feeding on the freshly harvested oat field near Ubobo in Boyne Valley. This was excellent finale for our Twitchaton .


In Their Own Words: Dr Lissa Johnsons Epic 5,000 Word Demolition Of Modern Politics And The Lessons From Wentworth "IndyWatch Feed National"

As opuses documenting the spectacular hypocrisies, vagueries and stupidities of modern day politics go, this piece by Dr Lissa Johnson is quite something. Indeed, its possibly the most heavily linked and referenced demolition of modern politics ever published on New Matilda. Sit down before you start reading it. And keep a bucket handy.

With the votes finally counted for the October 20th Wentworth by-election, independent candidate Dr Kerryn Phelps has maintained her lead over Liberal candidate Dave Sharma, riding the crest of the 19 percent swing against the Liberal Party all the way to Federal Parliament.

Phelps will be sworn in this month, taking ousted Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbulls seat, forcing the Coalition into minority government. It is the first time since the Liberal Partys inception that Wentworth has parted ways with the Liberals at an election.

Although the Coalitions new powerbrokers are putting on a brave face, its got to hurt being thrust into minority status by a formerly loyal electorate. Having staged an internal coup against Turnbull in order to run their own show, it cant be easy coming to terms with his replacement, Phelps, whose first order of business is getting children off Nauru and tackling climate change.

As the post-Turnbull guard shifts into power-sharing mode, what has their response to the Wentworth by-election revealed about them so far? How will they fare making nice with crossbenchers? Has the Wentworth result taught them anything?

On election night, Prime Minister Morrison assured voters that he was all ears. Tonight is a night where we listen, he said, where we learn.

Being the first public verdict on the hard-right takeover inside the already right wing Turnbull government, Morrison was wise to listen to Wentworth voters.

And so, with his listening ears on, and the magnitude of the swing against him sinking in, at his concession speech Morrison spoke in rallying terms about what we believe as Liberals. He dished up a slightly re-heated serve of the Abbott Governments victim-blaming lifters and leaners of 2014, stale and cold around the edges.

Morrison invoked a pro-austerity, anti-tax world populated by undeserving neer-do-wells and hard working Australians who get up ear...


An Interview With Retired Detective Jim Rothstein on Blackmail, Pedophilia and Trafficking. "IndyWatch Feed National"

A reader alerted us to this Government Slaves article, which posts Sarah Westalls interview with Retired Detective Jim Jimmy Boots Rothstein a member of the New York City Police Department. This credible insider traveled the world investigating how rings operated, and exposes how prevalent human trafficking actually is in our world, cities, and most notably, in Washington. His 13 year investigation was shut down.

The full article on here.


PERTH Police officer seriously injured in Belmont dog attack while trying to arrest man with knife "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Police officer seriously injured in Belmont dog attack while trying to arrest man with knife .

November 04, 2018 at 12:03PM .

A police officer is being treated for serious injuries after he was attacked by a dog while trying to arrest a knife-wielding man in the eastern Perth .



PERTH Drug arrest after traffic stop in Forrestdale, WA "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Drug arrest after traffic stop in Forrestdale, WA .

November 04, 2018 at 09:37AM .

Fail to Obey Order Given by an Officer; and. Return to Prison Warrant. He is due to appear before the Perth Magistrates Court today, 4 November .



PERTH Man charged with WA cold case murder "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man charged with WA cold case murder .

November 03, 2018 at 01:00PM .

A man has been charged with murder and a Perth industrial site is being searched as part of a cold case investigation into the disappearance of a .




Wakka Wakka #3 and #4 Native Title Meeting "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Claim area roughly includes Mundubbera, Gayndah, Murgon, Goomeri, Cherbourg, Kingaroy, Nanango and Yarraman.

Apical ancestors are listed as
Jenny and David Carlo (parents of Princess Carlo)
Minnie Bly (mother of Thomas Simpson), Ethel and Bill Button
Maggie Hart (mother of Crabbie Chapman and Henry Hart)
Mother of Willie Boy Pickering
King Billy and Maria of Boondooma (parents of Tommy Dodd of Taabinga)
Maggie West
Kitty of Boonara
Kitty (mother of Jack Bulong)
John Bond
Kitty (mother of Jenny Lind), Jenny Lind and Mick Buck
Boubijan Cobbo
Stockman Bligh and Aggie Bligh
Tommy (aka Boondoon) and Maggie (parents of Willie Bone), Billy McKenzie (father of Chlorine McKenzie), Chlorine McKenzie
Kate/Katie/Kitty Law
Emily of Degilbo, mother of Annie.

The purpose of Authorisation Meeting #1 is to:
1. CONSIDER anthropological materials and legal advice relating to an individual described as Taabinga Harry and his descendants;
2. CONSIDER legal advice regarding the format of the claim group descriptions for the Native Title Claims;
3. Subject to #1 and/or #2 above, AUTHORISE the amendment of the claim group description for the Native Title Claims to:
a) include the descendants of Taabinga Harry; and/or
b) reformat the list of apical ancestors so that each Wakka Wakka apical ancestor is listed individually and in alphabetical order by first name.
If the proposed amendments to the current claim group descriptions for the Native Title Claims are authorised, then the amended description of the Wakka Wakka People for each of the Native Title Claims will be:

The Wakka Wakka People are those people who identify as Wakka Wakka People and are descended from the following ancestors:
Aggie Bligh;
Billy McKenzie (Father of Chlorine McKenzie);
Boubijan Cobbo;
David Carlo;
Emily of Degilbo (Mother of Annie);
Jenny Carlo;
John Bond;
Kate/Katie/Kitty Law;
King Billy of Boondooma;
Kitty (Mother of Jack Bulong);
Kitty (Mother of Jenny Lind);
Kitty of Boonara;
Maggie (Mother of Willie Bone);
Maggie Hart;
Maggie West;
Maria (Mother of Tommy Dodd of Taabinga and Alick Little);
Mick Buck;
Minnie Bly;
Mother of Willie Boy Pickering;
Stockman Bligh;
Taabinga Harry;
Tommy (aka Boondoon).

Appeared in the Koori Mail of October 31, 2018


My editorial on Bill Shorten's honesty, good character and integrity commission "IndyWatch Feed National"

Integrity comes from within Bill. It's part of a person's character. Thanks to Grahame Hay for inspiring this post! Integrity !!! you should not need a commission of people to look into this. IT SHOULD EFFEN standard if you want to represent your constituents.. You bloody fool Shorten. Grahame...


Helen Razer On The Ugly, Messy Truth About Julian Assange And Why You Should Care "IndyWatch Feed National"

Over the past few days, there has been increased activity around the Ecuadorian embassy in London, sparking fears Julian Assange faces imminent detention by British authorities. Helen Razer weighs in on truth, on Assange, and why you should care about both.

Stubborn as a mule. Me? No. When I commit to tell a truth rarely told, a mammal has nothing on me. For five years now, Ive been stubborn as a stone. The truth as I tell it and see it is this: Julian Assange must be free. He has committed no crime. But the man who is no criminal is observed today with what may be even greater state scrutiny, per this account from Consortium News.

Truth. I have told it so often about the charges made against Assange in Sweden. The truth is: there were never any charges. None. Charges were not made. Julian Assange was not charged with rape, nor was he charged with any other Swedish crime, including that which is usually translated as sex by surprise.   The hard truth is that truth doesnt matter. Not if you are convinced by the lie that Assange is a dirty deceiver.

I could tell you other truths. Like the truth that WikiLeaks is the only major Western publication without cause to ever publish a retraction. The truth of its every authenticated published leak.

Julian Assange, pictured in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2016. (IMAGE: Cancillera del Ecuador, Flickr)

Theres the truth that the claim WikiLeaks brought harm to the people whose details it released is entirely false. It is speculation by outlets that often publish private details irresponsibly. Although, it may appear to be truly true for the very first time in coming days. Wait to see what harm Julian Assange will be proved to have caused after a weekend in which the doors of Ecuadors embassy were somehow left unlocked.

The truth is that WikiLeaks has never imperilled a source. The truth is...


What's a better name for a Bill Shorten led "Integrity Commission"? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Prize for the best answer. Thanks to reader Jack on Twitter - The Kathy Memorial Commission.


Will Dr Pridgeon End Up With Compo? "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB  (Satire)

It sometimes pays to fight City Hall. In 2007, during the reign of John Howard, the lowly visa-holder Dr Muhhamed Haneef had some big names arrayed against him Attorney General Philip Ruddock and Commonwealth DPP Damian Bugg, not to mention the heavily-armed AFP.

Muhamed Haneef had entered Australia on a special program for foreign doctors. He worked at Gold Coast Hospital and ventured home to India when his wife gave birth.

I wonder if his arrest was meant for show. EVERY COUNTRYS GOT TO HAVE A MUSLIM TERRORIST. They picked him up at Brisbane airport in 2007 for terror-related activities Australias first quarry after the passage of the 2005 anti-terrorism laws.

The evidence of Haneefs terrorism later boiled down to his having given his SIM card to his cousin. Oh my.

Our friend Dr Russell Pr...


Optus Newstead Is Proudly Flying The Rainbow Flag "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Its great to see the Rainbow Flag proudly adorning the uniforms of the staff at Optus Newstead down at Gasworks. Chris Hamze at Optus Newstead has long supported the local LGBTIQ community, notably with the stores long presence at Pride Fair Day in New Farm Park. This year the store provided mobile phone charging stations ...

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Happy Birthday Tony Abbott "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thanks to the incomparable Jill Jacks for this update about "a real man". A REAL MAN ! Happy Birthday Tony ! jill (@1Swinging_Voter) November 3, 2018


Good on Virgin Airlines - veterans 1st policy & thanks for service - who does Qantas put first? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Landmark changes to the way our nation pays respect to our war veterans will be announced today by @ScottMorrisonMP. They're to get priority boarding on Virgin Australia flights with a special acknowledgement to thank them for their service, before planes takeoff. #7News 7 News Sydney (@7NewsSydney) November 3,...


People caring for each other in the most feminist of all religions "IndyWatch Feed National"

#Iran: A man blocked the entire road and threatening woman for not wearing #hijab properly. Man: I'll will show you Woman: Go ahead . Baloch (@ASJBaloch) November 3, 2018


Brazil Tax Authority Orders Crypto Exchanges to Provide Monthly Reports "IndyWatch Feed National"

Brazils tax regulator, the Department of Federal Revenue, is requiring local cryptocurrency exchanges to report their operations on a monthly basis in order to verify tax compliance and improve the countrys fight against money laundering and corruption.

Brazillian Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Report Monthly Trading Data to Authorities

Citing the examples of Australia and South Korea, the Brazillian authorities announced they will require monthly reports from local digital currency exchanges from now on.

The document points to a significant increase of cryptocurrency trading in Brazil. In 2017, the number of user accounts on crypto operators surpassed the number of user accounts registered on the Sao Paulo stock exchange.

Annual Bitcoin trading volume has jumped from 44.8 million BRL ($12.12 million at current rates) in 2014, to 113 million BRL ($30.57 million) in 2015. Volumes only got larger in 2016 (363.2 million BRL or $98 million at current rates) and 2017 (8.3 billion BRL, which is $2.25 billion at current rates).

It is important to note that the value of the countrys currency has fallen by approximately half throughout that period and the value of Bitcoin reached its all-time high in late December 2017, around the $20,000 area.

Daily trading volumes on Brazils largest digital currency exchanges, registered on July 10, 2018, also reveal a substantial cryptocurrency market. Mercado Bitcoin daily volume was of 3.1 million BRL ($840,000), with Foxbit reaching 1.2 million BRL, and Bitcointrade reporting 2.2 million BRL ($600,000). BrasiliEX and Bitcointoyou facilitated the trading of 790,000 and 974,000 BRL in one day, respectively, which is $213,000 and $263,000.

The document also points out that currency trading operations are subject to capital gains tax, at progressive rates based on the amount realized: 15% on an amount not exceeding BRL $5 million up to 22.5% on an amount that is at least BRL $30 million or more. Money laundering and corruption is a concern, especially now that Brazilians have just elected Jair Bolsonaro for President, a populist who pledges to end corruption......


AskDocQ: The Highs And Lows Of Bipolar Disorder "IndyWatch Feed Seq"

Once known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is actually quite common. If you are bipolar, you may experience depression alternating with periods of mania or hypomania. During periods of mania, you may feel elevated or high, be quite creative, spend a lot of money, and have trouble sleeping. Sometimes this can lead to bouts of ...

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Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Massive floods Namibian desert - Crop price roundup "IndyWatch Feed National"

One of the driest places on Earth, massive floods, this time Namibia. World wheat production confirmed at least 4% decrease, and expected further reductions as the last of the delayed harvest are totaled. Oil seed press cake price up so expect meat and egg prices to climb. Argentina overtakes Australia in wheat experts as Australia continues its descent into a mega-drought. Sources


Permaculture for children: Were going to Africa! Please help us raise $10k. "IndyWatch Feed"


This December I have been invited to Africa to assist with permaculture education programs, sustainable food gardens for schools, curriculum development for permaculture in schools, womens self-help programs. Because there is a big focus on permaculture for children, I am taking my two eldest children now 10yo and 12 yo whove grown up with permaculture.

Please support us and donate generously.

Id love your help to raise $10k for sustainable food gardens for women and children in Uganda and Kenya. We are collecting funds all November.

On December 5, my children and I fly to Africa and can distribute the funds directly to community-initiated and led programs.

100% of all donations reach real people in need. We are donating all our costs and time.


Where to donate

You can find more information about the programs and donate via our registered charity Ethos Foundation, Click this link to read more and donate.

Help us fill our suitcases with books and laptops

We would love to fill our suitcases with good permaculture books and good working laptops too. Email me if you can help with this.

Ethos Foundation Africa

Please support these programs focussing on permaculture for children and women.

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Saturday, 03 November


U.S. carrier leads warships in biggest ever Japan defense war game "IndyWatch Feed National"

U.S. fighter jets darted over the Western Pacific on Saturday as the nuclear powered USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier joined Japanese destroyers and a Canadian warship for the biggest combat readiness war game ever staged in and around Japan.

Image result for USS Ronald Reagan, F/A 18, flight deck, photos

Japan and the United States have mobilized 57,000 sailors, marines and airmen for the biennial Keen Sword exercise, 11,000 more than in 2016, with simulated air combat, amphibious landings and ballistic missile defense drills. Japans contingent of 47,000 personnel represents a fifth of the nations armed forces.

We are here to stabilize, and preserve our capability should it be needed. Exercises like Keen Sword are exactly the kind of thing we need to do, Rear Admiral Karl Thomas, the commander of the carrier strike group, said during a press briefing in the Reagans focsle as F-18 fighter jets catapulted off the flight deck above him.

Eight other ships joined the carrier for anti-submarine warfare drills in a show of force in waters that Washington and Tokyo fear will increasingly come under Beijings influence.

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The U.S.-Japan alliance is essential for stability in this region and the wider Indo Pacific, Rear Admiral Hiroshi Egawa, the commander of the Japanese ships said aboard the Reagan

Based in Yokosuka near Tokyo, it is the biggest U.S. warship in Asia, with a crew of 5,000 sailors and around 90 F-18 Super Hornets fighters.


A Canadian naval supply ship is also taking part in Keen Sword along with the frigate that sailed with the Reagan on Saturday.

Canadian participation is taking a bilateral drill which began in 1986 into the realm of multilateral exercises, Canadas defense attache in Japan, Captain Hugues Canuel said in Tokyo. Participation in Keen Sword, he added, reflects Canadas desire to have a military presence in Asia.

Canadian sailors on the ship Asterix

Canada isnt the only western nation looking to take a bigger security role in the region. Britain and France are also sending more ships as Chinas military presence in the South China Sea grows and its influence over the Indo Pacific and its key trade routes expands.

British, French, Australian and South Korean observers will also monitor Keen Sword, which began Monday and....


Philippines Says Goodbye to Woman Characterized By Selfless Devotion in Service to Others China-like expulsion of a religious person "IndyWatch Feed National"

A mission of abiding love come to an end.

Holy People who enter our lives are rare gifts!

Filipinos of a certain age still remember the scene at the airport when a number of our countryfolk decided to bid the departing Beatles a most fervid farewell.

Claiming to be incensed at the way the Fab Four had offended the sensibilities of the First Family, particularly Imelda Marcos and her children, when they allegedly snubbed an invitation to join the Marcoses and their friends at a get-together in Malacaang, concerned citizens lined up all along the exit route of the world-famous band and inflicted physical punishment on them. The Beatles were kicked, pummeled, pushed, abused and cursed, chased to their plane seats and given indelible memories of Filipino hospitality.

Perhaps this wont happen when Sister Patricia Fox leaves the country as scheduled either today or tomorrow. But given the treatment shes received since President Duterte ordered the Australian missionary to be investigated (and briefly detained) in April, she has been treated with unrelenting abuse from the government, albeit couched in civilized and legalistic language. She may look fine and bear no traces from the outside of bruising or broken bones. But the scars surely remain imprinted in her mind and heart.

This is especially true because, when Sister Foxy, as friends call her, decided to make the Philippines her home 27 years ago, she did so with the dream and vision to work and live among the poorest, the humblest, the most powerless of Filipinos. It is a decision she did not make casually or lightheartedly. It required her to live a life of penury and hardship, and at times put her in the crosshairs of the powerful, among them no less than the President.

Indeed, it was Mr. Duterte himself who summed up most succinctly Sister Pats offense. She deserved to be deported, he said, because of disorderly conduct and having a foul mouth (provoking thoughts about the pot calling the kettle black).

You come here and insult us, you trample with our sovereignty. That will never happen, he said in  April. I assure you, if you begin to malign, defame (the) government in any of those rallies there, I will order your arrest.

To be sure, plenty of others have rushed to Sister Pats side, the latest being Bishop Arturo Bastes of Sorsogon who said it was wrong for the government to identify the 72-year-old nun as an undesirable alien. I am very disappointed with the unfair and unjust deportation of Sister Fox, who has been sacrificing her life and using her personal st...


Exercise Wallaby 2018 - Some Photos of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) AS332M Super Puma Helicopters Operating out of Rockhampton Airport "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

As the sun seemingly starts setting on the Singapore Armed Forces Exercise Wallaby 2018, local photographer Russell P has sent through some stunning late afternoon and early evening photos he recently captured of some of the six visiting Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Aerospatiale / Eurocopter AS332M Super Puma helicopters departing Rockhampton Airport for operations in the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA).


LifeFlight Challenger 604 Bizjet VH-URR "Ambulance 604" Pops into Rockhampton Airport as Citation Mustang VH-KXM Departs "IndyWatch Feed Qld"

As the sun was setting on Thursday 1 November, LifeFlight (Aeromed) Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 bizjet VH-URR "Ambulance 604" was noted arriving into Rockhampton Airport.  It looked to arrive from Brisbane.

VH-URR at Rockhampton Airport during a previous visit  (File photo)

After a couple of hours on the ground, VH-URR returned to Brisbane presumably completing a medical evacuation flight.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday 31 October, Gulf Coast Aviation Cessna 510 Citation Mustang bizjet VH-KXM was noted departing Rockhampton Airport for Vanrook Station near Normanton.  It then departed and called into Longreach Airport for fuel before continuing to Bankstown.  VH-KXM had arrived into Rocky direct from Vanrook Station on Sunday 28 October.

Photo taken by 'IAD' 

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